Chapter 635 – Food and Music Culture

The phoenix chick Aegis is growing but still a chick.

It’s been a while since the orthros Oru has been here but it’s still a pup.

The Fenrir puppies also had a fairly long period of being puppies.

Hitoe, Youko’s daughter, still looks like a child even though she’s more than a hundred years old.

On the other hand, the anenekos and kittens can already be called as adult cats.

The kuros also become adults in no time.


Is there a law about it or something?

「It’s different for every race. There’s no point in thinking about it so don’t care about it too much.」

That’s what a passing-by high elf told me.

I see.

Since I have no choice but to not care, I won’t care.

As for Sougetsu, he has a big body but he’s still young mentally so he’s still a cub.

Thus, I decided to treat him that way.

I got complaints from the anenekos but I don’t care.


Village One seems to be researching non-stop during winter.

I received reports from the research from time to time.

However, nothing useful.

But it doesn’t matter.

There are always failures in research.

Continuing research is important.

Maa, it may be painful to see wasted food with each failure but if you succeed, food culture will progress.

Also, it is not like they never achieved anything.

「This is dry and not delicious.」

The fairy queen is currently with me for some reason and she’s complaining while test tasting the prototype.

It’s not delicious?

I see.

The prototype that the fairy queen is eating was a mochi mixed with rice flour and cornstarch.

In short, a mochi with filling.

The residents of Village One said that the filling in the middle is the hidden surprise and its texture is also interesting but I think they have to research on the taste a little more.

It’s a prototype so there’s only a plate of it…..

I took off their dry filling and replaced it with bean paste and gave it to the fairy queen.

「…… can do it if you try! Village One!」


It is still sweets.

I made another one. This time, the filling is ice cream covered with chocolate. I handed it to the fairy queen.

「……..a revolution in the world of sweets has come!」

It’s good that you’re satisfied.

By the way, I covered the ice cream with chocolate in order to make it easier to stuff in a mochi.

Since we can do that to the filling, maybe it would be helpful if I do something to the outer shape of the mochi.


Thus, it was mochi that stuffed the chest of Village One’s residents with pride.

Unlike the previous mochi, the mochi they made by powdering rice and kneading it while adding sugar is softer and lasts quite a bit longer.

That mochi is used in the so-called daifuku mochi.

TN: Daifuku mochi is mochi with filling.

Mochi is already sweet and delicious alone and now it has fillings like bean paste, strawberry jam, ice cream, and so on.

When I made some as samples, the fairy queen praised me as a genius.

No, it is not my idea so my chest is not stuffed with pride.

The holy maiden, Celes, who participated in the test tasting, is pleased that the products of Korin’s Sweet Hall in Village Five have increased.

「The seasonal dango that we were making and selling so far was only different in raw materials or color. However, with this, we can develop further!」

I don’t really mind if you have that plan but if we can’t make a mass-production system…..won’t the people of the church of Village Five be overworked?

Also, is it alright to have religious people do this?

I heard rumors that most people who are working in the church are involved in the production of goods sold at Korin’s Sweet Hall.

「That’s a false rumor. Everyone is involved, not majority.」


「That can be considered as ascetic practice too.」

Maa, if the person in charge is saying there’s no problem, then there’s no problem.

The products made by Korin’s Sweet Hall are also wholesaled to Kuro and Yuki and Bronze Café.

Now, they’ll get daifuku mochi too.


The demand for glutinous rice will increase.

I usually plant glutinous rice in fall but let’s plant it from summer.

I’ve already finished my spring plowing.



Seeing Celes’ motivation, I decided to plow a field of glutinous rice.

Better late than never.


Karaoke seems to be popular in Village Five.

Of course, it’s not the karaoke I know.

A singer stands in the center of the big stage and will sing loudly with the help of magic and accompanied by musician’s performances which are lute, harp, drum, and flute.

What part of it is karaoke?

If it is only the musicians playing, you might think of it as a normal orchestra.

Well, I think so too.

This karaoke thing is the new job of the noble ladies that are Yuri’s acquaintances. Yuri can’t perform with them since she’s too busy teleporting around.

The noble ladies want to work with Yuri as a band but she’s too busy but she’s too busy performing her main job.

Especially now that various places are struggling to adjust to the changes made by the short-range teleportation gates.

Because of that, they are in a state where they can be called jobless.

Yuri is worried about them so she arranges them as Five-kun’s assistants.

It seems like they have more sense of rivalry against Five-kun than Yuri against Five-kun so they are unwilling to do that job.

Thus, I came up with this karaoke.

They’ll be a band who’ll perform for people who want to sing but it seems that there are surprisingly more people who want to sing than expected.

Perhaps because Village Five is basically made up of migrants, there are many people who sing songs of their hometown and people who cry when they hear them.

They’ll receive revenue from the singer and the audience can watch and listen for free.

At first, they started it in a small place but it has become so popular that they had to rent a big stage.

I think that the big stage is already enough but according to the reports I receive, it’s getting more and more popular.

Everyone has the guts to sing.

So, I named this musical activity, karaoke.

It’s a mistake of mine.

There was a question in a misplaced document that was sent to me and I mistakenly answered it.

I’m currently reflecting.

And the reason why withdrawing that name is so difficult….it’s because they thought the name karaoke sounded good.

The “they” I’m referring to are the civil servant girls.


By the way, of course, the karaoke singers are basically amateurs.

Of course, that means their singing ability is also at that level.

In other words, even if a poor singer sings, magic still amplifies it.

That caused a little noise problem so it seems like several music classes were started to teach songs.

Do your best.


By the way, just a question, who called your band Ramen Queen?

The drummer?


She eats different kinds of ramen every day but her figure never collapses.

But, I understand.

I’ll have ramen delivered to her as a gift.

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