Chapter 636 – Depressed Yuri

Loo completed the installation of the teleportation gates.

However, she has no sense of accomplishment.

What happened?

「If I didn’t have to stay overnight in those cities and villages at first, I would have connected the royal capital and Shashaato City much faster.」

So that’s why.

The short-range teleportation gates that Loo made can teleport at a shorter range compared to normal teleportation gates. Even so, it seems like it is enough to install seven of them to connect the royal capital to Shashaato City.

However, doing that, you’ll obviously predict the dissatisfaction of the towns and villages that won’t be installed at.

That’s the reason why the demon king thought of forcing the users to stay one night.

But in this world, it won’t always go as we want.

Installing the gate means they can be used immediately and since she has completed the installation, it means the royal capital is already connected to Shashaato City.

All they need to do is to prepare the public.

That is what the demon king, Beezel, and Randan are struggling with recently.

But that doesn’t have anything to do with me.

There’s nothing for me to do after all.

And that’s good.

Or so I think.

So, demon king, Beezel, and Randan.

Let go of me, stop grabbing my clothes.

We’re in the busy spring season so there’s no way I’ll lend you the civil servant girls!


Using the short-range teleportation gates that are still not open for public use, Yuri, who had been working hard to make the cities and villages cope with the kingdom’s plan as an administrator, returned to Village Five.

And when she arrived at Big Tree Village, she looked depressed.

She has been laying groundwork because of the compulsory one-night stay and even cooperated with everyone, including me, to give the cities and villages specialties but she returned fully defeated.

I know that your efforts were wasted and you’re depressed but I think you should stop using Sougetsu to pamper yourself.

Look, the anenekos on Sougetsu’s back are glaring at you.

Hey, the wine slime brought alcohol.

Let’s drink over there.

Celes makes a lot of sweets so you may eat them.


Why am I wearing luxurious clothes?

Ah, this is a parade costume.

We’re checking if the size is right.

Zabuton frequently comes to fix my costumes.

I think the size is already exact without having to fix it but when Zabuton does some fixing, I feel more comfortable so I guess we are doing things right.

Because of that, I no longer mind the frequent fixes.

I can only leave things like this to professionals.

As we were talking, Zabuton came with a new cloth.

Then, the cloth around my shoulder blade is removed from the costume I’m wearing now and a new cloth is sewn in.

Yeah, an act of god.

「I also want Zabuton-san’s clothes desu.」

Yuri is unusually pampered by Zabuton.

However, Zabuton is busy today.

So don’t ask anything big.

Or so I tried to but Zabuton said that I should leave everything to her.

Is it really okay?

Oh, okay.

Instead of making everything from scratch, she’ll just remodel her clothes and turn them into new ones.

Are you fine with that, Yuri?

It seems like she has no problem with it so she went back to her room to choose clothes.

I hope this will make her feel better.

I’m now drinking with the wine slime…….I shouldn’t get the clothes I’m wearing dirty so let’s refrain from eating and drinking.

The wine slime can drink the alcohol it brought alone.

Sougetsu, who’s now freed from Yuri, went for a walk with the anenekos on his back.



Why is Yuri not coming back?

It’s been quite a while, right?

While we were waiting, Zabuton even fixed my costume three times.

What happened?

Did she take her clothes directly to Zabuton?

But Zabuton said that she didn’t come to her.

However, I can’t just go and barge into Yuri’s room to check her out.

Yuri is unmarried.

Even if we are close, we still have to take some distance from each other.

Thus, I had an oni maid nearby and Zabuton to accompany me to Yuri’s room.


Yuri’s in her room.

Yuri has changed into an exercise clothes and was doing some muscle training.

She looks very serious.

As for why, looking at her, she looks like a boxer who’s forcing himself to lose weight before a match…..ah.

So that’s why she didn’t come back.

She has grown…..

No, I shouldn’t comfort her half-heartedly.

Looking at some expensive clothes scattered in her room, we quietly walked away.


「Ordinary clothes are free-size but custom made clothes are precisely adjusted…..」

Hearing the oni maids said that, I looked at the clothes I’m currently wearing.


I’ll try to not get fat too.

And Zabuton.

I’m sorry if this will take you time but please go to Yuri’s place at the right time to adjust the size of her clothes.

A sudden diet is dangerous.

Ah, if it is only size adjustment, can’t the spiderlings do it?

You want to secretly adjust all her clothes?


No, I would like her clothes to be adjusted but not all.

Yeah, just select some that she won’t notice.

Yeah, let’s not spoil her.

Yuri has to get over this herself.


Malbit is lazing around the guest receiving room.


Even during winter, she’s always been lazing around.

Come to think of it, even though she’s like that, her figure is still great.

Is she exercising or something where no one can see her?

「That’s normal for angels because excess nutrition goes to our wings.」

That’s what Ruincia said to me. After that, she asked Malbit to put out her wings.

Malbit refused to put them out, intensely.

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