Chapter 631 – Spring of the 18th Year

When I heard the crackling sound of ice breaking in the reservoir, I knew that spring had come.

Hello, Zabuton.

The spiderlings did their best.

Hakuren also gave birth.

They’re twins.

They’re taking a nap now so I’ll call you when they wake up.

Ah, Dors is overjoyed….or rather, there’s an ongoing banquet.

I thought it was a joke but it looks like they are going to continue until Rasuti gives birth.

You can participate but do it moderately.

Maa, if it is you, I guess it’s okay….

Ursa jumped to Zabuton.

After her are Alfred and Tiselle.

Maa, they haven’t seen each other since a while ago after all.

By the way, I want to introduce Versa to you but….what’s happening?

Where did Versa go?

She’s here with me a while ago…..


Versa seems to be hiding somewhere in the mansion.

Because of that, Zabuton caught her with her web.

Yeah, it’s suspicious that she’s hiding but she’s not really a suspicious person.

Or rather, why are you even hiding in the first place?

On a whim?


Well, at least it’s true that I’m not surprised with your weird behavior right now.


Versa, who came to the village with ancestor-san a while ago, was very adult-like at first. However, when she was shown around the village, she began behaving strangely.

First, she got excited when she met the cows and horses.

I thought she just got an inspiration for a story but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

「They are…..god horse….god cow….」

What are you saying?

They are normal horses and cows.

Just a little clever.

And in front of the goats

「Goats……? They are….goats?」

When she muttered that, the goats charged at her.

It hurts more than expected, right?

I know it too well.

However, don’t throw snowballs at the goats.

You won’t hit them and you’ll just get caught with their momentum.


When I took my eyes off her for a moment, she was already being chased by chickens.

She might have tried to take some eggs.

You have to take the eggs they’ll allow you to take.

If you take anything else, you’ll be chased.

Yeah, it hurts.

I know it too well.

God bird…..」

Can you stop attaching god to anything?

Look, the chicken leader started to chirp for backup.


Shrine under the big tree.

「Eyes, my eyesssssss!」

Well, I warned you that it’s shining….

But it is not glowing that bright so you don’t have to exaggerate your reaction….

Hikaru, who was born a while ago, is brighter than that.

For the time being, calm down first and pray….no, I’m not forcing you. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.


When she saw the phoenix chick Aegis walking through the hallway of my mansion, Versa hid.


I don’t think Aegis will attack you.

That’s not it?

Then, why…?

Versa observed Aegis for some time and got in touch with him normally after making some conclusions.

I wonder why.


After seeing the banquet of Dors’ group, she was surprised and joined them.

She’s strangely familiar with them.

No, it’s not a bad thing.

By the way, when Dors and Girar have the opposite opinion, why did you put your hand on Girar’s shoulder?

Is your hobby starting to act up?

That’s not it?


However, Mark, Doraim, Domain, and Kworun have wives.

The most you should imagine should be holding hands only.


Make sure to keep that in mind.


What’s up, Doraim?

Your wife, Grafaloon, is taking care of Rananon so it’s your chance to help her?

Maa, it’s your only chance to take care of her since Rasuti is pregnant.

That’s your only choice.

By the way, don’t approach any men in front of Versa.

Yeah, me included.

When she came into this village, she promised to refrain from her hobby but….that’s exactly why I should refrain from getting close to other men too.

I can never be too careful.

So, let’s go back to the topic. Why did you put your hand on Girar’s shoulder?

Ah, the dark dragon was an ally during the ancient war….so you are thinking of Girar’s ancestor.

She was full of energy when we talked about the old dark dragon.


When the fairy queen and Versa meet, they both freeze.

It lasted for a while and when I began worrying about what to do to them, they suddenly approached each other and shook hands.

It looks like they’ve reached an agreement.

I asked the two of them what kind of agreement it is but I didn’t get anything.

They both lived long so perhaps they don’t want me to hear an embarrassing old story.

Maa, since they were eating pancakes acting friendly with each other, I guess there’s no problem.


By the way, Versa is impressed with the dishes made by the oni maids. She was also surprised when she saw the world tree.

I know that the oni maid’s food is delicious since that’s the dish that won her the cooking competition in Village Five but you don’t have to cry over it.

I thought Versa was already calm but it looks like I still need to be careful.

Currently, Zabuton is now untying the web that binds Versa.

I haven’t introduced her yet. She’s ancestor-san’s wife.


Do you know each other?

「No no no no no no no no no no no no. There’s no way we know each other.」

Versa, you don’t have to deny it so desperately.

Ah, Zabuton.

I don’t know if you already know her but she served the evil god Raigiel as one of the commanders of the 37 Legatus Legionis…..Versa, why are you interrupting me?

「Since you said that I should seal my hobby when I’m in this village, you should also keep that identity of mine a secret.」

I don’t know why Versa would request that but….okay.

I promise.


Since Zabuton has woken up, it means it is already spring.

Yeah, let’s do our best again this year.

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