Chapter 53 – Monster Stone….Barbecue

I stared at the stone that came out of the prey.

Even though it is a monster, to find a stone inside a beast… it sick?

Or is it related to the curse?

This is something I never thought of until now….

However, there is no change even after I tried to purify it so it shouldn’t be….then, what is it?


What should I do with it?


I tried pouring magical power in it.

I was surprised!

Magical power was absorbed by the stone in an instant.

Much faster than rocks.


Can this discharge magical power like the rocks do?

Can the magic power absorbed by it used for automatic operation?

The automatic function of the toilet on the 1st floor stopped working so I have to pour magical power on it again.


Then, let’s try pouring and pouring and pouring magical power to it.


It shined for a moment.

I was surprised!

When I looked at the stone, it turned into a beautiful green stone.

I get a different reaction from it compared to rocks and I can feel it has more magical power capacity compared to rocks.


When I took it out from the monster, it had a blackish color.

No, it’s transparent green.

What’s going on?

Let’s pour more magical power.

Hnn? It no longer absorbs magical power.

Does it mean it is full?

For now, I’ll try to pour magical power on the other stones as well.


In front of me.

There are green stone, red stone, dark red stone, light blue stone, and blue stone.

What’s the use of the color?

How do I even find out?


Speaking of which, I managed to pour magical power to them, can I take it out?

……I guess no.


Hnn? Koa?

Koa spewed fire from her mouth.

That was scary but, why did you do that all of a sudden?

Or rather, I never thought Koa can use magic.

I should have expected this….right.


Then, Koa put her forefoot on the red stone and spewed fire again.

The power is twice as powerful and it also became faster.



Do that again.


Are they magic stones that can amplify magic by two?

Let’s have a little experiment.

Water with red stone….no change.

Same power as usual.


Koa puts her forefeet on the light blue stone and blue stone.

The light blue stone is water.


……about 5 times more water.

Not just twice.


I also tried. I took the blue stone and said water.

Overflowing water was produced. I should have tested this outside.


I may need to fine-tune to use this but that’s something I find difficult.

I’ll give them to Koa and the others for now.

—Scene Change—

I turned a rock into a fist size ball, poured magical power on it, and added heat magic.

I made 50 pieces.

I processed the silver ore into a sink of 1 m long and 50 cm wide.

I put the rock balls in it.

Now, the barbecue grill is ready.


I processed the gold ore into thin and long sticks.

The meat I cut will be skewered by them.


I put my hand over the sink.

「Generate heat」

After that, I checked if they are working and it looks like I’ve succeeded.

Instead of charcoal, I’m using rocks to heat things up.


I put the meat skewers over the grill.

When I turn them, I put salt over them again.


I’ve always grilled using fire magic but it is difficult to control the shape.

I think I’ll use this sink grill from now on.

After that, we ate dinner which made me want sauce more.

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