Chapter 639 – Attempted Kidnapping

The surface of the water of the reservoir is so quiet that there’s not even a single wave.

I stared at it, and jumped.

Since I jumped from the top of the tower, I should have jumped from 10 meters above the water surface.


My thoughts accelerate as soon as I begin to fall.

Why am I doing this?

What did I do wrong?

I tried to think about it.

Before I knew it, the tower, that should have been by the reservoir, is now at the reservoir.

The high elves are smiling because they worked very hard to build it.

For some reason, I had been set up to dive from the top of the tower to the reservoir.

The civil servant girls came up with this after reading old books, lots of old books.

At the top of the tower, there’s a 1-meter board that was attached sideways. That’s the jumping board I used to jump down towards the reservoir.

The rope tied to the belt around my ankle had been changed to Zabuton’s web.

It is properly connected to the top of the tower.

In other words, I am bungee jumping.

Zabuton said that I won’t be damaged in any way because the web she made for it is stretchable.


However, why is it 10 meters long?

That means I have to fall deep on the water first before getting pulled up, right?

You made it wrong, Zabuton!

Zabuton’s not on my side!

Ah, I’m almost at the water.


Whatever. It seems that when the evil god descended to the planet long ago, he fell into a pond.

At that time, his body directly hit the surface of the water.

A stomach blow.

Since this is a reproduction play, they all expected me to make my belly hit the water first from a jump of 10 meters which I refused.

So, immediately after jumping from the tower, I put my legs together, crossed my arms in front of my chest, and pulled my chin.

As for why I pulled my chin, it is to prevent Zabuton’s web to wind around my neck.

 I see.

That would be dangerous if the web wrapped around my neck while I’m in the air.


Then, I’m now thinking if this web is even useful but….let’s not mind it.

My feet hit the water.

There is no shock which is unexpected.

I dived from my feet and went into the water up to my head.

TN: This is a good way to die IRL. If you’re going to bungee jump, please make sure your head will be the first to fall since it is your feet that are tied up.

Given the season, the water should still be cold but the pond turtles have been warming the water where I’ll fall in advance.

Because of that, the water temperature is fine…..

My body sank into the water deeper than I thought.

I’m now far from the water’s surface.

However, with buoyancy, my body immediately returns to the surface of the water.



But it’s not because of the web of Zabuton.

The water itself is pushing me up.

The moment I noticed that, I was thrown into the air from the reservoir.

I think I made a slightly stupid pose but there was a great cheer from the onlookers watching around the reservoir.

Once again, I dived into the water and the water pushed me up again and flew over the surface of the water.

There was a great cheer again.

I also can afford to wave to the onlookers.

But, wait a minute.

Though I’m still pushed lower than the tower, I’m certain that it was higher compared to earlier.

If this continues, I have a premonition that I’ll fly higher than the tower.

No, please don’t.

If that happens, I might hit the board when I jumped earlier. Ah, it is stored.

I see.

That means they already planned to make me fly higher than the tower.

I never heard of this.


The ones manipulating the water to throw me into the air are the pond turtles.

They are also making beautiful rings at equal intervals around my falling point.

And I think they are only full of motivation that they threw me up in the air higher than planned.

That’s what I want to think.

They don’t hate me, don’t they?

My body is now higher than the tower.

It is also thanks to the pond turtles that I’m never hurt whenever I hit the water.


How about not making me fly higher?

I’m not fine with high places.

High places are scary after all.

Well, I pretended to be tough before climbing the tower.

10 meters is not a big deal.

But it was because the children were looking at me.

I think the pond turtles remembered me that way.

No, well, I only said that until I climbed the tower. However, after standing on the board and doing some stretches I saw from a certain program, my heart’s already jumping.

Reflect, me.

That high diver I saw from the program was injured and though that program continued, that episode was sealed.

High diving is dangerous.

Never forget that.

Thus, I tried sending signals to the pond turtle to end this already but….the gaze of the onlookers around became strange.

They are looking up but not at me.

Is there someone else up here other than me?

The moment I thought so, my body was grabbed by something.


When I twisted my neck and looked up, I saw a big bird.

Big black bird.

The wingspan… should be more than 10 meters.

Even though it is big, I thought this bird should be a crow.

Ah, the crow is trying to leave while grasping me.

This is bad.

I’ll be taken!

Or so I thought because the bird’s rising stopped.

There is one simple reason.

I’m tied with Zabuton’s web.

Zabuton, who climbed to the top of the tower, is pulling the web that is tied to my ankle belt.


However, the problem with this plan is that there will be damage to both my ankle and the part that is grabbed by the crow.

Zabuton immediately noticed and loosened the web.

The crow triumphantly resumes its ascent.


This is really bad.

Will it take me somewhere and eat me?

I can take care of this crow using the AFT but I will be dropped from a high place.

Should I believe that an angel will come when I knock it down?

While I’m thinking of what to do, my body was brought to a higher and higher place.

And I suddenly felt something strange from my ankle belt.


There’s a spiderling on my ankle.

It seems to have climbed to me using Zabuton’s web.

The spiderling tied a web to the crow’s foot.

Then, wave its leg to send signal.

The rise of the crow stopped.

And it is now being pulled down.

With a considerable force.

In terms of power, it seems to be no match to Zabuton.

We are approaching the ground.

Since it has come to this, I’m afraid that the crow will drop me…..

Don’t think about bad things.

My body was thrown into the air.

The spiderling remains on the crow’s feet.

That’s the only thing that’s good.


It was not an angel who saved me but another giant bird that I have never seen before.

It’s a pure white swan.

It is holding me using its beak.

 Since it doesn’t hurt, it is probably not trying to eat me.

When I tried to say thanks, the swan turned its course to the east.



So, it just changed from a crow to a swan?

While I was thinking, this time, a pitch-black swan….then black bird? Anyway, that black swan attacked the white swan.

TN: Swan in Japanese is shiratori which literally means white bird. Since it is a black swan, he called it kurotori. Kuro=black, tori=bird. In case you’ve mistaken black bird as the crow, I’ll translate it to black swan since VC is referring to it after all.

And I was thrown in the air again.

This time, I’m only falling.


The next one that grabbed me was a giant….peacock?

I think it’s a peacock. It looks like a beautiful peacock after all.

It carried me on its back.

Looking at it closely, the design of its feathers is so elaborate even if you look one by one.

God is truly amazing.

Is this peacock helping me?


The peacock turned its course north.

I guess no.

On my feet, there’s another spiderling which is different from the one before.

Yeah, nice to see you.


I had a terrible experience.

At the end of my sight, I’m finally on the ground, are the giant crow and peacock who are tied with webs, and the white swan and black swan who are not tied.

Zabuton seems to be acquainted with all four of them so I left them to her.

The eagle seems to know them too and is now scolding them.

Yeah, tell them.

I also want to help the eagle but there are still things I have to do.

I jumped from the tower as the production number for the parade.

I’m still needed at the parade.

Ah, I’ll take a bath first before joining the parade.

Got it?

After getting wet, I was taken to the sky.

My body is cold.

I have to avoid catching a cold.

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