Chapter 52 – Planting Potato….Stones From Monsters

Shuri is back.


….you brought quite a lot.

More than I expected.


After checking, I found that there are 10 different kinds of the 100 potato-like things they brought.

Are they edible?

I asked using gestures.

The antlings nod.

They are all nodding at the same time….


For now, let’s plant the potatoes in the field I plowed.

Since I have a field, it needs fertilizer so I tried making organic fertilizer.

The knowledge my father taught me became useful.


I dug a large hole and placed a wooden crate on top of it.

I put garbage like dried leaves, grass, etc in it and step on it to compact it.

Then, I put garbage again and stepped on it again.

Since dried leaves are dry, I’ll moisturize it a little.

Next is searing for indigenous fungus in the forest and mix it in.

Since I’m on a different world, I’m worried if I’ll even find any fungus here but it’s a good thing that I found some.

This…..should work.


Next is to wait for half a year for it to ferment but….there’s no way I can wait that long so I tried fast forwarding time for one year.

Magis is great. The fertilizer was completed.

And what I found are really fungus.

That’s a good sign.


I mix the fertilizer on the soil I plowed.

I’m not sure if what I plant will grow up but I can’t help but do it.


If I plant these potatoes….half of the ridges I made will become potato fields.

The number of ridges I made are 100.

That’s what boss-san requested.

I made 100 but less than half were used.


Did I reclaim too much?

OR did I make too many ridges?


How do I plant them now?

Also, let’s ask again if they are edible.


Can I request that only one of you answer?

 The way you answered earlier is kind of scary.


And so, they are planted, planted, and planted.

It took half a day to completely plant them all.

It’s kind of amusing that the result is not what I expected.


I only want a kitchen garden.

Now, I have a farm in front of me.

Where did I go wrong?

—Scene Change—

Shion and the others came back with preys.

Are the prey they hunted getting bigger and bigger….??

Areh? Is Shion floating in the air?

Or is it my imagination?


….Maa, how is that possible?

Maybe I’m overthinking things recently.


After dismantling, 2 preys were brought to Shuri’s dwelling.

Yeah, thank you for your hard work.

Make sure the antlings eat well.

Spiderlings, wait a minute. Recently, they prefer grilled meat.


After dismantling, I also found a stone from a prey.

Not all preys have stones and the probability of getting one is around 9%.

I wonder what this is.


In Japan, you won’t find stones inside animals.

It’s not like you won’t….you shouldn’t find one.

Another evidence that I’m in a different world.

Maa, I’ve accumulated quite a few stones so far.


Can it be used for something?

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