Chapter 664 – Frau’s Group Returns

Kuro remembered his diet.

Last night, Fracia stroked his belly.

He’s fully motivated this morning.

Moreover, he even refused to accompany me. He seems to have reflected on a lot of things.

I can feel his seriousness.

Good luck.

However, I think that if you’re successful with your diet, Fracia will no longer visit you. Are you okay with that?

No, I’m not bending your will to diet.

I’m just cheering you up.

So, kuros, don’t bet behind me.

Moreover, it’s not a simple bet on whether he “can” or “can’t” be successful but how many days it will last.

Kuro is a dog that “can” do it…..excuse me.

Kuro is an inferno wolf that “can” do it.


I’m sad that the most popular bet is half a day.


The mountain elves interacted with 4051st and created a table dedicated for boxes.

When it opens its lid, the table stored inside it will be pushed out in front of the box and once the lid is closed, the table will automatically get inside the box along with what’s on the table.

Until now, we had to peek inside the box to talk. Thanks to this table, we no longer have to peek.

Though there’s a problem with putting something big on the box, it is a great improvement.

Another disadvantage is that the storage amount is reduced a little because of the table but it is still a splendid mechanism.

And, with the request of the oni maids, the highest priority of installation are the four boxes in the kitchen.

Convenience is great after all.

Later, it was found out that the wood placed in the boxes for them to be able to write got easily deteriorated.

Thus, I changed them from shaved firewood to good-looking pebbles.


Frau and the others, who had gone to the royal capital, returned.

It looks like they freshen up quite a bit since everyone’s smiling.

Yuri’s not with them…..

Ah, she still has some work to do so she stayed at the royal capital.

She has it hard.

How was the festival in the royal capital?

Since the noble academy participated, it became flashy?

I see.

I wonder if I should go there for a tour as well.

What about Ursa and Alfred and the others?

Is there a problem?

Did you help them?


They are taking faction management too lightly and it is now full of problems.


Faction management?

It sounds like Ursa’s group formed the largest faction in the school and their control over their faction is almost perfect. However, they are completely ignoring the hostile and neutral factions.

Even if the other party is hostile, there should still be contact.


Sure it is.

It is because they are hostile that contact is necessary.

 Otherwise, they’ll be cornered and war will immediately break no matter how small a conflict is.

Even if it is only a simple misunderstanding or a mistake, no one will care.

「When they were still in the village, I taught them about it but….apparently, they have left it to Tiselle.」

Did Ursa and Alfred forget about what you taught and just strengthen their own faction?

Though they were already taught about it, they haven’t done it. They are still children so I guess they are still rough in some areas.

They probably remember it later, right?

But, they are taking it lightly?

「Yes, however, the hostile and neutral factions are also doing the same. Because of that, Yuri-sama led a talk with each other party. That became the start of their contact with each other. The rest is to maintain it but….I asked Metora-san to cooperate to remind them.」


Asa and Earth are not included?

「Because only Metora-san is there.」


Where did the other two go?

And by the way, what happened to Tiselle?

Given your school story, she seems to be not going to school?

「Tiselle has her hands full in playing with companies in the royal capital. She perfectly handles both hostile and neutral forces and of course, her own faction as well. She’s way better than me.」


「Asa-san and Earth-san are helping out Tiselle. Strictly speaking, Asa-san is Tiselle’s butler. Earth-san is managing the intelligence gathering unit while managing a café. It seems like he’s also cooperating with the intelligence agency under Randan-sama.」

Eh heh.

They are all doing well.

That’s what I decided.


I told them what happened while they were away.

The biggest thing is probably the discovery of the boxes.

They were surprised by that but they were not when I told them about the magic carpet.

Well, Beezel has one.

In the whole kingdom, it seems like there are other tools with ego.

They were delighted that there are many crystals with videos on them.

However, when they tried to play one, the language seemed to be from a long time ago. I enjoyed it but Frau and the others didn’t understand it.

In order to enjoy the story, it seems like translation and dubbing are necessary.

Let’s find something with few characters.



Frau and the civil servant girls participated in the stargazing using the astronomical telescope.

Since we’re doing it almost every day, the number of participants each time is dwindling. However, some of the children are participating every day?

Do you want to be astronomers in the future?

Frau and the civil servant girls looked at the telescope and became excited….

「Rather than the stars, won’t using this to view distant places better?」

「I agree. If you install one in a military facility, you can detect the movement of the enemy.」

「The structure seems to be simple so if we can produce lens, won’t we be able to mass-produce it?」

Hold your horses ladies. Don’t talk about something strange while stargazing.

Fracia also participated in star gazing but she didn’t use the astronomical telescope.

Are you already tired of it?

It is better to look at the sky with your own eyes?


You are more adult-like than me.


After our stargazing, we returned to my mansion. Kuro drank and slept.

He’s tired from exercising. I feel like he won’t be able to stand it so I gave him alcohol when he took a bath to freshen him up.

You did well.

Ah, Fracia went to stroke his stomach.


Yeah, do your best tomorrow again.

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