Chapter 651 – Number of Feet and Lamias’ New Job

The mountain elves made a golem with many legs.

「Standing on four feet is more stable than standing with two.」

Sure it is.

This thing… it modeled to a cow?

「Yes, it is designed to carry luggage.」

I see.

That would make it play an active part.


The next day.

An improved golem with lots of legs walks in front of me.

「Six is more stable than four.」


An insect type huh.

Is this for carrying luggage too?

As for why I asked that, the back is flat so I think it’s supposed to be where the luggage will be put on to.

The four feet type needs accessories that the cows are using before being able to load any luggage so this would be easier to use.


The next day.

There was another improved golem with lots of legs.

「We thought that eight is better than six.」

They model it from Zabuton.

「Yes. It also has a device that spits web like Zabuton-dono. Fufufu. It can also act as an escort for village chief in addition to carryi…..」

While the mountain elves are explaining, the eight-legged golem was destroyed by Red Armor and White Armor.

An instant kill.

As for why Red Armor and White Armor did that, they said “It was an accident.”. After that, they tapped the shoulder of the mountain elves and left.


Don’t threaten other’s significance of existence.

That’s what I learned.

I’m sure the mountain elves learned it too.

On the first day, they should have noticed it when their four-legged golem was destroyed by the cows.

Since then, the number of golem’s legs allowed has been determined to be two, six, or ten or more.


I’m strolling around the village on Zabuton’s back.

I told her that I’ll walk myself but Zabuton acted unusually stubborn so it can’t be helped.

Maa, Ursa’s not here after all and she’s the only one who used to ride Zabuton.

Zabuton might be feeling a little lonely.


Is there a problem, children?

It is unusual for me to ride Zabuton?

Zabuton, can the children ride you instead of me?

It’s okay even if I stay?

….if you can’t, just let me know.

I rode Zabuton’s back along with the children and continued strolling around the village.

Since the number of children who wanted to ride Zabuton with me increased more and more, the big spiderlings also participated.

It became a little procession.

Strolling like this feels great from time to time.



A can was placed in front of me.

It is a canned food made in Village Four.

The Sun Castle, which has become Village Four, has something that can make canned food.

Until now, it was mainly used for preserving processed seasonings but at the same time, they are studying how to preserve fruits for a long time by canning.

This can is the result of that study.

I slowly open it using a can opener and pour the contents on a plate.

From the can, three peaches, peeled, cut in half, and seeds removed, came out with lots of syrup.

Those who saw that cheered.

This canned food was actually made two years ago.

And it doesn’t look rotten at all.

It looks fresh.

The only thing that’s left to do is to taste it…..

When I tried to, the oni maids stopped me.

And brought the peaches soaked in syrup before the fairy queen.

Without hesitation, the fairy queen stabbed a peach with a fork and ate it.


A loud cheer arises.

Bell, Gou, and Kuzuden of Village Four are the happiest.

Though they can only produce a few cans in a day, this is still a big improvement.

When they first tried it, they just canned a whole orange with skin.

The oranges were either damaged during transport or rotted.

From there, they tried hard to remove oxygen from the can which is the reason for spoilage. As for the anti-shock measure, they add syrup.

The end product is this canned food.


I nodded with satisfaction and when I tried to get another can, I was stopped by the fairy queen.

「The thing inside it is already rotten. If you want to open another one, pick the next one.」


You know the state of whatever inside it without opening the can?

I see.

There were ten cans but three were rotten.

Bell, Gou, and Kuzuden are depressed.

I know that you want to aim for perfection but we’re talking about food here, it’s impossible to make it perfect with just that.

Seven are successful so you only need to improve your research a little.

「I think this is going to be a lot of fun.」

Good luck.

I’m expecting good from you.

And let’s ask the fairy queen to cooperate as the checker.

It’s very convenient to know the state of what’s inside without needing to open the can.

You want sweets?


You’ll be rewarded with the contents of the canned food.


Logistics of Big Tree Village and Doraim’s nest is handled by the lamias.

It is known as the lamia transport.

Even now that Big Tree Village and Doraim’s nest are already connected with short-range teleportation gates, I don’t plan on stopping lamia transport.

However, there’s no point in continuing it since carrying goods now is similar to a simple stroll to both places.

As a result, the lamia transport was abolished.

The lamias strongly asked me for another job.

It’s okay, I have already thought of new jobs for you even if you didn’t ask me.

I won’t leave you out since I’m the one who abolished your job out of convenience.

I have two jobs for you.

One is guarding Doraim’s nest.

Maa, even though I said guard, there are almost no intruders so it will only be on paper.

In fact, your job there is being training partners of those who are in Doraim’s nest.

If you are fighting the same enemies, you’ll be rusty in no time.

Gucci, Doraim’s butler, is looking forward to training with you seeing how you performed in the martial arts tournaments.

The reward will be Big Tree Village’s crops like always and you’ll also be paid with money that the demon king’s kingdom is using if you wish for it.

The other job is helping out in Big Tree Village.

This is an extension of the jobs that you have been doing so far which are helping in the brewery, guarding the dungeon, etc.

Your main job will be guarding the fruit area, and harvesting and processing fruits.

So far, the fruit area has been left to the kuros and spiderlings but I want to reduce the kuros guarding the fruit area.

I’ll leave the security of the fruit area to the lamias.

Do you want them?

Hearing my suggestions, the lamias took both jobs.


And the titans are looking at us from a distance.

Yeah, you guys are also included in Gucci’s invitation.

You can also train with them.

There’s also a request from the minotaurs of Village Two. They want help with farm work.

Village Two’s sericulture business seems to be pretty good so they are planning to expand it but they can’t leave out their farming work.

Yeah, I’ve also planted trees that the silkworms can eat there so they are busy taking care of a lot of things.

I wonder if you can help them.

Ah, you don’t have to reply immediately.

You don’t have to…..

What’s with your prompt decision?

I-I understand.

Yeah, I look forward to working with you more.

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However, since this happened, I think it is more convenient to connect the south dungeon and the north dungeon with short-range teleportation gates.

Ah, I shouldn’t act rashly. Let’s talk to the chiefs of the lamias and titans and Loo before deciding.

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