Volume 11 Illustrations

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  1. lycopene322

    To think guronde, reginleif together with malbit and ruincia were a beauties. D3ym

    1. yomero

      There’s no illustration of reginleif yet. That’s Suarurou.

  2. Lamora_R2

    I love all the illustrations of this novel,

  3. jaszunai

    I can’t read the names apart from Guronde. Also, have we seen a picture of Raz Maria?

  4. Tsuki

    If I remember this right the 3 girls are all of Sil’s wives and in the middle the one who wears glasses is Hou Leg.

    1. Downtownbrown

      You remember incorrectly since none of them are Sil’s wives. Enderi and Kirisana are Gol’s wives, the two on the left and right. In the middle is Aleisha, Bron’s singular wife the glasses onee-san receptionist.

      1. Shino

        So, Gol’s type is drill blonds huh
        Nice one!

  5. Kei

    I think its enderi, kirisana and akisomething.

  6. Kei

    Enderi, kirisana and aki. One if the beastboys wife i think

  7. oI_Io

    The 2 in single row : left one is Guronde, right one is Suarurou. The 3 in single row: left one is Kirisana, middle one is Aleisha, right one is Enderi. Check chapter 512 and few chapters after to know who they are. Just a note Aleisha is the office worker, you can check character list too from few chapter ago(ch 630).

  8. zikbad

    That moment when that elegant oneesan in black produces scales that are considered superweapons by themselves

  9. XsaluteZero

    Guronde……not enough…Ara Ara power…… (=w =)

    1. Shino

      Not sure if you’re talking about her or her Chest

      1. XsaluteZero

        Of course, it’s about her che… Ouch! ( ‘д‘⊂彡☆))Д´)

        My image for Guronde is……Aurora from The Eminence in Shadow XD

  10. Shino

    What a sight!!
    Thankyou, Oyabun

  11. Navaron

    Finally Guronde. Always curious what the strongest powerhouses look like

  12. Spongebob

    Thanks for the pict

  13. KAI

    I think guronde is more bigger and mature😕 but its not bad

  14. Satan

    Where can i find the illustrantions for other volume?

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