Chapter 667 – Village’s Daily Life

Kuro left.

It seems like he’s serious about dieting.

This time, he went to the hot spring area using the teleportation gate and planned to go back to Big Tree Village by walking from there.

He will need to hunt for his own food.

I wonder if he’ll succeed in dieting this time.

Maa, I’m kind of worried about him meeting something dangerous…..but since it is Kuro, I’m sure he won’t start a battle with something dangerous.

I trust him.


By the way, Ann.

It’s unusual for you to participate in the kuros’ gambling.

I thought you’re not interested in gambling.

「It’s because victory and defeat have already been decided so this is basically not gambling.」


Are you so certain that he’ll fail?


Is he really that hopeless?

But I think he’s very motivated this time.

I’m sure he is.

He stopped by the kitchen before he left.


「And brought miso.」


The seasoning?

「Yes. One small barrel.」

Ehto, there’s a possibility that he brought miso as a preservative for the preys he hunted along the way, right?

「Do you really think so?」


Kuro can conjure fire and water using magic.

He also knows how to grill something using rocks and I can also imagine him digging a hole, pouring water, ingredients, miso, and the hot rock to cook.


You’re just using diet as an excuse. You only want to spend some time alone.

That’s sly.

You should have taken me with you.

Anyway, I’ll bet on your failure as well.


The kuros grow fast.

They’ll be as big as adults in no time.

However, even if their bodies grow up, they are still pups inside. They can’t suppress their playfulness and they don’t have self-control.

Thus, young kuros are easy to discern.


When an oni maid was walking with a laundry basket, a kuro suddenly jumped towards her.

It looks like it planned to surprise the oni maid.

However, the oni maid is already used to it. She crouched a little and leaned her body to the side while holding the basket full of laundry.

The oni maid then caught the kuro on its waist and threw it on the side making the kuro roll.

The kuro, who did not suffer any damage even though it rolled a few times, thought that it’s a new kind of game. When it was about to rechallenge the oni maid, the oni maid talked….


The kuro stopped moving and sat obediently.

「You should have been taught that you shouldn’t charge at me when I have laundry. You won’t be given dinner.」

It was upset but looked kind of funny.

It looks around to ask for help to get out of trouble.

Ah, it found me and dashed to me with all its might.

It came to me and whined and whined in order to get my help.

I’ll try but I can’t promise anything.


I was able to reduce its no dinner punishment to raw meat dinner.

Forgive my incompetence.

You can grill it yourself but do that outside.

If you do it inside the house, it will start a fire.

And doing mischief is not good.

Though I think it can’t be helped since you’re still young.

Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, and Kuroyon were all mischievous.

Yeah, they often charged at me from behind while I was working.

I think Kuroichi was the most mischievous one.

The children say Kuroichi is the calm type. As for me, I can’t forget his puphood image that easily.

He was curious and naughty.

Ah, Kuroichi is looking over here so let’s end the story.

I hope you’ll reflect.


The loud meow of the anenekos echoed in the mansion.

It was their usual loud cry of anger.

I guess something angered them again.

When I looked in the direction of the loud meow to check what’s the problem, I saw the flying phoenix chick, Aegis.

And when it saw it, it looked relieved and landed on the top of my head.


You’re the reason?

Before Aegis replies, Miel, one of the anenekos, comes.

I can tell just by looking at her.

She’s so angry.

It doesn’t matter what I say. It is saying with its stare to hand over Aegis who’s standing on my head.

Ah, yeah, this is bad.

I understand that Aegis did something but I won’t hand over Aegis when you’re like that.

I want to know why.

What did Aegis do?


Miel guided us to the place where the incident happened and it was Sougetsu’s room.

Rael, Uel, and Gael are there.

Looking at them, it looks like they are comforting Sougetsu who’s lying down.

What did Aegis do to Sougetsu?

Miel pointed out Sougetsu’s thigh.


Some of the furs on Sougetsu’s thigh were gone and his skin was visible.


Given the amount of fur gone, I guess Aegis was sleeping there.

While sleeping, Aegis suddenly burns.

Have you already applied medicine on Sougetsu’s burn?

It seems like not yet since the eagle has just arrived with a leaf of the world tree on its beak.

For now, let’s treat Sougetsu using the leaf of the world tree.

However, it doesn’t seem like Sougetsu’s skin was burned.

Will his fur…..heal using the leaf of the world tree?

Let’s try.

Also, Aegis, apologize to Sougetsu.

It’s good that you know that you’re wrong.

Miel and the others won’t forgive him with just that but at least they will not retaliate using violence.

Ban Aegis from getting in contact with Sougetsu?

Alright. Aegis is banned from getting in contact with him until next spring.

Of course, he’s also prohibited from entering Sougetsu’s room.


Too light?

You request an indefinite ban?

I know how you feel but Sougetsu himself did not wish for it, why are you even asking for it?

I didn’t even think of that when you caused trouble.

Should I punish you with an indefinite ban on getting in contact with Sougetsu as well to be fair?

Maa, it is best to not do it….


I’m glad you understand.

Then, I will give my punishment to Aegis.

Yeah, Aegis needs to be punished.

This is a wake-up call.

This time, only Sougetsu was affected but you could start a fire.

I can no longer overlook it.

If you can’t control it properly, I won’t let you live in the mansion.

He’s desperately apologizing so I guess that’s enough. I’ll leave his guidance to the eagle.

As punishment, I’ll have you heat bath bathwater this summer.

I’m not asking you to heat it all the time.

Only when one will use it and it should be at the temperature which a person can enjoy.

I don’t know how you’ll do it but I think it’s a good training method for you so accept it.



Aegis is really reflecting since he’s seriously warming hot water for the bath.

Maa, the days where the bathwater is a little hotter will continue but…..let’s endure it.

While the summer night breeze hits me, I feel lonely since Kuro, who has always been by my side, is not here.

Ah, I’ll give you Kuro’s share of pat, Yuki.


Since Kuro’s not here, Yuki is behaving like a baby.

Okay okay.

If Kuro’s diet fails, let’s laugh at him.


Demon King: Did that inferno wolf just got thrashed by a maid?

Beezel: I’ve decided that I never saw that.

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