Chapter 665 – Graduate’s Visit

My name is Dresden.

Dresden Dresden.

Daughter of the glorious Dresden family.


Yeah, I know.

Dresden is not a girl’s name no matter who you ask.

My father was excited about his first daughter so he mispronounced my name.

It would be good if he admitted his mistake and corrected it but he strangely took pride in it. Because of that, I only talk with him about once or twice a year.

It’s not because we have a bad relationship.

However, I would like him to apologize to me.

Unfortunately, since I’m a student of the noble academy, I live in the school. I only return home during winter and I can only meet my father if he’s not dispatched somewhere desu.

Maa, even if I meet him, if he calls me Dresden, I’ll hit him.

Currently, my parents, my little sister, and my friends call me Irish.

However, in front of someone with high social standing, I’m Dresden Dresden.

With such a sad fate, I’ve been staying at the noble academy for quite some time desu.


The school is preparing to participate in the festival of the royal capital which will be held soon so everyone’s kind of full of energy.

Maybe that’s why I’m a little wary.

A group of about 20 people is by the main gate at the south of the school.

Since the guards let them pass through, they shouldn’t be suspicious people.

However, their thug-like appearance is not suitable for the noble academy desu.

Why didn’t the guards stop them? Doesn’t the school have a clothing policy?


I guess it doesn’t.

Some nobles look wacky and there are even races that are all naked.

If they do something about clothes, there might even be a war desu.

But, that group of men is clearly a group of delinqu….hnn?

They are not men?

They are women who dress up as men desu ne.

They can’t completely cover their chest.

No, did they even try to hide them?

Then why are they her……

I was horrified.

This is bad.

I need to ask for help.

The new students nearby probably don’t even know what’s happening.

Only students who have stayed at the school for at least ten years knew about this.

How about the teachers….

That won’t work desu.

They are new ones too.

I don’t know what to do.

But I have to do something.

This is an emergency desu.

I used magic to get in touch with my friends.

However, their reply sent me into despair.

「Sorry, I’m not at the kingdom right now. I’m shopping. I can’t go back yet.」

「Cooking. I can’t leave.」

「I’m currently in the north forest. I’ll be back soon…..Uwa, sorry, I just encountered a monster. I’ll call you later.」


The group dressed as men had already lined up side by side and posed.

Can I oppose them alone?

Impossible desu.


It can’t be helped.

I catch a young student nearby and order her:

「What faction are you from? If your leader is around or if other members are nearby, tell them to come to the main gate!」


Fortunately, the leader of their faction seemed to be nearby desu.

She brought around 50 others.

Not bad.

I ask for your cooperation.

We are from different factions but this is a problem the whole school must face desu.

With that in mind, let’s help each other.

I will explain to you the details later so please move according to my instructions for now.

「What should we do?」

Great. It’s good that I’m with someone who looks at the big picture.

This won’t be hard.

First of all, we have to form a formation.

Form three columns.

Once a person makes a mistake he’s out.

Be prepared for that.

This is bad, the march of the group dressed as men started.

They are doing the snap walk.

You’ll know it by looking.

And you’ll understand if you listen.

You need a considerable degree of practice to do that desu.

Rhythm, timing….kuh.

They are certainly members of high social status families.


The one in the middle, isn’t she the royal princess, Yuri-sama?

Next to her is Fraurem-sama?

Aren’t they the members of the “worst generation” from years ago?

Can we even compete with them?

No, timidity is forbidden.

We have to respond.

First, spread out to the side…..

No, my instructions won’t make it in time.

「 Three-row squadron! The distance with each other will be two people apart! The others behind will be at the same distance!」

When the leader of the faction gave that instruction, they immediately formed three neat rows.

Amazing desu ne.


I should have asked her name first.

「I’m Dresden Dresden. Daughter of Count Dresden desu. My friends call me Irish. What about you?」

「Ursa, Ursa Machio. Daughter of the village chief of Village Five.」


What a big shot desu.

No, I’ll postpone my surprise.

「The group over there are graduates of our school desu. I guess they came here to check the quality of the current students.」

One of Yuri-sama’s gang members comes forward.

And she performed a high-class greeting.

Anyone who saw her couldn’t help but think that she’s wearing a dress.

Ah, I almost got mesmerized.

「Please have everyone respond to her greeting. If you are not confident, imitate me. 」

「I’m fine but….what’s happening? 」

Manners check desu. From now on, they will begin to check if we can properly respond to whatever they are going to do desu. Those who’ll fail must leave the line.」

The person who fails will be released by the next person from the column.

「If it’s only at that level, no one will fail. 」

「That’s only the basics. The last stage will be at maniac level. Don’t let your guard down. 」

「Understood. By the way, can I ask you a question? 」

「What is it? 」

「Why are they dressed like that? 」

「If they do this in their noble daughter’s clothes, it means their parents are involved. Also, if they fail, it will put their family in shame.」

「I see. Also, I know someone over there, no, I know everyone.」

「Ah, Yuri-sama is working in Village Five…..pretend you don’t know her and continue. Also, can I have you deal with her in case we got annihilated?」

「Is there a penalty?」

「You know her, right? Do you think she’ll punish us?」


「Let’s do our best.」


We worked hard.

Ursa-san, don’t try to escape because you made a mistake.

You can still be a substitute so stay until the end.

We have second and even third chance desu.

See, you’ve even been nominated.

It means you have to perform solo.

Do your best.


Fraurem-sama nominated me?

It’s because I called myself Irish and not Dresden.


I was eliminated once and stayed until the end.

As for Ursa-san’s group…..they were annihilated.


Graduates: Fight!  → Current Students: Refuse → Current students will be punished(Nobles don’t run away!)

Graduates: Fight!  → Current Students: Respond → Current students annihilated →  Current students will be punished(Don’t forget etiquette!)

Graduates: Fight!  → Current Students: Respond → Current students survived →  Current students that were eliminated will be punished(Don’t make mistakes!)

Of course, it is shameful if you fail so the current students are under pressure.

As for the graduates, being eliminated will be enough to blush in shame.

There is also the risk of the graduates losing because teachers can join the current students’ side.

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