Chapter 638 – Rasuti’s Delivery and Earplugs

The preparations for the spring parade are over.

However, the parade has yet to begin.

In fact, it was the dragons who asked in secret to postpone it.

The reason is because Rasuti is about to give birth.

I’m worried about Rasuti too.

I also think that if she gives birth during the parade, it will cause a lot of confusion.

Giving birth.

The parade ended up becoming a waiting game for Rasuti to give birth first. I wanted to be there when she gave birth after all.

However, that’s only a secret between me and the dragons.

We have to do it in order to not put pressure on Rasuti.

Therefore, we have to tell others that the delay is due to some other reason.

But I wasn’t able to think of a good reason.

Thus, I consulted Zabuton.

At the end of the day, Zabuton proposed that it was postponed because of her.

When I asked her if the others would be convinced with that, she said it should.


And thanks, Zabuton.

I have to show my sincerity.

I’ll cook something for Zabuton.

Ursa and the others will help?


The phoenix chick Aegis and the wine slime are also full of motivation.


However, your feelings are enough.

Fairy queen.

I’ll make sweets later so wait over there.


Zabuton said that it would be better to eat in a large group so the dishes would be served at dinner.

The number of participants in cooking was increasing so there’s no problem even if we have to cook a lot.

The dragons who are still having a banquet will also participate in this dinner.

Or rather, the banquet seems to be postponed at the same time the parade was postponed.

As for their reason, they said Hiichirou and Guraru thought it was boring because they were only drinking alcohol.

By the way, Hikaru and Himiko, who are the reasons of the banquet, are being taken care of by Hakuren.

It’s probably because Raimeiren doesn’t interfere with her much compared to what she did with Hiichirou.

Or perhaps because she learned a lot from Raimeiren last time?

If that is the case, I guess Raimeiren’s interference with how Hakuren raises Hiichirou isn’t her just being pushy.

Mother and daughter love.

However, Hakuren, the eldest daughter, never took care of her little sisters and brothers.

Given her personality, I seem to pity her sisters and brothers.


What’s up Doraim?

Your sister said “holy sword cuts well” behind my back?

Ehto….since it is a holy sword, isn’t it normal to cut well?

Maa, you are saying that Hakuren’s personality wasn’t like that before she came to this village?

Before meeting me….she was very conceited?

I guess the leisure farming life suits her nature.

I think that’s a good thing.


When I was looking around the field, I received a report that Rasuti’s delivery had begun. After a while, I received a report that it was a boy.



Like Hiichirou and Hikaru. His destined partner never came so I thought it would be a girl but it’s a boy.

No, whether it’s a boy or a girl, it’s good that he’s healthy.

Thank god.


As I headed to Rasuti, I heard a loud voice.

Is it the cry of a newly born child?

It echoes throughout the house.

He seems fine.

But a little too loud…..


I suddenly can’t hear a cry.

Something happened!

When I ran into Rasuti’s room, I was hit by a loud cry.

The voice is so loud that it even has an impact force.

I rolled in the room.

「Ahaha. We used magic to prevent his crying voice from leaking out.」

Loo, who was in the room, said so and closed the door.

If you don’t close the door of the room, the magic won’t be activated.

And Loo gives me earplugs.


Was it because of the magic you cast that I suddenly couldn’t hear his cry?



In the bed of the room, Rasuti cradles a newborn baby boy.

As expected, she’s a full pledge mother.

As for me, I lose to his cry….I have to use earplugs.

The devil midwife with earplugs told me that both mother and son are healthy.

My eyes didn’t deceive me but I still feel relieved after hearing that.

Ah, as soon as he entered the room, Doraim was blown away by the cry.

Grafaloon endured it.


 A grandparent’s love.

And it’s good that you did not bring Rananon.

Loo gives them earplugs.

It was decided that Rasuti and our child will move to a room with two or three doors which will be casted with magic that prevents sound from leaking out multiple times.

It’s best to stop crying but there’s no way a newborn baby will be able to understand that.

It’s a baby’s job to cry.

The oni maid managed to understand my instruction…with me just looking at her.

As expected.



Since Rasuti safely gave birth, it is time for the spring parade.

However, it is too rushed if it is tomorrow.

I think Rasuti would like to participate too and the dragons will have to recover from their childbirth spirit so I think it should be held 10 days later.

However, when I asked Rasuti, she said 5 days later will be fine.

In the meantime, I’ll…….

I’ll make some earplugs.

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