Chapter 634 – Various Things in Spring

Spring parade.

This is already an annual event so I no longer have the thought of stopping it.

Zabuton and the civil servant girls have been preparing little by little since last fall.

Since it is a festival that can be enjoyed in the whole village, I’ll also cooperate.


I’ll help too………but, do we really need a scene where I’ll appear from the reservoir?

Even if it is already spring, the water is still cold, isn’t it?

This is part of the pre-parade production number, right?

Isn’t this overkill?


Look over there?

…….in the reservoir, the pond turtles are swimming synchronously.

They can’t march together with us in the parade so they are practicing hard for their part in the production.

If I cut the scene where I’ll appear from the pond, the pond turtles’ effort will be wasted.


It seems like I have no choice but to do it.

However, it would be nice if you could cast some magic that will raise the temperature of the water.

I’m not telling you to make the whole pond warm. My request only includes the place where I’ll appear.

That would bother the pond turtles…..

Can you at least do something for me?


The wilted Versa is getting better.

She struggled a lot but she found an easy way out.

In Big Tree Village, her hobby is strictly prohibited but it is okay if it is another place.

Thus, when Versa feels like doing something for her hobby, she’ll go to Village Five.

Before, I was worried that Versa’s hobby would negatively affect the residents but the civil servant girls assured me that it’s okay.

The civil servant girls said that it didn’t even affect the demon king’s kingdom.

It seems like Versa’s hobby of stories involving same-sex relationships has deeply penetrated the kingdom and there’s even a genre called Versa.

I’m sure that’s not a coincidence.

The Versa genre has numerous factions and can already be considered as a polished literature.

Even now that the progenitor has appeared, there will only be a little effect.

After hearing that explanation, I couldn’t be relieved. However, I leave them be because I thought it would be too dangerous to get involved.

But I have one strict order.

「Only read a Versa book away from public’s eyes.」

In response to this, Versa and the civil servant girls replied altogether.

「This is not something anyone will show in public!」


Then, why did you let me….last time in your mansion….ah, you only show it to the people who come to your mansion.

I see.

I don’t know the rules well.

Whatever it is, I’ll leave Versa’s matter to those who understand.


In the ranch area, a herd of cows and a herd of goats are confronting each other.

The number of goats is overwhelmingly higher.

They were very confident after driving E3 into the mud pond.

Both herds advanced. The goat formed a crane wing formation to wrap the herd of cows.

In contrast, the small herd of cows……

Individually plunged into the herd of goats.

They are kicking out the herd of goats as if saying their formation is useless.

Found your match.

Yeah yeah, goats.

You remember me for help only at times like this?

Don’t use me as a shield.

Also, don’t try to go to eat the leaves of the world tree without permission.

You’ll be bound by the silkworms of the world tree.

The cows are doing their best to hold back so there shouldn’t be anyone who’ll get a fracture or something.

Endure it.

If you can’t, ask the holy slime to cure you.


Loo will be out for a while.


Loo’s with Beezel. They are setting up short-range teleportation gates.

They are building a pathway connected by the short-range teleportation gates.

The locations have already been secured so they are scheduled to come back in less than half a day.

Just when they are already installing the short-range teleportation gates, a little problem has occurred.

The villages and cities where the short-range teleportation gates are installed had a role of resting place for the travelers so far.

By installing the short-range teleportation gates, they will be freed of that role and at the same time, lose the benefits they had from that role.

Because of that, the short-range teleportation gates users will be forced to stay overnight in those places but that’s the problem.

If you want to forcibly have the travelers stay, that means there should be available accommodations even if they are not the best.

However, there’s no way to increase the number of inns by twenty, ten, two, or even one.

There’s a lack of materials and manpower.

Even if they managed to do something about the materials by using money, human resources are not something they can simply gather. Managing accommodation facilities can’t be instantly learned.

There’s a limit in allocating people who have experienced working in the existing inns to a new inn.

In particular, the villages on the way don’t even have a single decent accommodation.

The only solution is to issue camping permits in those villages.

Building a decent inn in those villages is already a challenge.

In other words, the accommodation problem won’t be solved even if they try their best.

The demon king is not an idiot.

He already expected that problem so he already laid groundwork like having the Dalfon Company and Goroun Company to take care of the accommodation problem.

Though he laid groundwork….

The villages and cities where the short-range teleportation gates will be installed said “If you’re going to build inns yourself, stop forcing travelers to spend a night.”.

It seemed like they hated the big change in their lives caused by large numbers of guests.

In addition, hearing the idea of being no longer forced to spend a night, the merchants of various places expressed approval.

The demon king got worried for days night nights about the ending of the villages and cities that will only be transition points but since they themselves said that it is not necessary, he can only withdraw.

The mandatory overnight stay was scrapped.

The reason the demon king was playing with the cats of the village is to heal his fatigue from the plan revision.

Since they will only serve as transition points now, they’ll change the installation position of the teleportation gates to a more convenient one. After that, they only need to think about the problems that might be encountered.

While I was being impressed by the demon king in serious mode, I was taken away by a civil servant girl.

It seems like we have a meeting.


During the meeting break, I eat zenzai with mochi.

This mochi is a surplus that wasn’t consumed during winter.

It’s an excellent preserved food so we don’t need to consume it all but even if we made this mochi for winter, I’ll eat it when I can eat it.

What about Kuro and Yuki Zenzai of Village Five?

According to the original plan, that food cart will only be operated during winter but residents wish that it will still run even though it is no longer winter.

However, since it is a different season, I feel like it should sell something else.

Should I shift it to a ramen food cart like what I did for a while?

No, it’s so popular. So popular that I was troubled.

Also, it takes too much effort.

Selling Zenzai is good because of the simplicity of preparing it.

Since it has come to this…..

 Yeah, food carts can also serve soba, roasted potato, taiyaki, takoyaki, crepe, melon pan, ice cream, sandwich, warabi mochi, and shaved ice.

Thinking about the season….which should be it?

This kind of thing is something that I need to speak up at this meeting.

After I finished eating zenzai, I came to that conclusion….some of them are still eating.

Yeah, you don’t need to hurry up.

Eat slowly.

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      The funny thing is a “local specialty” could be warehouses. If you can get to any of the 10 teleportation gates in less than an hour then it doesn’t matter where your warehouse is located. What you really care about is the expense. Take the smallest village with a decent source of water and just start building warehouses, stables and housing. That village will turn into a merchant specialized hub. Set up a “future shopping street” where you rent the properties to merchants. Also reserve a section of land for future mansions and the merchants will come.

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    Every town that complained about having inns should just be skipped and the inns and camps located elsewhere in places that need further development. They don’t want the shipping traffic, okay, nothing changes for them since the node won’t be there; the node will be at their competitor town nearby to boost its growth. There doesn’t need to be a town already there because putting a node there will have adventurers and settlers locating around the node and populating the area. Each node needs a shipping inspection anyways, so there is bound to be a delay for inspection to prevent smuggling or transshipping of prohibited substances.

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