Chapter 54 – Knight of a Certain Country 2

-Emperors Kingdom’s 1st Knight’s Commander’s POV-

There is a deafening silence at the king’s audience.

I think it’s about the newly arrived report.


The 4th knight order has strangely returned early to the royal castle.

Moreover, everyone’s expression is still and all of them are silent, refusing to open their mouths.


The 4th knight order is having an audience with his majesty.

The commander and the vice commander of all other knight orders were called too.

I knew something had happened but it was worse than expected.


「Rather than dying, the slaves ran away, is that correct?」


The king’s aide asked the 4th knight order, especially their commander.

The answer is yes.

Silence spreads in the hall.

That situation aside, incidents in the forest and monsters-related incidents are being reported continuously.


I’m sure no one had even imagined this.

There are already those who got scared when the magic stone got cracked and before things calmed down, strange things started to happen.

Only a fool will not think that they are related.


Everyone recognized that the forest is a threat, even now.

However, there was certainly change in how much threat we are treating it now.

We have previously treated the forest as part of our country.


However, this report.

The slaves can only escape if their slave crest was nullified.

The monsters in the forest that were supposed to be distorted by the magic stone are active again.

The cause of all of these is still unknown.

Aside from the fact that the forest and the magic stone are related.


A sound echoes in the room.

It is the sound of the irritated king standing up.

I can see an ample amount of anger from how he leaves the hall silently.

His anger is understandable since we were only a step away from conquering the forest.


 However, I’m still a little relieved.

The commander of the 4th knight order is my friend.

The king doesn’t tolerate failure so there’s a possibility of him being killed as punishment.

I pat my friend’s shoulder and leave the hall with him.

「It’s good that you’re safe.」

Hearing what I said, his face looks sour.

That’s a rare expression.

「What’s going on with the forest?」

I want to know.

「It didn’t look the same and I feel fear I had never felt before….」

His voice is trembling a little.

To think that he would feel that much fear.

What will the king do?

I’m sure he won’t back down with just this.

Perhaps he’ll start a war in the forest.


I know that he will use the magic stone again this time.

However, the problem is related to the magic stone.

Is it correct to use the stone again given what happened?


For the king, the magic stone is the king’s power.

It is normal for him to use the magic stone.

「Do you think it is scarier than the king?」

My friend looked surprised at my question.

Why are you surprised?

Do you think that the kings of the forest are fighting back?

If that is the case, we should counterattack soon.


There is something in the forest that is more powerful than our king and more powerful than the kings of the forest.

What kind of existence is that?

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