Chapter 663 – Job Hunting of the Boxes

Fifteen boxes were taken to the village.

The following are their characteristics:

1. They have an ego.

Each box has its own will.

And given the result of the conversation with them, they seem to be quite clever.

2. They can store things.

Obviously. They are boxes after all.

You can store what can fit inside them.

Their short side is around 1 meter and their long side is around 1.6 meters?

Their height is around 80 cm including their lids.

It is not possible to store things larger than the size of the box.

3. They can preserve what’s stored in them.

It seems like whatever’s inside them won’t deteriorate that much.

I think they are similar to vacuum preservation.

That might also be the reason why they can’t store living things. If you put something alive inside, the preservation function won’t work. They will be similar to an ordinary box.

That’s nice since it means they are safe even if children or animals got inside by mistake.

4. They can sort the items stored in them.

The boxes can freely rearrange the things inside them but the lid must be closed first.

That time, I’m again amazed by magic since it is physically impossible to separate the sand.

Ah, that box is amazing.

Excuse me.

5. They can automatically open or close themselves.

They can freely open and close the lids and they can also open or close their locks.

If you attach a bell on the lid, they can even call our attention.


Are those all?

I guess so. They have individual good at, bad at, works they like, and works they dislike.

Thus, I can’t generalize them and have them work at the same thing.

It would be great to listen to their request.


The next day the boxes arrived.

I had the boxes tour the village.

Even if I ask them what work they want, they don’t even know what work is available for them here.

However, given their size, I had to ask the minotaurs and titans, who are big, to move them around.

Since I can’t talk to them all at the same time, I had them carry a couple of boards with simple “yes” and “no” written on them.

That will be enough for this tour.

If there’s a problem, we’ll just solve it along the way.



What are the mountain elves doing?

A plank with big wheels….a cart?

A cart specially made for the boxes?

Put the box on it and put this plate on the lid?

That’s a mechanism that will make it move forward once the box opens and closes its lid?

Good job.

And it’s fast.


So, how do they turn?

Still being researched?

What about the brakes?

Still being researched?

Maa, the only action they can do is opening or closing their lids.

It will be difficult to turn or brake because of that?

I see.

And last question, what are you going to say with that box that just hit the wall?

「We should have installed cushioning bumper.」

Apologize properly.


Three days later.

The village tour of the boxes ended without any problem according to them.

It took them three days since they were more curious than expected.

 And now, I’m going to conduct my planned job interview…

But there were already boxes who had chosen their workplace.

Like 17th.

It said it wanted to focus on translation work so it decided to work with the civil servant girls.

Next are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 20th boxes.

These four boxes will work in the kitchen.

The oni maids, who are in charge of the kitchen, were initially reluctant to put the boxes there but they changed their mind when the boxes showed their abilities.

“We can sieve any powders such as flour perfectly without leaving any lumps.”

“We can also perfectly stir anything,”

“We can also hand over cooking utensils and ingredients according to the cooking procedure.

“We can also keep the food stored in us warm desu.”

The oni maids have already welcomed these four boxes as their kitchen buddies.

I heard that it is impossible for them to hand over these boxes to anyone.

10th was placed in Loo’s lab in response to Loo’s request.

Thinking about it, having someone manage things in the lab, like the magic tools, would be a great help to the researcher.

Tier and Flora are also asking 10th to do a lot of things?

I don’t really mind, just don’t ask it to do anything unreasonable.

21st will go to Village Two.

While it was being carried by the minotaur, it heard stories about Village Two and said that it wanted to work there.

The same thing happened with 22nd. It was carried by a titan and heard stories about the north dungeon from the titan so it decided to work there.

The titans were very reluctant but I gave them permission.

It is important to follow the wishes of the boxes.

12th wants to be installed in Big Tree Dungeon.

It wants to help keeping bean sprouts and mushrooms.

I’m not against it since I heard that what will be stored inside them is important for the boxes.

No problem, you have my permission.


Those who haven’t decided yet are 1st, 2nd, 7th, 15th, 18th, and 4051st.

Ah, it looks like 18th has decided to go with Versa.

Are you interested in the literary works in Village Five?

Not really but…..ah, ehto….you like what Versa writes?

I don’t really care if that’s what you want.


You want to go with the mountain elves?

Didn’t you see how 2nd hit the wall?

Are you sure?

The mountain elves are fine with it so let them be.

4051st will now work with the mountain elves.

Now, only 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 15th are left.

Alright, these are the places that want you.

Village One, Village Three, and the lamia’s south dungeon.

Since 21st is already at Village Two, I would not go against Village One and Village Three getting their own boxes….

2nd and 7th.

Can you go?

Alright, please do your job well there.

2nd will go to Village One.

7th will go to Village Three.

And 15th.

Can you go to the south dungeon?

Got it.

I’ll tell them to treat you with care.

Good luck to you.


The only one that remained is 1st.

I know.

I’ll put you in the hall of my mansion.

For now, you’ll be the storage of children’s toys but if you want something else, just let me know.


Box workplace:

1 – Big Tree Mansion Hall

2 – Village One

3 – Big Tree Village’s kitchen

4 – Big Tree Village’s kitchen

5 – Big Tree Village’s kitchen

7 – Village Three

10 – Big Tree Village, Loo’s lab

12 – Big Tree Dungeon

15 – South Dungeon

17 – Big Tree Village, Civil servant girls

18 – Village Five, Versa

20 – Big Tree Village’s kitchen

21 – Village Two

22 – North Dungeon

4051 – Big Tree Village, Mountain elves

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