Chapter 654 – Demon Beast Subjugation and Picnic


I went to the outskirts of Village Five with Rasuti.

Our purpose is to exterminate demon beasts.

However, I feel like I’m more of expecting a show.

It’s because I’m not a member of the main force.

The main force is the raid team gathered in Village Five.

The elves who are living in the villages around Village Five also volunteered to join.

Gulf is the commander of this raid team.

Gulf is very popular in Village Five.

Even though I decided on my own to make him the commander, no one complained.

On the contrary, there were many people who didn’t know me, the one who assigned him the position.

I’m the village chief…..

Perhaps the reason they didn’t recognize me is because I’m not wearing flashy clothes. No, it should be the root of the lack of recognition.

I should have prepared a little more.


The demon beast’s subjugation ended without anything out of ordinary.

The herd of demon beasts that we are targeting entered the encirclement of the subjugation team but for some reason, they immediately escaped in the opposite direction from where we were.

They sprinted with all their might.

Given the habit of those demon beasts of charging at the weakest person, no one thought they would run away. Gulf was surprised too.

Why did they run away?

When I heard the habit of the demon beasts, I thought they would definitely charge towards me.

Is it because Rasuti’s with me?

I guess they have no courage to charge a place where there’s a dragon….

That’s not it?

It’s because of my smell?

Not exactly my smell but the smell of the kuros that got attached to me.

Well, I indeed petted the kuros before I left.

It seems like the demon beasts were frightened by the smell that came from me.

Maa, this is a fresh experience since no monster or demon beast has escaped from me until now.

No, there might have been before but I wouldn’t notice monsters or demon beasts running away from me.


So that’s the reason why Loo and Ann use purification magic on me? To remove the kuros’ smell from me?

Let’s ask them later.

Yeah, this is a delicate topic.

I’ll prepare my heart.

Also, though we’re not sure if they are really frightened by the kuros’ smell, I wouldn’t dare say that they were frightened by a dragon’s smell.


Anyway, the herd of demon beasts that we’re supposed to subjugate has escaped but the nearby wyverns killed them all so the subjugation quest was completed.

But that’s just me having a picnic with Rasuti.

Maa, Rasuti is happy so I have no complaints.

This is a good change of pace.


If the demon beasts tried harder, it would have lasted longer?

Maybe but considering the villages around, I prefer exterminating them the soonest time possible….

Ah, is that the reason why the wyverns helped?

They looked really scared and went home as if escaping with their lives.

I’ll apologize and thank them later.

And Rasuti.

Let’s take a little detour before going home.



When I returned to the village, I was greeted with a problem.

The root cause of the problem is lunch.

I made bento for me and Rasuti.

Of course, I expected my other wives would want my personally cooked food too so I cooked a large amount of food and left them.

And it seems like what I left was not enough.


Maa, it will definitely not be enough if you eat it with every villager.

The kuros and spiderlings want to have a taste of it too.

I know I know.

As expected, it is already too late to cook for everyone today. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Let’s all have a picnic tomorrow.

I’ll prepare bento for everyone.


The next day.

I cooked since early morning with the oni maids to make bento and headed to the ranch area of the village.

I was worried if this place is good enough for a picnic venue but this is the only place that can accommodate everyone.

I also feel that this is not too different from our usual lunch but I think that this is also good for everyone.

I greeted the horses and the cows and asked them to lend me a little of their place.

I placed a piece of cloth on flat ground and put white sheets over it to secure a place where we can relax.


I think you can place yours a little bit away.

Maa, stay in the place where you want.

This is the ranch.

There’s no problem even if we’re far away from each other. This place can accommodate us all.

I also think that it is good for one family to have a place of their own.

Don’t worry, there are enough bento for everyone.

Of course, we’ve prepared enough for the kuros and the spiderlings too.


No one went far.

Maa, do what you want.

Distribute the bento.

The bento we prepared are basically burgers.

Hamburgers, bacon burger, egg burger, tomato burger, chicken burger, fish burger, meat burger, katsu burger, fruit burger.

Sometimes, I mistakenly call it a sandwich but there are burgers because it is a dish where bread is cut into two and something will be stuffed in the middle.

Ah, make sure the cows won’t see you if you eat the beef burger.

When I was making bento, I hadn’t decided on the venue yet.

I’m sorry.

Drink water or tea from a water bottle.

There’s no available alcohol.

This is a picnic after all.

Donovan, you can drink whatever you want but you have to bring it yourself.


However, considering the possibility that the bento we prepared was not enough, I also brought cooking utensils.

It is the easiest food we can prepare here.

However, since this is the ranch area, we mainly brought seafood.

Enjoy grilled shrimp, scallops, turban shell, etc.

Of course, we grilled vegetables too.

Doraim is watching the fire.

Girar is the one putting the ingredients on the stick.

Guronde and Guraru, praise Girar for his work.

Ah, children who are done eating.

Don’t go too far alone.

The toilet is over there.

 The goats may disturb you from going to the toilet so endure whatever they’ll do to the limit.

If the goats are persistent, ask for help from a horse or a cow….

I guess they’ll be okay since they are accompanied by spiderlings.

I also brought toys.

Would you like to play ball?

Some are still eating so it would be better to not disturb them.

Play with the kuros over there.


Were my one-sided instructions already enough?

I guess I’ll eat too.

Apparently, my wives haven’t eaten yet and were waiting for me.

Ah, Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton also waited for me.


Then, let’s enjoy our bento.


Wives: That’s where you’ll be, we’ll be here, and the children will be there….

Village Chief: Stop using power or social status on how far someone will sit from me. This is not a lion’s harem.

Doraim: Aren’t you in that kind of relationship?

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