Chapter 662 – Inside the Box, Latter Part

Then, let’s open the next box.


Inside are different kinds of minerals in the form of big and small bars.

It looks like the box arranged them in kinds and sizes neatly.

It’s easy to understand.

Just looking at the bars neatly arranged like this excites me.

Though I don’t know what kind of minerals they are.

I should leave these to Loo, Tier, and Gutt.

After their discussion about the sands in bottles is over, I’ll leave a message telling them to check this out.


Next is the 20th box.

Inside are crystals.

It was packed with many crystals cut into the same shape.

They are neatly arranged too.

And it looks like there’s no broken crystal.

I hold one with my hand…..


I’ve seen a crystal like this somewhere.

I wonder where I’ve….

That’s it!

The crystal Raimeiren has given to Irre to record images taken by the camera!

It is similar to these crystals.

“That’s right, they are crystals for recording images desu.”

Ah, I see.

Is that all?

“Yes, that’s all desu.”

How many are there?

“There are 627 pieces.”

627 pieces.

With just one crystal, the shooting team is already very active.

With that, I think we can expect them to be more active now.

When I was thinking so, Dors and Raimeiren, who came to see what’s happening, were whispering with each other.

When I was about to ask what they are talking about, Dors dashed out in his dragon form and brought Bell from Village Four.

He’s so fast.

And Bell checked the crystals inside the 20th box.

She had an eye contact with Dors and Raimeiren and then spoke with me.

「I’m sorry to disappoint you but….well…..the format of these crystals is different from the camera Irre is using.」


In other words?

「You can’t use them unless you have a camera that’s in the same format as these crystals.」

What the heck.

No, wait.

Don’t panic.

I haven’t checked the other boxes yet.

Does one of you have a camera that can be used with these crystals?

When they heard me asking that, the lid of the 21st box opened.

“There’s a shooting tool here….well, that’s it…..”

What are you trying to say?

Is it broken?

“No, I don’t think it’s broken. Though I’m not sure if the camera inside me is of the right format.”

When Bell checked it out, she told me that the format that the camera is using is different from Irre’s camera and also different from the crystals from the 20th box.

I’m disappointed.

However, it’s too early to give up.

“I also have crystals compatible with that camera.”


There are crystals inside it and they are of a little different shape.

“I have 53 of them.”

So this is a bundle with the camera.


If I give them to Irre, they’ll be useful.

When I thought so, Dors and Raimeiren barged in.

「Ah, excuse us but, we want to check the contents.」



I see. These crystals can be used for recording but there’s a possibility that they have already been used.

「I think it should be fine but there’s also a possibility that the content recorded on them is dangerous for the current civilization. We want to keep it for now.」

Yeah, if that is the case, it can’t be helped.

I don’t want to keep dangerous goods after all.

Ah, I don’t need any compensation.

Please check them all.


Doraim’s butler, Gucci, suddenly appeared and he’s now checking the crystals.

So he’s the one responsible for checking them huh.

Gucci first checked 21st crystals.

He’s checking them at an incredible speed.

「These crystals contain stories. They are….comedies and there are adventures too but most of them are about love. I think you can enjoy watching them.」

You mean?

「These 53 crystals have no problem. 」


Ah, since they already contained something, Irre can no longer use them.

「Not all crystals are recorded to the limit so there are still spaces left. In addition, you have the shooting tool so you can continue to record on them.」

That’s good.

Gucci then checked 20th crystals.

Given his incredible speed, he managed to check them all in no time.

「Ano, the crystals in the 20th box are kind of…..」

Gucci finds it hard to say.

Are they broken?

「Their not but….it’s just that…..cough


「All of them are about animal ecology.」


Animal ecology?

Are they documentation of a zoologist?

I finally got it when Gucci whispered to me.

「They are all videos of males and females doing reproductive activities.」


Do you mean male and female animals? Can you be more specific?

「Humans and elves.」

I see.

Not dogs, cats, or chickens.


All of these?

「Yes, all of them.」


All six hundred twenty-seven of them?

「All six hundred twenty-seven of them. I will explain the details if you wish. 」

No, there’s no need.

It is already good that we were not heard by the women of the village.


Though I feel bad for 20th, I will have all of those disposed of as dangerous goods.

「This format has a lot of enthusiasts so there’s a possibility that a shooting tool compatible with it still exists. We can just erase the video records in the crystals. 」

You can do that?

「Since it is recorded using magic, the content can be erased if you hit it with strong magical power. However, these kinds of images have strangely strong protection so it would be helpful if you could give us a little time to erase them all. 」

I understand.

I’ll leave them to you.

If something happens, don’t hesitate to break them all.

「Haha 」

Gucci politely bowed to me and went to Dors and Raimeiren.

I’ll leave the explanation to you.

And Bell.

It seems like you already knew the contents….I understand.

I’ll be silent too if it were me.


Now, let’s move on to the next box.

I opened the 22nd box.



I already knew it but I’m still a little disappointed.

It had content when it was being transported but was surprised when they fell that it accidentally opened its lid and all the contents were thrown away.

It’s okay.

Don’t be depressed.

You’ve been guilt-ridden for a long time, haven’t you?

You don’t have to worry about it.

I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.


Now, the last one.


Inside are….

A lot of magic tools.

There are so many things that we don’t even know what they are used for.

This also included Dors and Raimeiren who are checking them out with me.

Maa, I don’t think there’s a problem with them….


Dors and Raimeiren, what’s with that expression?

You want to call Gucci about something?

 You want one, two, or three things….ah, that’s quite a few.

Ah, I don’t mind.

I won’t tell anyone.

I also don’t need compensation.

Just hide them before Loo and the others see them.

Yeah, nice doing business with you.


A bunch of keys?

What are these keys for?

“Those are our keys.”

Right, there are fifteen of them.


You weren’t locked?

Won’t the items inside you get robbed?

“That’s a common practice during that time.”

Is that so?

Maa, so, they might be common household appliances like refrigerators or vacuum cleaners?


In any case, checking the contents of these boxes is finished.

The previous owner might be a magic researcher or engineer on the move.

Let’s talk about that some other time…..

I’m just curious about the contents of the 1st box.

Why is a big box like that only contains one book?

The magic book was big but there’s no way it can occupy all of the space in the box.

There’s a lot of space inside it.

Could it be…..

Were you like 22nd? Your contents were thrown around when you fell?

“Nothing like that happened but there is a reason for me being almost empty.”

What is it?

“Along with the magic book, I’m supposed to have a doll inside me.”


“Yes, a doll desu. I don’t know the details but it is a doll made with magic.”

There was a doll made with magic inside you?

What happened to it?

“It left me without permission.”


“At that time, I asked it to gather us all but that doll ignored me. I won’t forgive it!”

No, well, if we hadn’t had a conversation, I would have ignored you too…..

Did the doll leave shortly after you fell?

“I’m sorry. I’m uncertain of the passage of time. We only can ascertain what time it is when we are fully open…..”

There’s also that issue that it was from a very long time ago.

If the doll is still wandering around, maybe I should pick it up too but that seems to be impossible.


Side story 1.

「About two thousand years ago, I was told by my father about an incident involving a doll rampaging indiscriminately….」

Dors muttered.


Side story 2.

「Video recordings of animals doing some reproductive activities. 」

Versa was next to Gucci.

「I’m not lying.」

「I know you’re not lying. I just wanted to see some of them for character reference.」

「……..p-please tell me how much of them do you need.」

「I only want to check them out before you delete them. As material of course.」

「….B-but these are not mine so I can’t grant you that request desu.」

「Ara, is that so?」

「Y-yes. But if you can help me with my task of deleting their content, you might be able to watch some of them while working.」


「However, this and that are forbidden.」

「It’s alright. I have copies of those series.」


「I can only get some character reference from those I don’t have, right?」

「…..Versa-sama, I also wish to negotiate something with you, can you please leave? No, can you please not waste my time? 」

「I-I understand so stop releasing magical power. It’s scary. 」


Box content: Summary

1 – Magic book on how to make a flying carpet

2 – Withered Herb(Full)

3 – Alchemy tools(Full)

4 – Cloth(Full)

5 – Sand in Jars(moderate number)

7 – Folding furniture (Few pieces)

10 – Astronomical telescope

12 – Magic Wand(30)

15 – Daily necessities and clothes

17 – Books(reading)(moderate number)

18 – Mineral bars(Moderate number)

20 – Crystal(Type B) that contains recording(627)

21 – Crystal(TypeC) that can be recorded to(53) and shooting tool(Type C)

22 – Air from 2500 years ago

4051 – Magic tools (household appliances during those time) + keys of the boxes


Type A – Irre’s camera format

Type B – Only crystals are discovered

Type C – A shooting tool along with crystals are discovered

Please think that Type A, Type B, and Type C are consoles like P〇 5, X-B〇x 1, and Sw〇tch.

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