Chapter 660 – Withered Herb

I returned to my mansion and planned to interview the 15 boxes.



Maa, I can converse with them which means I can conduct an interview, right?

For now, I’ll call the boxes by number which are 1st to 15th.

The first box we found would be named 1st.

I wrote its number name on a board and leaned it on it.

After that, I will name the others in the order we found them so that they won’t compete for their names.


You want me to not write ominous numbers?

What numbers are considered ominous?

From one to 15, they should be 4, 6, 9, and 13.

That’s a lot.


You don’t mind being named with an ominous number?

Ah, okay.

How about you just tell me the number you like?

You should be able to do that yourselves, right?

And the result.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 4051st.


Since none’s the same there’s no problem.

No problem……

Box 4051st.

Is there a meaning behind that number?

Is it related to your past?


You just thought and chose it casually?

…….is that so?

You just thought of it casually and it became 4051st?

I’m a little worried about you.

No, it is good that you have your own ideals and not just getting swept away by the crowd.

However, there is also a thing called working together for the will of the world.

It is sometimes called cooperation.

Isn’t it safe to choose 23rd, or 33rd, or even 93rd if you really want a big difference in number?

“I don’t feel the meaning of choosing for the sake of safety. I’ll live my own way….”

I see.

Then, it can’t be helped.

I’ll acknowledge it.


As for your board, you have more characters, four digits, so I’ll prepare a bigger board for you even though I wanted to keep it small.

Ah, hey, I won’t follow your suggestion.

I’ve already started writing so I’ll just give up.

I won’t treat you special just because you have a long name.


I’m tired.

But I still made the name tags of the boxes.

I thought I’ll finally be able to conduct an interview but it was dinner time already and I’m already being called by an oni maid.

I’m sorry but we’ll have to take a break.

Ah, do you boxes need to eat or something?

“We can get energy from light, wind, temperature, etc.”

“However, if you can give us a magic stone, we’ll be very happy.”

“It doesn’t matter even if it is a small magic stone.”

Got it.

I gave them magic stones that were taken from monsters and demon beasts hunted in the forest one by one.

“Such a big magic stone!”

“C-can I really eat it?”

You don’t need to hold back.

If you want more, I can give you another one.

“Another one, sounds sweet.”

“It was fate that allowed me to serve you, my lord.”

You’re exaggerating.

Then, I’ll have dinner so wait for me for a while.

“I will wait even if it is hundreds of years. I have a track record as evidence.”


Stop talking like loyal dogs.

And don’t cry.



I explained in detail how I discovered the box to everyone while eating.

Loo, don’t read a magic book while eating.

You can’t even read them, right? What are you even doing?

Just looking?

And stop sulking.

You know that only kids do that.

Once we’re done eating, I plan on checking what’s inside those boxes.

You’re interested, aren’t you?

Good, then, let’s eat.


By the way, Kuro.

Aren’t you eating a lot today?

Can you even eat that much?

No, I mean……

I turned my gaze to Kuro’s belly and Kuro seemed to remember his diet.

His tail that has been happily wagging until a while ago drooped.

I’m not telling you not to eat.

Just don’t eat too much.

And alcohol.

Yeah, you’re drinking, right?

You even have a dedicated drinking plate.

That’s not really a problem.

I won’t stop you from drinking.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t drink too much.

Always remember that.

It is bad to have the food and alcohol prepared for you be wasted.

You can start your diet tomorrow.

When I said that, Yuki, who was beside me, scolded me for spoiling Kuro.

I’m sorry.


After eating.

I, Loo, Tier, and Ann will check what’s inside the boxes.

1st box had a magic book on how to make flying carpet but, what about the other boxes?

I’ve already seen them when I put magic stones earlier but there are many things I didn’t recognize.

Alright, let’s get it on.

Ah, the others are waiting by my side.

It would be helpful if you could explain to me what’s inside the box I’ll open.

It would be faster to have everyone open a box themselves but it might cause confusion.

Thus, I opened 2nd box.

It is packed with withered herbs.

Does that mean that these boxes don’t have the function to preserve what’s inside them?

Or maybe it is alright for these to be withered?

“Master, I’m sorry. We have a preservation function but we can’t stop time so it would be hard for us to keep plants from withering for hundreds of years.

1st box explains.

I see.

No, I don’t mind.

2nd box has done well.

I closed the lid of the 2nd box and thought a little.

How long have these boxes been lying in the forest?

I asked the 1st box.

“I’m sorry. We don’t know how much time has passed because we have a long-term sleep mode. However, given how the plants have grown around us, we assumed that it should have been hundreds of years.”

Is that so?

There, Loo raised her hand.

「Given the style of the characters used in the magic book, I think it is between 3500 to 2500 years ago.」

I see.

But, you can’t read the characters but you know the style?

I think about it.

She may have remembered them as patterns and not letters.

I answered myself.

I will not say anything unnecessary.

I didn’t say anything but Loo hit me lightly.

Let’s rejoice since our hearts are connected.


Anyway, these boxes fell here at least 2500 years ago.

That means whatever inside them are also at least 2500 years old.

It is not surprising for the herb to wither.

It’s quite unfortunate but we can only dispose of…


A seed fell down.

Is it a seed of that withered herb?

Before it withered, the fruit it has dried up and became a seed.

Will it grow if I plant it?

The 2nd box preserved it well.

Let’s plant it later.

For now, let’s keep it in a safe place.

Ah, 2nd box wants to keep it inside it.


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