Chapter 655 – Now Operational

I put a small amount of chopped cabbage and croquette in a sliced round bread and put sauce on it.

Croquette burger, done.

Zabuton ate it.

I fill a sliced round bread with yakisoba, sprinkle it with chopped ginger, and add mayonnaise.

Yakisoba burger, done.

Girar ate it.


At our picnic the other day, I didn’t have time to make croquettes and yakisoba so I tried making them now. It looks like Zabuton and Girar like them.

It’s great that you liked them but please stop eating them as soon as I made them.

That minimizes my sense of accomplishment.

When I started making them, I wanted to see them all piled up….

All right, eat.

However, don’t eat them all.

There should be others who want them too.

Like the demon king who was not able to join the picnic.


Today, the demon king seems to be in a good mood.

Perhaps it is related to overcoming the problems related to the short-range teleportation gates.

The villages and cities that resisted the operation of the short-range teleportation gates were being backed up by several companies.

It seems like they planned to get involved with the short-range teleportation gates project so they sweet-talked the village chiefs and governors to resist the operation of the short-range teleportation gates.

They did not resist the installation but they resist the start of operation.

………no, they just weren’t able to resist the installation in time.

Anyway, the Dalfon Company of the royal capital uncovered those companies and crushed them. After that, Beezel said that full-scale operation of the short-range teleportation gates started.

Since I’m an investor, I would love to see the short-range teleportation gates to be fully operational.

Those made it easier for anyone to travel to and from the royal capital.

If I feel like I want to see Ursa and the others, I can go there immediately.

Big help.


Even though I find it great, a troublesome situation also has occurred.

Glatts is commuting from the royal capital, to Village Five, to Big Tree Village, using the short-range teleportation gates.

When it was in the testing period, the waiting time to use the teleportation gates was almost zero.

Therefore, commuting time was the sum of the travel time from my mansion to Big Tree Dungeon, from Big Tree Dungeon to the basement of Youko’s mansion, and from Youko’s mansion at the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain where the short-range teleportation gates are installed.

According to my experience, that should be around an hour.

However, when the short-range teleportation gates become fully operational and open to the public, there are different procedures that one has to go through, like inspections, which are required before using each teleportation gate. And of course, there’s waiting time.

The commute time has increased significantly.

Around two and a half hours according to my experience.

That’s tough.

It’s a five hours round trip.

Ronana told Glatts that he doesn’t have to go back every day but Glatts says that Big Tree Village is their home.

He said that if he couldn’t see Ronana’s face every day, he would resign from the army.

As a result, sending and picking up using Beezel’s teleportation magic resumed.

Seeing Frau and Fracia every day healed Beezel with such work.


Maa, I don’t want Beezel to be burdened like this so I’m thinking of a solution.

First move, prepare a room for Glatts and Ronana in Youko’s mansion and have them sleep there.

Ronana will commute from Youko’s mansion to Big Tree Village to work.

Glatts will commute from Youko’s mansion to the royal capital to work.

Ronana likes this setup though she’ll be burdened by it a little.

Another one is speeding up Glatts’ travel time even a little. We thought of securing a big horse that even a minotaur like him can ride.

I asked Michael-san of Goroun Company to do it for me but it seems like it will take time for him to be able to purchase one.

That’s all I can do.

It will be the demon king’s turn after us. He’s the only one who can make someone receive preferential treatment on using the army guarded short-range teleportation gates.



I had Frau talk to Beezel.

I’m sorry but be patient.

It’s still in the planning stage.

However, there’s another proposal that came out.

Install a teleportation gate at Big Tree Dungeon and connect it to the royal capital.

Unfortunately, Loo still needs to research that. We don’t even know when she will be able to complete it.

And it will be bad if it fails since it might ruin people’s expectations.

Only a selected number of people knew it and they were me, Loo, Tier, Frau, Ann, and Zabuton.

Ah, when we were talking about it, Kuro and Yuki were beside me so they knew it too.

With this direct teleportation gate, I would be able to pull out the sticky Beezel from Fracia.


Although there was Glatts’ issue, the full-scale operation of the short-range teleportation gates is received favorably by the users.

Thirty days of travel in a carriage was shortened to a few hours.

The peddlers aside, those who have never left their cities or villages use it to sightsee.

The royal capital, Shashaato City, and Village Five began to receive tons of tourists like that. However, the expected shortage of accommodation never happened.

It seems like they chose to go home rather than staying.

This is probably one of the effects of eliminating the short-range teleportation gate usage fee.

It seems like the owners of the inn that are still under construction in various places have become uneasy.

I also instructed Village Five to build a few more inns….

Ah, it seems like there’s no problem.


One day.

Yuri, Frau, and the civil servant girls are all dressed up and gathered in the hall of my mansion.

Yuri snaps her finger.

Frau snaps her finger too.

The civil servant girls also snap their fingers.

Then, they started moving while snapping their fingers.


They are not moving elegantly but walking like thugs.

When I was thinking about what was happening, Yuri and the others started to sing and dance.

What the….

No, this looks familiar.

A musical.

I see. So, they are practicing.

I asked Ann who’s watching them with me.

「You know that they will go to a festival in the royal capital, right?」

Ah, right.

Thanks to the short-range teleportation gates, the distance to the royal capital has become closer than ever.

Thus, Yuri invited the civil servant girls to attend the festival in the royal capital and I allowed them.

Most of the civil servant girls have never gone outside Big Tree Village after they arrived here.

「Do you know why they’ll perform there?」

Were they invited by someone or something?

「No, it seems like they were being taken lightly by the graduates of the noble academy.」


I thought I already got used to this world but I guess I’m not.

In this world, there are still many things that I don’t understand.


By the way, I was also invited to the festival in the royal capital but I declined.

I had something similar to a date with Rasuti so my other wives are waiting for their turns too.

My schedule for today is Loo.

Where should I go with her with croquette burger and yakisoba burger?

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