Chapter 661 – Inside the Box, First Part

Now, what’s in the next box?

The 3rd box was opened.

There were many small boxes.

There were a lot of different things inside it but they look like tools for alchemy.

 Some of the tools were damaged perhaps when it fell but Loo and Tier still secured them all.

I don’t mind if you want them but if someone wants to use them, lend them to that person.


Or so I said but, can I do whatever I want with the contents of the boxes?

They are supposed to be delivered but….where are they supposed to be delivered?

Also, since they should have been delivered for at least 2500 years ago, the owner probably passed away.

No, I shouldn’t say that.

I heard that ancestor-san and Prada have lived for more than 2500 years.

While I’m being troubled, Ann gave me a piece of advice.

「Just treat them as foraged crops.」

「Foraged? Are we not going to treat them as lost items? 」

「Yes. They are similar to the herbs you can get in the forest. 」

I see.

Is that alright?

Thinking about it a little, adventurers go to a dungeon and keep whatever they find there as their own. I guess they are.


I readied my heart and opened the 4th box.

Inside are blankets and sheets.

It seems like they are normal possessions of the previous owner.

“Apologies if you find them useless.”

No no, I’m sure we can think of something on how we’ll use them.

However, even though I said that, they were dyed awfully that they look filthy. Even if I want to flatter the previous owner, it is impossible for me to say they look good.

To be honest, I don’t even want to touch them.

The fabric is also not high quality.

The only positive thing I can think of is they might have historical value given that they are from more than 2500 years ago…..

Throw them to the warehouse.

When I thought so, the spiderlings looked at the cloths with serious expressions.

Do you want it?


Rather than throwing them into the warehouse, it would be better to give them to you.

The cloths were given to the spiderlings who wanted them.

「I need a few sheets as rags…… 」

The oni maid said so but that might hurt the feeling of the box.

“I don’t mind.”

4th is such a broad-minded box. I only thought of it as a possibility when it chose the ominous number as its name but it seems like it really is.

The spiderlings gave a few sheets of cloths that can be easily used as rags to the oni maid.

Excuse them.


I opened the 5th box.

It was filled with bottles full of sand.

Unfortunately, around half of the bottles are broken.

The cause might be the impact when they fell.

What should we do with the half who got mixed up?

Each bottle seems to have different kinds of sand but they are all mixed together now.


You can put them in a new bottle or jar if we put some inside?

You can turn them to the state before they are mixed up?

You can separate them?


Take out the safe bottles and the broken bottles. Put some jars or something inside the box but their number must be the same as the number of broken bottles.

Then, I closed the lid….and opened it. They were separated by each type.

Oohhh, you’re amazing.

By the way, these sand seem to be alchemy materials too.

They can’t identify what they are unless tested and Loo and Tier already secured them…..Gutt seems to protest.

It looks like there are some things that can be used for blacksmithing.

I see.

Go discuss it.

Gutt asked for Donovan’s help and started negotiating with Loo and Tier.

I know you called for backup to balance the number but why did you ask Donovan?

Donovan seems to be capable of competing with Loo and Tier with regards to materials since he’s a blacksmith too.



I left the negotiation to the parties involved and opened the 7th box.


No, they look like folded pieces of furniture.

I took them out of the box and unfolded them into a table or chair.

They are quite compact.

Let’s test them out.

They’re sturdy too.

None of them is broken.

Let’s give them to the mountain elves.

I think this will inspire them.


I opened the 10th box.

Broken glass with several iron bars of different diameters.

This looks like a pre-assembled astronomical telescope which can be inferred from the broken glass.

Yup, I’m right.

This looks like a tripod.

The broken glass is definitely the lens.

Is this the type where you’ll look at the side of the telescope?

The eyepiece seems to be safe.

The mirror inside….ah, there’s a crack in it.


I’ll ask the craftsmen of Village Five to make an objective lens and a mirror.


You have a spare lens for the objective lens?

Even the mirror inside?

It has always been a fragile part since ancient times.

I see.

They are in the protected box over there.

Ooohhh, it’s full of reserves.

There’s even a spare eyepiece….ah, it’s not a reserve, it has different magnification.

This is exciting.

The tripod is a magic tool that tracks stars?

High end!

Let’s set it up now and have the children use them when everything’s ready.

As soon as I decided to do that, Hakuren, who came out of nowhere, was already assembling the telescope with the children around her.

There are few clouds in the sky tonight so stars are easy to see.

You’re going to show them the moons first?

Checking out the difference of the surface of the two moons is fun?



If I say I’m not interested, it means I’m lying.

However, there are still boxes waiting for me…..

“It’s okay. Please go and enjoy.”

“Our job is to wait.”

“Thinking about how much time we spent alone in the forest, this is no big deal.”

You guys.


I’m sorry.

After I see the stars, I’ll be back.

There was a little interruption when I was examining what’s inside the boxes.

I also enjoyed stargazing using the astronomical telescope.



I opened the 12th box.

Sticks….or maybe wands or something?

They are wands that mages use.

There are even magic stone-like things attached to them.

And there are….around thirty of them.

It looks like none of them are broken.

I thought Loo and Tier would definitely take them but it seems like they are still negotiating with Gutt and Donovan.

Let’s reserve this for them.


I opened the 15th box.

It’s full of various things.

It is similar to the 3rd.

I checked the items inside it one by one and I found a brush, towel, wood cup and plate, shoes, gloves, hat, etc.

They are probably everyday items and clothes of the previous owner.

They are still in good condition because of the box but they are all second-hand things.

However, why does this fur scarf look brand new?

It looks newly bought.

It looks like a fur of an animal I’ve never seen before so I’m a little curious.

I want to ask Loo or Tier about it but….it looks like it is impossible to bother them so let’s put this on hold.

Ann secured the tableware that seemed to be usable and instructed one of the oni maids to wash them.


I opened the 17th box.

It is packed with books.

When I ask the box, they seem to be reading books only and not alchemy or magic-related.

I wonder if this will be more appreciated.

However, it will be difficult since they need to be translated. I’m the only one who can read them after all.

“If you can put some books written in characters that are currently used, I will study it and translate these books myself.”


You can do that?

“Yes. It will take time but I can. We won’t be called intelligence box for no reason desu.”


“However, I need you to prepare paper, pen, and ink to be able to write the translated contents….”

No problem, leave it to me.

I’ll leave translating to you.

“Yes. Please leave it to me.”

The 17th box opened its lid vigorously and replied to me.

And the other boxes complained.

“Why are you the one to get the first job!”

“I can translate too!”

“That fellow has been good at sucking up since ancient times desu.”

“When we were in the forest, I wouldn’t have been that bored if I had books too.”

Ah, calm down.

Don’t fight.

Also, I’m going to ask you guys to do a lot of things too.

Don’t panic.

Ah, I’m not lying.

I’m wrong to only ask the 17th box to work.

I’m planning on listening to each of you before assigning you to a place to work.


“You’re going to listen to our wishes?”

If I’m going to have you do something, it would be better if you’re motivated, right?

“Oohhhh, as expected of our master!”

“I’ll start thinking of what I want to do.”

Yeah, take your time.

I have to check what’s inside of the boxes that I haven’t checked yet.


Current status:

1 – Magic book on how to make a flying carpet

2 – Withered Herb(Full)

3 – Alchemy tools(Full)

4 – Cloth(Full)

5 – Sand in Jars(moderate number)

7 – Folding furniture (Few pieces)

10 – Astronomical telescope

12 – Magic Wand(30)

15 – Daily necessities and clothes

17 – Books(reading)(moderate number)

18 – Unknown

20 – Unknown

21 – Unknown

22 – Unknown

4051 – Unknown

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