Chapter 652 – No Fat Villager

The kuros in the village have jobs assigned to them.

One of those jobs is guarding the fruit area but that is something that the kuros dislike.

It is because when an intruder infiltrates the area, they have to defeat it without using magic and without using the trees since their claws will scratch them.

They can’t kick the trees or use them in any way for movement.

In short, their mobility, which is one of their strengths, is greatly compromised.

Moreover, the smell of flowers and fruits in the fruit area makes it difficult for them to detect intruders with their noses.

Simply put, the fruit area is not a suitable place for the kuros to guard.

I only noticed that recently.

It’s all my fault since I left everything related to security to the kuros.


Thus, I thought of having the lamias guard the fruit area instead of the kuros.

「This fruit area, we will not let anyone touch this place!」

The lamias are full of spirit but don’t overdo things because you’re still on your trial period.

If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work.

Also, please get along with the spiderlings and the soldier bees who are guarding the fruit area with you.

The spiderlings are basically responsible for the defense on top of the trees and the sky.

The bees are more of the mobile assault force of the fruit area.

When you lamias are planning on your security task, don’t forget them.

Also, I won’t expect you to do the same things as the kuros have done.

You can consider how you’ll do things depending on the strength and weaknesses of your race.

Ah, for the time being, there will be a few kuros left to assist you so you don’t have to be so nervous.

Then, I’ll leave this place to you.

「Yes! Leave it to us!」


Maa, though the fruit area is no longer under their jurisdiction, the kuros are patrolling the perimeter of the whole village so there are rarely battles in the fruit area.

I’m having second thoughts whether I should tell this to them or not but I don’t want them to get caught off guard if I inform them so I’ll let them be tense.


When I was guiding the lamias around the fruit area, we could see bees flying around.

Recently, I left the hut building and maintenance for the beehives to the high elves but the bees haven’t really increased a lot.

It’s just that their activity has increased.

There are many working bees who are going in and out of the huts where the hives are.

Yeah, you don’t have to stop doing your things because I’m here.

Just do your usual….


Ah, you want me to give a few words of wisdom.

Ehto….ah, it’s because you want me to praise the queen bee that has been working hard to lose weight.

Leave it to me.

I know.

That queen bee and I have known each other for a long time.

I’ll watch my words and make sure she won’t get discouraged and praise her to continue her hard work.

The overweight queen bee couldn’t even leave the hive before and was attacked by the soldier bees with fire just to force her to lose weight.

I don’t think getting fat is something bad but that’s only until it interferes with your daily life.

It is also the cause of various diseases.

In that respect, there are very few fat villagers in Big Tree Village.



The dwarves are chubby but I heard that it is only a characteristic of their race.

Aside from the dwarves, the minotaurs and the titans look a little plump.

There are few fat people, no, there are no fat villagers?

What does this mean?

The normal constitution of the people of this world is not getting fat……no, there were fat people in Village Five and Shashaato City.

Even the queen bee gets fat.

It is not that it is difficult to get fat.

That means……

No way, the nutritional value of the food in this village is low….


「We are very happy with our food here. It’s not that we’re not getting fat but we train, hunt, construct, etc. The villagers are always moving our bodies so we are basically meat and no extra fat in certain places.」

When I returned to the mansion and asked Daga, he laughed at me.

I see.

It’s not that the nutritional value of the food is low.

No, this means another thing. No one can afford to get fat.

I’ve already told them to take their day off on their own but it looks like they’re working harder and harder.

Should I command them to rest?

「No, that’s unnecessary. We are able to maintain our bodies healthy with our current lifestyles.」

I’m relieved to hear that.


However, is that what’s happening?

What are the villagers doing?

What I told them, right?

The high elves are hunting, the beastgirls are working around the ranch area.

The oni maids are working in my mansion, the mountain elves are making a lot of things.


What about the civil servant girls?

They are also working but their job is mainly desk work.

They don’t move much.


「We’re working hard.」

When I asked Frau on behalf of the civil servant girls, she told me that with a smile.

And she’s not pressuring anyone with that smile of hers.

Will that make this talk end?

No, I should ask one more thing.

The wealthier a noble is, the fatter he is. Isn’t that the norm?

「Well, that’s true in human countries but in the demon king’s kingdom, strength means a lot. Regardless of gender, being able to fight is required. That said, being fat will be an issue. There are exceptions though. There are races that get stronger the fatter they are but…you won’t see them anywhere near the royal capital.」

I see. I get it now.


Let’s calm down a little.

Take a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale.

I therefore conclude that there’s no problem with the health and diet of the villagers.

When they are on their rest day, they are taking rest properly.

Those who have children are also being helped by the people around them so no one’s struggling alone.

I don’t need to do anything at all.

They’re good.

Let’s make some tea.



This tea is great.

And Rasuti was already drinking tea with me before I knew it.

Rasuti is relaxing too but because of another reason.

Not long ago, Rasuti was doing everything alone in raising Rananon.

Even Bulga and Stifano, who are taking care of her, didn’t get close that much to Rananon.

Of course, I also tried to help her as a father but she gently refused.

If Raimeiren hadn’t told me that dragons who gave birth to their first child usually behave like that, I would have been depressed.

Maa, after Rasuti got pregnant with Kukulkan, her second child, her obsession with Rananon diminished and she began asking for help from Bulga, Stifano, and me.

I wonder if I should complain to Doraim and Grafaloon since they have been looking after Rananon since that time.

Though they really helped us a lot.

After giving birth to Kukulkan, Rasuti showed a little attachment to Rananon and Kukulkan so Doraim and Grafaloon are basically taking care of the two.

Rasuti takes care of her two children after sundown.

Until then, she works in the village.

「Village chief, let’s talk about work while we are relaxing and drinking tea desu. Demon beasts have attacked the villages around Village Five and there’s even damage to the livestock desu.」

Killing demon beasts around Village Five is the adventurer’s job, isn’t it?

「That’s true but it seems like the adventurers are also struggling with the number of demon beasts desu. The adventurers guild is already crying to Youko-san for help.」

I see.

So they are requesting her to dispatch Gulf and Daga to Village Five.

「If the two are unavailable, they said that we can also call Gol, Sil, and Bron for them from the royal capital.」

Although there’s already the short-range teleportation gate, I would feel bad to call the three back for that.

Let’s forward this to Gulf and Daga first and if they are not available, I’ll go.

「…..village chief yourself?」

Can’t I?

The demon beasts around Village Five are a bunch of weaklings, right?

「You’re right desu…..Then, I’ll accompany you.」


It’s rare for Rasuti to go out so let’s do that.

Maa, Gulf and Daga refused.

I never thought that these two would refuse.

Translated by Elite4Harmon of SHMTranslations dot com

I was surprised so I asked them why they refused.


You two are unwell?

No, aren’t the two of you even boasting how fit you are earlier?

By the way, why aren’t you making eye contact?

Behind me?

Rasuti, don’t use your aura to intimidate them!

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