Chapter 632 – Kotatsu and Legion Commander

Currently, there’s a job that must be done now that spring has come.

It’s to clean up the kotatsu in the mansion.

It has already reached a milestone (as I refer to it) so if I don’t clean them up, they will be left out.

For that reason, along with Reginleif and the oni maids, I went around each room in my mansion.

The resistance was intense but I managed to clean up kotatsus one after another.

However, as expected, the kotatsus being used in the banquet will be a bit tricky so I thought of a strategy that uses Hikaru and Himiko as decoys.

Malbit sneaked into a kotatsu and resisted but she was forcefully removed by Reginleif.

Leave it be.

You’ll get to use it again next winter.


There was an unexpected thing that happened. While we were trying to take Guronde’s kotatsu, we met a formidable adversary.

The orthros Oru resisted fiercely.

Oru seems to think that this kotatsu is a symbol of its family bonding with Guronde, Girar, and Guraru.

When I took it up, I was seen as a great villain.

It barked at me without hesitation.


I am not the type of person who likes to flex but remember this, the lord of this mansion is no one else but me.

In addition, I will never leave a kotatsu in this room as an exception.

Those who want to use this will definitely gather here.

If that happens, I don’t think you can protect your family bonding time.

Also, there’s a house built for Guraru in the village. That house has a kotatsu.

And the one who decided to remove it was Guronde.

They’ve been in my mansion all time recently after all.

 I wasn’t able to convince Oru so I had no choice but to call Guronde….

Guronde, Girar grabbed the futon and won’t let go.

「Girar? Ah, the dragon who has gone to the banquet all this time.」


You’re still quite angry at Girar?

Didn’t your fight end last dinner?

Is it still ongoing?

Is that so?


Girar, you have been to the banquet all this time but didn’t Guronde already asked you to leave?

No way.

Please tell me what I’m thinking is wrong.

Don’t take your eyes off me!

Okay, but get your hands off the futon!

Another family bonding time in the kotatsu?

Because of that, you don’t want me to clean it up yet?


I will only wait for a day.

You should make up.

Oru, I know you’re on Guronde’s side but don’t bark at Girar.

I’m sure he’s reflecting.

……….you’re reflecting, aren’t’ you?


Aside from Guronde’s kotatsu, the only remaining kotatsu is the one in my room.

Maa, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Kuro and Yuki, who usually use it, came out of it when we came.

Let’s clean this up quickly.


Kuro, Yuki.

We’ll just clean up the kotatsu, do you really need to whine that much?

I-it’s useless even if you look at me with those eyes.

But, maa…that, is.

I’ll leave it here until I clean up Guronde’s kotatsu.

I’ll clean it up tomorrow.

I heard an oni maid who was cleaning up the kotatsus with me say something.

She said I’m spoiling Kuro and Yuki.


Yeah, I’m aware.


Versa is sitting on a chair with a cat on her lap.

I called her out but her response was slow.

Is it because I had her completely seal off her hobby?

She looks like a wilted flower.

I want to ask ancestor-san but he had accumulated work while he was talking with Versa in the coastal dungeon so he said he won’t be able to come to the village for a while.

Because of that, I became Versa’s guide in this village.

Since I decided to accept her in this village, I won’t just leave her be as she came.

But, what should I do?


Why do you have to keep your being one of the 37 commanders of the legatus legionis that served the evil god Raigiel before you seal your hobby a secret?

Especially against Zabuton.

No way, could she be one of your fellow commanders?

No, she’s not?

We’ve only met for a while but I don’t think Versa will lie to me.

So, what’s the reason?

Versa responded slowly as I began to listen patiently.


The evil god Raigiel had a premonition that he would be defeated before a certain battle.

Therefore, he left an order that seemed to be a last will to the 37 commanders.

For example “Build a small force in the north.”.

For example “Protect the south fort. Don’t give it to anyone”.

For example “Hide in the west and wait for the right time.”.

There was no time so he only left simple orders.

As for Versa, the command she received was “Forget that you were ever a commander and live as you like.”.

…..I see. It is a violation of the last order of the evil god if you call yourself one of the 37 commanders.

However, Versa can’t forget the evil god and the other commanders who fought with her so she still refers to herself as a commander while hiding.


Okay, but why do you have to keep it a secret from Zabuton?

Could it be that Zabuton is one of the legion commanders?



I can’t see Zabuton as a member of a noisy group.

The legion commanders are the phoenix chick Aegis and the fairy queen?



By Aegis you mean the bird that can move faster by running than by flying that we’ve met a while ago, right?

And the fairy queen you are referring to is the freeloader that plays with children or eats pancakes….

Those two are commanders?

Are you kidding me?

The reason why Aegis is weak is because he’s still a chick?

No, well, I guess so, but……..he’s still a chick so his memories from the past have not returned yet?

When he grows up and regains his memory, he’ll be the king of the sky again that can burn down a country alone?

Memory…..are you saying that once he reaches adulthood, his personality or bird status will change?

Will he still be the Aegis that I know or will he turn to the Aegis you know?

It will still take a lot of time before he recalls his past…..ah, about 500 to 600 years in the future?


……….is it really good?

I got anxious.

Let’s pat Aegis next time.

So, the fairy queen lead the elusive fairies and torment their opponents with her inexhaustible power?

No, well, surely it’s possible given the ability of the fairy queen.

She’s the 5th or 6th scariest commander?

I can’t imagine.

In this place, I can only see her playing or doing something she wants.

No, no, I’m not saying you’re lying.

But the fairy queen being a legion commander. I should keep it a secret too, right?

The fairy queen was the type who never cared about the other legions and she’s still the same. There should be no problem if I talk about the past but that’s not necessary so I better not…..

I understand.


Aegis and the fairy queen are commanders.

They have history.

No, the phoenix and the fairy have history.


The story has gone elsewhere. Again, why do we have to keep it a secret from Zabuton?

You can’t say?

No, well, I’m not going to force you to talk……

Just let me ask this question.

……is Zabuton the evil god?



By the way, Raigiel is on Versa’s lap.

We’ve been speaking a while ago but you were not reacting at all, why are you reacting now?

We’re talking about the evil god, not you.

If you rampage violently, Versa will call you god cat so don’t do that.

「This cat is a cat. That’s it.」

I know, I’m joking.

Ah, if you stroke him under his chin, Raigiel won’t be pleased.

You can only stroke his back.

Or the back of his head.

Or the head itself.

Wait, his forehead is for advanced people.

If you touch him there suddenly, his claws will reach yo….impossible!

Raigiel is pleased!

Even I took a long time before I was able to stroke him!

Versa, achievement unlocked!

The more you pat him, the more he is pleased.

How did you do it?

Let me.

……don’t want to?


What did you do to achieve that, Versa?

I know that you would like it if I lift the ban on your hobby but I’m sure that’s a bad move.

Let me think more.


The next day, noon.

The kotatsu in my room, it is occupied by Malbit.

Yeah, I knew this would happen.

After I clean up Guronde’s kotatsu, I’ll clean this up too.

Even if you pull Aurora and Roze Maria as your kotatsu buddies, I will still do it. 

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