Chapter 633 – Change of Pace

The blindfolded and shirtless demon king is doing some push-ups.

I put a randomly selected cat on the back of the demon king.






Now, two.

「Ariel and Miel!」


And here’s a feint.

「………………….Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael on Sougetsu’s back!」



As expected of the demon king.

If it were me, I would have answered wrong….

Is this the power of love?

Also, it’s amazing that he can still do push up with Sougetsu on his back!


What are you doing in the first place?

Taking a break from work?

Yeah, you’re a little busy.

I know why.

But are you sure you are doing the right thing?

I think you should have done something else that would be considered as “taking a break”.

Outside the room, there are countless of kuros already stretching their backs and warming up.

Looking up, the spiderlings are also looking at me with eyes full of expectations.


I was not playing with the cats, it was the demon king who was playing with them.

After this, I still have to attend an important meeting with the civil servant girls.

 The kuros and the spiderlings backed down.

However, they looked like they were just abandoned.

I can’t bear to see them like that.

Let’s put today’s work at the end of the day.

I took the kuros and the spiderlings and headed to the forest.



It’s very convenient since all the kuros and spiderlings can play at once.

The only demerit is there’s a risk of injury but given their experience, they are rarely injured.

The spiderlings will find prey and it will be the kuros who’ll drive them to me.


You don’t need me to kill them, right?

No, I’ll kill them.

Fanged rabbit, giant boar, fat weasel…..

You are our important food.

I will make sure you’ll die properly.


Thinking about it, it seems like the group of bloody vipers, that went to the east dungeon where the grocks are living, have all left.

Hakuren was sad because when went there alone, she wasn’t able to catch one.

However, the grocks are safe but they can’t go out because the dungeon was damaged so our visit got postponed again.

I thought I should just go there and greet them but they told me that the grocks would look rude if they didn’t entertain us so no.

It’s a shame.


Before I knew it, there were already high elves around me and they were already dismantling our preys.

Since hunting is the high elves’ specialty, they’re a sight to behold.

There were also Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle.

I’m doing the killing job.

Since it is spring, the three of them have to go back to school but Hakuren, Loo, and Tier said that there’s no need to go in a hurry so they are still relaxing here.

If the plan to connect the royal capital and Shashaato City using the teleportation gates that the demon king has been busy with goes well, they will be able to go to school even on foot.

I also don’t think they have to hurry up and go to school.

However, when I said stop, don’t go forward and hunt.

No, I’m doing my best to kill.

Just wait and see.

And Tiselle.

They are food….thus, don’t crush them with your golem.

We can’t eat them that way.

By the way, Ursa’s friend, E3, is still in the village. She’s helping by taking care of the cows and horses.

For some reason, the goats are not bothering E3.

When I asked her how she did that, she told me that she only put out bloodlust.

If they get on her way, the next thing that will happen is them being served on the table.

Because of that, the goats never dared to do anything to her.

I see.

That’s something I can’t possibly do.

However, E3.

Don’t let your guard down.

They’ll definitely do something mischievous.


A little far away, I heard a small screech.

It seems like one of the kuros fell into a hole and was injured.

Are you okay?

It doesn’t look like it suffered a fracture but….it’s dangerous to judge it like that especially with my amateur eyes.

Its bone might be cracked.

Yeah, I know I know.

The tension went up so you were caught off guard.

I won’t blame you so don’t force yourself to move.

Once we return to the village, have Loo and Flora heal you and if can’t be healed by healing magic, you can use the leaves of the world tree.

When I tried to say that this is the end of the hunt, a kuro came to me.

What is it?

A white holy slime jumped out from the back of the kuro.

The holy slime used healing magic on the injured kuro.

Did you bring it here thinking something like this could happen?


That saved us a lot.

I praised the kuro who was carrying the holy slime.

The injured kuro also appealed to me saying that he’s healed and can walk okay.

Good good.

By the way, why are you here, wine slime?

Holy slime’s escort?

It’s because it’s dangerous in the forest?

I see.

The forest is certainly dangerous.

Make sure to protect the holy slime.

The wine slime hopped as if saying leave it to me and fell off the back of the kuro.


The wine slime had the kuro lay down and jumped on its back again.

Since you are motivated, I’ll leave you be but don’t fall again.

Don’t just hop on the back of the kuro and make the same failure again.


We carried a lot of prey to the village.

It’s a good change of pace.

Therefore, I hope none of the civil servant girls is angry.

I know.

I’ll go to the meeting properly.

This is a promise.

And I’ll also consider your vacation.

After your work is done of course.

When I was apologizing to the civil servant girls, a muddy E3 came in.

She’s not injured but, what happened?

「The goats surrounded me using crane wing formation and cornered me to the mud pond.」


Those goats can use crane wing formation?

Looks like it.

And when E3 was full of rage after she fell into the mud pond, it seems like the goats scattered and ran with all their might away.

「One head, I only need one to teach them a lesson. Will you please allow me?」

I’m sorry.

Please forgive them on my behalf.

Those goats meant no harm…………………………………………………well, they might be.

But they are working for the village by providing milk.

As long as they are working for the village, I’ll protect them.

Yeah, I’ll go there and scold them.

No, I should bring the cows with me and scold them.


Grocks: It looks like fate doesn’t allow us to meet yet.

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