Chapter 650 – Former Meal

“Gluttony, the love of dainty food is a great sin.”

A group of people claiming to be religiously affiliated seemed to have visited Youko, the acting village chief of Village Five. They appealed to her that the residents of Village Five have to change their eating habits and their love of dainty food.

The religious group was polite and followed the proper procedure so Youko did not judge their request herself and brought it to Village Five council.

The council debated about the request and came to the conclusion of letting the words below be posted in various parts of Village Five.

「Pay attention to overeating. However, make sure you eat all your food. Determine the right amount to eat before ordering.」

The issue should have been over with that.


「Think about the food you formerly eat before coming to Village Five, be grateful to the food of Village Five.」

Some of the residents of Village Five raised that to the Village Five council and had them appeal it to Youko.

Hearing about the details, they said that recently, the young ones have already forgotten their painful life before coming to Village Five and are taking the food in Village Five for granted.

They said that every once in a while, everyone should take time to eat their former meals so that they would again recall how fortunate they are to be living in Village Five.

  They said that they should have everyone do it once in a while.

The residents were polite and followed the procedure but Youko just scoffed it off.

The reason is simple.

「If you really want to, do it on your own! Don’t force others to do it!」

That’s it.

And that’s what happened. The residents of Village Five who appealed to Youko held a meeting and decided to do that every ten days.



I received reports about it from Youko.

「Although I scoffed it off, it was a thought-provoking appeal.」

However, that doesn’t mean that it would make you want to eat your former meal, does it?

「Yeah. Why would one wants to eat something unpalatable if you can eat something delicious?」

Youko said so as she drank her alcohol after meal.

Then, I asked a nearby oni maid to get additional ham and alcohol.

This ham is a sample made at a ranch near Village Five and Youko seems to like it quite a lot.

I also think that the taste is not bad.

However, I think that the ham made in Village Two, which we usually eat, tastes better.

When I was thinking so, Hitoe, who had just come out of the bath, came to Youko.

She usually takes a bath with Youko but Youko returned late today.

I had her take a bath with the high elves and Ria…..


I had Hitoe take a bath before you.


While I was patting Hitoe’s head, I gave my thanks to Ria and the other high elves who bathed Hitoe.


The next morning.

Looking back at Youko’s report, I thought a little.

Before I came to this world, I was hospitalized because of a serious illness.

At that time, I was initially on a hospital diet but after a few years, it became a liquid diet, and in my last year, IV.

Given my experience, I don’t want to lose the joy of being able to eat whatever I want to eat.

I’m grateful for my daily meals but, am I really?

Maybe eating delicious food has become what’s normal for me.

I don’t intend to change my diet but it’s not bad to have a change of pace.

Thus, for today’s lunch, I’ll cook my former normal meal when I arrived in this world.


There’s only one on the menu.

I only grilled rabbit meat.

No salt or pepper.

I took a bite.

It made me remember that.

The hardship I experienced when I came here.


No, I did not struggle that much.

I feel the joy of being able to freely move again more.

And I was happy that I was able to eat again.

This is a nostalgic taste.

However, this taste is something that I want to refrain from eating now. To be honest, it’s a bit far from what I had before since it has already been carefully processed by the high elves who hunted it and it is also cooked by the oni maids who are now better cooks than me.

Ah, yeah, I guess this is what I’m looking for.

I don’t have to eat something bad if I can reminisce by eating this.

If one can afford to, one should make an effort to make the food he eats delicious.

However, whether it is meat or grass, we should be thankful for it for giving us their lives.

I have learned a lot with just one dish so there’s no need to cook another one.


By the way, when I said I wanted to eat my former meal, I did not force others to do the same.

However, it seems like I influenced them.

They talked about the food each of them eats before coming to Big Tree Village.


Harori salad.

It seems like the high elves used to eat that grass?

However, harori?

I seem to have heard it somewhere but, wasn’t it poisonous?

It has edible parts?

It seems like it can be eaten by soaking it in water to remove poison.

However, it seems like your stomach will still hurt.

「It is just a stomachache, it won’t kill you. As long as it fills our stomachs, it is okay.」


That sounds like a very fierce diet.

The food that the mountain elves usually eat is called grilled whole pointed spear poison lizard.


It has poison and lizard on its name.

Isn’t that poisonous too?

Or is it only named that way?

Ah, it is.

It seems like the poison of the pointed spear poison lizard can only make you faint and there’s no other physical effect.

However, you won’t immediately faint after eating it. You’ll have around an hour before you faint but you’ll already be staggering while eating it.

I can’t help but laugh while I imagine them staggering while eating. Looking at them, their eyes are saying that they don’t want to eat it again.

Yeah, let’s eat a lot of delicious food tonight.


The oni maids were protected by Loo so they never worried about food.

However, the only cooking methods they know before coming to this village are grilling and boiling so you can imagine the taste.

「That time, none of us were dissatisfied with what we ate…..but compared to what we are eating today, our former meal’s taste was too flat. I don’t want to go back and taste them again.」

I understand.

By the way, tonight’s dinner….

「Say no more. We’ll cook with all our hearts.」



The lizardmen and harpies were protected by the angels but it seems like they were looking for their own food.

What kind of protection is it then?

「You can say that our races are more of their race’s subordinate rather than protection. If the lizardmen or harpies are in trouble, the angels will come to aid us.」

That’s what the lizardman Daga said.

「That time, we used to catch and eat fish from the rivers, ponds, and lakes. However, sometimes, our hatchlings will be stabbed or taken away by poisonous fish. Ahahahaha」

I don’t think he’s joking…..

What about the harpies?

「We look for nuts or something. We sometimes eat fruits but only if we can find some so it’s very rare.」

Aren’t fruits more common than nuts?

「That’s true but we can’t eat fruits that humans could eat.」


Tier answered my question.

「In human countries, demi-humans are basically hated. It is in a state where only races that are protected by angels are allowed to survive desu.」

However, being protected by angels doesn’t mean they can live freely so they won’t eat fruits that can be eaten by humans to reduce friction.

That’s hard.

「We’re happy because we can eat whatever others are eating here too.」

I see.

Eat anything without minding anything.


The beastkins…..

I know their life in Howling Village.

I already know but I still listened.

Gulf, Gutt, Senna.


Ehto, I don’t know where you heard it from but, we’re not competing on who ate worst.

Read only at

This night’s dinner became more luxurious than I imagined.

Even the children are surprised.

No, we’re not celebrating anything.

However, this is something we did to show how thankful we are for our daily meals……

Don’t mind anything, just sit down.

No, let’s start eating.


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