Chapter 653 – Brave boar Subjugation

I’m an adventurer who’s active in Village Five.

My name is…..maa, you don’t need to know.

My team received a request to subdue demon beasts a while ago.

It seems like the demon beasts have already damaged crops and livestock in the villages around Village Five.

Our target demon beasts are called brave boars.

To put it simply, they are boar demon beasts.

Their strength….is quite formidable if they are already fully grown but those who are small and medium size are not so much.

They can be defeated by trained adventurers to some extent.

Of course, I’m one of those adventurers.


However, these brave boars.

They have a habit of fleeing from the strong and attacking the weak.

They are really troublesome.

Here’s an example, if there’s a group of adventurers hunting it, it will immediately escape if all members are stronger than it.

However, if that group has one person weaker than the brave boar, it will not hesitate to attack that weaker one.

It won’t mind even if that person is accompanied by strong people.

Given that situation, it sounds like you can easily subdue a great boar if you just have someone strong accompany the weak…..

But the brave boars move as a herd.

Therefore, there’s no way adventurers can protect their weak members.

Really troublesome.

No, that’ not all.

The most troublesome thing is taking care of the heart of that one who was targeted by the brave boars in our team.

It’s okay, you’re not weak.

You’re not weak.

Don’t worry about the brave boar’s judgment.

Yeah, you have a strength that only you have.




That time, our team almost collapsed.

Damn you brave boars!

I will never forgive you!


When we return to Village Five after five days, recruitment for the brave boar subjugation is currently ongoing.

While listening to it, I brought the subjugated brave boar to the butcher at the foot of the mountain.

Since the weight of one small brave boar is around the weight of a child, there’s a limit on the number we can subjugate at once.

In our team, we can only carry up to five small brave boars and two big brave boars at once.

We can increase that number by dissecting the parts that can’t be sold but that’s not recommended because the remaining parts will become other monsters’ food and that will cause second-hand damage.

Also, even a small brave boar can be sold at a very reasonable price.

Brave boars are delicious after all.


After receiving the payment, we headed to the adventurers guild of Village Five.


It’s lively.

When I was thinking about what was happening, I recalled the recruitment of the brave boar raid.


This is also risky.

Once that large number of people attack the brave boars, the brave boars will attack the weakest of several teams.

I told a member of our team to not worry about the judgment of the brave boar but that judgment is accurate.

As for the reward….not so good.

The reward will increase depending on the number of brave boars you’ll beat but that’s not much different from an individual request.

All defeated brave boars will be sold to the adventurers guild after all.

If you bring it to the butcher yourself, you’ll receive better pay.

The adventurers guild will provide food during the subjugation which I think is good…..

However, I still don’t understand why it’s so popular?

Aside from being a raid, is there a bigger benefit of this request?

Is there any other reward?

I want my questions to be answered.

I asked an acquaintance of mine who’s also in the guild.

「The client is none other than Gulf-san.」


I see.

Gulf-san is a frequent client of the adventurers guild.

However, he’s just the one coordinating with the adventurers guild, the real client is none other than the acting village chief of Village Five, Youko-sama.

In other words, this raid is what Youko-sama hopes for.

We are very thankful to Youko-sama!

As someone from Village Five, can I leave this request out?

No way in hell!

I looked at my party.

Everyone nodded.

Alright, let’s sign up.


The day of the raid of the brave boar arrived.

We were waiting for the brave boars at a designated location.

This raid’s strategy is not hunting them one by one but driving all of them to one place, surrounding them, and annihilating them.

Given the number of adventurers team that participated, I thought it was too exaggerated since the number of the great boars we’re going to subjugate are only a little over a hundred.

However, this is a raid after all.

「How is it going?」

The liaison officer came to us.


Or so I thought but it was Gulf-san.

I instinctively saluted.

「Nice salute. Is there a problem?」

「None at all. It’s just boring.」

「I apologize for that. Our scouts have reported that they already found the herd. It will still take some time until they get here but don’t let your guard down.」

「Understood!….ano, can I ask you a question?」

「Ah, what is it?」

「What group is waiting over there?」

There’s a group of about two hundred people in a place a little away from us.

Many of them are elves but there are also other races.

I’m kind of worried for them since most of them are not wearing armor.

「Those are volunteers from neighboring villages.」


「Are you saying that those are villagers who wanted to participate in the raid?」

「That’s right. They must be angry because of the damage caused by the brave boars. Their morale is high. Of course, they are skillful too. They’ve been carefully selected to participate in this raid.」

I see.

「Another question, the ones in the back are the guards of Village Five, right? Areh? Aren’t they the first squad?」

I pointed at the group who’s waiting further behind the volunteer soldiers.

The first squad is directly under Captain Pirika.

Against the brave boars, this is too much fighting power.

Besides, if the guards are really going to participate, shouldn’t they have sent the third squad who’s mainly dealing with monster and demon beast subjugation around Village Five?

「The third squad is acting as scouts and they are also the ones who’ll drive them here. The first squad over there…..Maa, don’t mind them. They won’t get in the way.」

「U-understood but….that, aren’t they too far to take action? Shouldn’t they be closer?」

「There would be a problem if they’re not there.」

「Is that so? Sorry for questioning the strategy.」

「No, I’m sorry for not being able to answer your question accurately.」

「No no. Just one last thing.」

「What is it?」

「Aren’t you going to drive away the couple having a picnic over there? This is not a place to enjoy a picnic. This place is too dangerous for them.」

「No, I think that’s the safest place here. Don’t even try to drive them away. No, don’t even get near them, understood?」




「That’s it. The fact that you are assigned in this place doesn’t only mean that you are capable. It also means you are good at dealing with unusual situations and I believe you can.」

Gulf-san told us “I believe you” many times and left.

What was that?

No, I think that people having a picnic here like that will surely cause morale to drop…..

In addition, what’s his basis for saying that the place where they are having a picnic is the safest?

The first squad is indeed near them but Gulf-san didn’t say much.

Ah, perhaps that couple are decoys.

They’ll be our lure for the brave boars.

I see.

Given that the first squad is near them, I’m sure that’s the plan.

We’ll use the couple as a decoy and they have already arranged that something so that the couple will absolutely be safe.

Yeah, nice plan.

Alright, all we have to do is to subjugate the brave boars!

Let’s do our best!


Though we’re all excited, the brave boars didn’t arrive even after waiting for so long.

It seems like those who are driving them failed.

The brave boar herd went in the opposite direction from us.

Yeah, I don’t feel great.

Thinking about how much destruction will happen to the place where the herd will travel to, I already feel sorry.


My party member gave out a strange scream.

What is it?

My party member pointed at the sky.


Ah, a flock of birds?

No, they’re not!

A flock of wyvern!

Moreover, they’re not just ten or twenty.

One hundred…..No, there should be at least two hundred.

This is bad.

All we have are equipment for brave boar subjugation.

No one brought anything for fighting against wyvern.

In addition, wyverns are overwhelmingly stronger compared to brave boars.

And there are over two hundred of them…….

However, we shouldn’t panic.

There’s a possibility that the wyverns are just passing by.

Ah, those volunteers are equipped with bows.

Stop that! You’re going to anger those wyverns!

Ah, Gulf-san went and suppressed the volunteers who were already going to take the shot.

As expected of him.

The first squad is calm but already in combat mode.

They’re reliable.

However, the other parties are flying in the sky.

There’s a limit on how we can attack them from the ground.


No, we must not be disheartened.


The wyverns did not attack us.

They also didn’t just pass by.

The wyverns piled-up corpses of brave boars in front of Gulf-san.

Quite a lot and of different sizes.

Perhaps they are the herd of brave boars we’re supposed to subjugate.

But why did they pile them up in front of Gulf-san?

Gulf-san looks troubled too…..

Ah, the wyverns left.

It’s like they’re trying to escape.

What was that?

I have no idea.

However, it looks like our work is over.


Our job now is to transport the brave boars?

The number we carry will be treated as if we’re the ones who subjugated them?

What’s more, you don’t mind keeping the sales price at the market price?

We’ll carry them.

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It was a strange day.

By the way, the brave boar meat that the adventurers bought was distributed free of charge to the villages damaged by the brave boars.

If they had said that from the start, I wouldn’t dare take some money.


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