Chapter 637 – Safety Check and Wing

A tower of ten meters high is built near the reservoir and the residential area of the village.

It is a thin tower and looks like a radio tower but it’s not a radio tower.

It is said that this tower will be used in the production number of the parade.

The high elves did their best to build it.


Ten meters?

Compared to ordinary buildings, the height of the room of a three-story building is about that much.

It can be said that this high wooden tower can showcase the use of technology.

No, well, my mansion is higher but I think this thing is harder to build…..

I wonder if this should have been built a little lower.

Around three meters.

However, according to the previous plan, it is supposed to be 30 meters high.

I managed to convince them to make it to only ten meters.

Any more lowering will be difficult.

No, I know that’s impossible.

I know but I would at least want to try.

I’m going to stand at the top of that tower?

It should be okay to fall since the angels will cover me?

No, I don’t want to fall…..

It’s not that I don’t trust the angels but can you consider the safety side a little more?

Can’t you build something for a safety belt or even a safety rope?

What do I mean?

I mean connect that rope to the tower so I won’t fall.



Michael-san came to the village.

It is probably because the short-range teleportation gates were already installed in Shashaato City and Village Five.

Though it is still not open to the general public, he can use it to visit us here easier.

After his greetings to me, he went directly to the hot spring area.

Is he tired?

Take your time to relax.


In addition to Michael-san, Glatts visits more frequently.

Until now, it is not possible for him to come here without Beezel’s help but with the installation of the short-range teleportation gates, he can now go to the village on his own.

This is also favorable to Beezel.

Now, his trouble has been reduced.

Ronana is also happy to see Glatts.

That’s a good thing.

However, can you stop flirting in front of the entrance of my mansion every day?

Red Armor and White Armor, the doorkeepers, are troubled.

I’m not saying that you are forbidden to flirt.

Just do it in moderation.

Yes, moderation is important.

Some people are stimulated by your flirting.


You mean you won’t understand until I tell you?

Very well, I’ll be clear.

Loo, Tier, Ria, Ann, Hakuren, Senna…..

I’m glad you understand.


With the opening of the short-range teleportation gates, Asa, who was in the royal capital, came back.

Ursa and the others are happy to reunite with him.

「I heard that you’ll be back this spring but I never thought you’d be this early.」

「When the spring parade is over, I’m going back to the school.」


You’re happy, aren’t you?

Asa has been smiling for a while…..

And what’s with that bulk of paper you brought? Souvenir?

Ah, not souvenirs as expected.

You want me to lend you an empty room?


Asa took Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle to that empty room.

Along with that huge pile of documents.

Paper is valuable so they are only used when necessary.

「Compared to the amount we’re handling, those are not a lot.」

While I do agree with what the civil servant girl said, I instructed Ann to bring tea to Ursa’s group when the time is right.

Also, are Earth and Metora, who are still at the royal capital, okay?

No contact is a good evidence that they’re okay?

When I was thinking so, Asa came.

「My apologies, I forgot. Here are Earth and Metora’s letters.」


Seems like they are still energetic.


Preparations for the parade are in progress.

Given the current situation, Malbit was forced to put out her wings.

The angels will participate in the parade after all.

Malbit can no longer hide it.


Malbit’s wings are….thick and feathery.

I feel like it’s 50 percent more gorgeous.

They look like winter wings and I already feel warm while looking at them.

I think there are birds with wings like these.

However, from the angel’s sense of beauty, it looks like it is not that gorgeous since Tier, Ruincia, and Kierbit go hand in hand in scolding Malbit.

I don’t think it’s bad.

But I will never say that out loud.

However, Malbit is Malbit.

She didn’t give Tier, Ruincia, and Kierbit a damn.

She has assumed a defiant attitude.

And she even began eating sweets in an ostentatious way.

She’s really fearless in some aspects.


Aegis suddenly defended Malbit.

He seems to be angry at Tier, Ruincia, and Kierbit for bad-mouthing those wonderful wings.

As for Aegis, it looks like Malbit wings are not his object of admiration.

The glances he sends to Malbit are filled with respect.

Aegis is protecting them with honest intent.

However, seeing Aegis’ attitude, Malbit stopped eating sweets, blushed, and hid her face.

She doesn’t care if she’s scolded but it seems like she can’t endure being praised.

I see.

Start dieting today. Work hard.

And, Aegis.

I won’t talk about your personal preference but, don’t you think the wings of the eagle are better?

If I were to say it myself, I think they are really cool.

Right after I said that, I was lightly tackled by the eagle who came from somewhere.

It might be an instinctive reaction of someone who got embarrassed but that’s quite painful.


By the way, Reginleif didn’t give a damn when she saw Malbit’s wings.

Some of your elder sisters had wings like that?


No comment.


A safety rope was installed in the tower.

Though it was installed…..

What’s the point if the other end is connected to the base of the tower?

That’s supposed to prevent one from falling down.

Check the length of the rope.

I checked it myself to ensure safety.

It’s for me after all.

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