Chapter 666 – New Student’s Reception

I’m a student of the noble academy desu.

Please excuse my name.

Yes, I’m not important enough to tell my name.

I’m a very ordinary noble daughter born from a very ordinary noble house.

Thus, there’s no need for me to say my name.

Yes, please leave it be.

I won’t stand out at the school and will spend my time in it normally.


Or so I thought, but what is happening?

A strange student…, it all started when an old student called me and asked me to call the leader of our faction.

Moreover, she asked me to bring a lot of our members.

Normally, I won’t respond to that kind of suspicious request but the atmosphere is not normal.

So, I left and looked for Alfred-sama, the leader of our faction. However, Alfred-sama is preparing for the upcoming festival so he’s not around. Good thing that the number two of our faction, Ursa-sama, was there.

When I told the request to Ursa-sama, she thought a little then gathered people from our faction.

Is it really necessary to gather this many while we’re preparing for the upcoming festival?

No, Ursa-sama rarely makes mistakes.

I believe what she’s doing is the best thing to do.

When Ursa-sama gathered around 50 people, we headed to the place where the old student was.

Of course, I’m also with them.


And a mysterious dance was performed in front of us.

What are they doing?


Into three columns?

We can do that but….why should we follow your order?

I will only follow since Ursa-sama ordered us too.


This is a manner check by the graduates?

You mean, that group dressed as men are graduates of this school?


That’s what I would like to think but the royal princess-sama is with that group in men’s clothes.

There’s no doubt that they are graduates of this school.

This means this exchange between that group in men’s clothes and us is definitely a manner check.

I see.

Let’s follow instructions for now.

All we have to do is to return the greeting that suits the subject the other party put out, right?

If it is only that, we can do it without any problem.

It is normal for us since we are nobles.


We noticed something strange as we continued.

Even if they are dressed as men, the way they do things makes us think that they are wearing formal dress for women.

They will show us a scenario in detail by gestures so it shouldn’t be so difficult.

After them, it will be our turn to think of a scenario.

I see.

I understand the rules.

Or so I thought. I suddenly understood the scenario.

What’s that?

That move.

「Ei, wait a little. It’s still hot.」

What is she talking about?

I’m confused.

But I won’t panic.

Nobles don’t panic.

I calmly recall their previous movements and analyze them.

That movement.

I faintly recall something.

Where was it….?

I suddenly recalled a delicious smell…..


That’s how the owner moved when I visited the ramen street in Village Five!

Since I remember that much, I finally understood the subject.

The other party served ramen in front of me.

How do I eat it?

Drink the soup? Eat the noodles? Or eat the other ingredients first?

Given the movement, I think that they shouldn’t have served us a large serving so I shouldn’t start with the noodles…..

That’s not it.

That is the trick problem desu.

That’s dangerous.

Fortunately, I know someone who likes ramen.

I was invited by that person and that’s how I went to the ramen street of Village Five.

And that person also taught me.

「You can eat ramen as you like.」

In other words, the current manner here is…..

Put your hands together in front of your chest and chant “itadaki masu”.

If you have long hair, tie your hair before putting your hands together.

How is it?


Great, I’m correct!

I survived!


That’s how the match-up with the graduates took place.

Maa, the only reason I managed to survive until the end was because I’m taking classes properly.

Also, I think that my experience of going to Village Five and Shashaato City helped me a lot.

I’m really thankful to the teleportation gates that made Village Five and Shashaato City very accessible.

By the way, Ursa-sama, you knew that group of graduates personally, right?


Why did you fail?

Ah, no, I think it’s natural that you don’t know how to greet a high-ranking prisoner of war on the battlefield.

My father works in the army so I kind of hear stories from him….

You’re not paying attention when you were taught of that?

I see.

Sorry, I can’t help you.

Please get scolded on your own.

I’m busy preparing a banquet to welcome the graduates.

Though we were already busy since we’re preparing for the festival, I heard that we could get support from the parents of the graduates so the welcoming banquet for the graduates is very important desu.

I can’t let this chance slip out of my hands.

And principal.

We appreciate your participation in the manner check.

Your counter-offensive part was truly impressive.

You were able to eliminate two graduates with your attack.

I appreciate your help but if you want to attend the banquet, please help.

Yes, in this place, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher or a student.

I glanced at those who are assigned to peel potatoes or more specifically, demon king-sama and royal princess-sama, in the corner of the kitchen.

I feel like the two of them are strangely used to it but maybe I’m just thinking too much.

Maa, I guess it is better than not knowing what to do desu.

Ah, principal, I’m not asking you to peel potatoes but carry the cooked dishes on the table.

No, you don’t need to show your cooking skills.

I’m just sending people to where there’s a need for them.


You don’t have to ask my name.

I’m just a student.


New Student: I don’t know the rules.

Old Student: Get used to it.

New Student: I don’t understand.

Old Student: You don’t have to, just feel it.

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