Chapter 668 – Movie Theater

With the help of Ria and the high elves, a large building was built at the foot of Village Five.

Inside the building is a space with hundreds of chairs that are laid out where the ones sitting would be comfortable.

The space is around 3 story high. The balconies the second and third floor are proof of this.

It’s like an opera house.

And there’s a big screen before it.

In other words, this building is a movie theater.

When I said I wanted to set up the necessary facility that will make everyone able to watch the story contained in the crystal, this place was built.

However, this movie theater has an unnatural dug area in front of the screen.

It’s an important place.

The story contained in the crystal uses old language so it needs to be translated into the present language in order to be enjoyed by modern watchers.

Subtitles are rejected because not everyone can read.

There will be someone dubbing while the video is being played.

For me, it will be enough for someone or a man and a woman who’ll dub the characters depending on which gender is talking but the civil servant girls insist that the number of voice actors and actresses must be the same as the number of characters.

Thus, we gather theater actors and people with good voices to an audition and pick the most appropriate voices for each character.

And of course, they need a place for them where they can speak their lines.

That’s why an area in front of the screen was dug.

And they are facing the audience.

They can’t see the screen.

They train in advance to remember the timing.

Is that alright?

If it is not arranged that way, there will be a problem with the voice volume.

The only thing that can be done is to have a magic user assist them to make their voice reach all parts of the theater.

Maa, since the actors and actresses are motivated, let’s just support them.

However, let’s choose a video with few characters.

Translating is hard after all.


Since the number of seats in the movie theater is limited, we also made a waiting room for watchers but we did not prepare a space for food and drinks.

We don’t even know if people would like this crystal story.

After waiting for their review, we’ll ask what kind of food and drinks they would like to have while watching.

I personally think that popcorn and drinks are what should be served but I won’t force them since this is technically not a movie.

I also want to choose depending on the taste of the watchers.


The premier performance of the movie theater.

The audiences are villagers of Big Tree Village, including me, and representatives of Village Five that Youko has chosen.

In addition, there’s also the demon king, Yuri, and the school principal.

Principal, why are you here?

Aren’t you busy with your job?

It should be okay since there are short-range teleportation gates.

If you say so.

Let’s play the video.


It is a boy meets girl video.

Even though I said that, it is not much of a love story.

The story is about a boy and a girl who unexpectedly met and deepened their relationship while experiencing something mysterious.

The boy and the girl were separated but in the end, they are surprisingly reunited in the last scene.

Though I did not watch all the crystal videos, I’m the one who chose this to be played.

That’s the reason why I participated in this premiere performance since I’m worried about how others would react….

The dubbing was good.

They also managed to completely cover the sound.

Also, did you prepare an orchestra?

Or rather, the original video contains audio and BGM but the BGM was also cut down in order to not get in the way of the performance and the orchestra was prepared to compensate for it.

It’s a simple video but it’s not bad.

Though I’m watching on a big screen, I’m kind of overwhelmed by the power of voice and music.

I think it’s not bad but I’m only talking for myself.

How about others?


Don’t only mutter.

How will I be able to tell if it is bad or good in your opinion….


It was decided that the second showing will be performed immediately which is one hour later.

Most people who watched with me will be watching the second showing so I guess they liked it.


You didn’t know where to look when you watched it for the first time?

I see, unlike theatrical acts, the scene will change instantaneously which they are not used to.

Maa, take your time to get used to it.


A few days later.

「Please translate another title as soon as possible.」

The civil servant girls told me that.

It seems like the movie was very popular.

The movie theater is crowded with people who have heard rumors.

If that is the case, I’ll cooperate with one more video.

For the succeeding videos, I’ll transfer my translation work to the boxes.

Ah, go ahead and start the planned food and beverages for the movie theater.

We’ll surely sell a lot.


Kuro is back.

It took him 10 days to return.

Kuro was thin, which is completely different from everyone’s expectations.

His fearlessness is very unKuro-like.

Yuki even looked at him twice.

I was surprised too.

And I’m sorry that I expected you would fail.

Looks like you worked hard.

When I heard that you brought miso, I thought you’re done for……..


What is it?

Kuro came in front of me…..I petted him with all my heart.


……the only time you had fun alone was the first day and you’ve been lonely after that.

But if you came back immediately, you thought you’d be made fun of so you worked hard.

I-I see.

Okay okay.

You did well.

Maa, don’t forget that you should only eat and drink moderately and you should exercise too.

I want to pamper you but Ann will be angry if you stay dirty so go and take a bath.

Ah, it’s a little hot but…..what’s wrong, Ann?

I petted the dirty Kuro so I’m dirty myself and I should take a bath too.

Got it.

Let’s take a bath together, Kuro.

Let’s go.

And Fracia.

Kuro is the one in front of you.

Don’t look for him.


Village Chief: Won’t it be okay if we get a katsudo benshi(person who narrates a silent movie in a funny way)?

Civil Servant Girls: There’s no way we can find a person like that.


Village Chief: This time…will it be a story? Or a documentary?

Civil Servant Girls: Aren’t they the same?


Ann: The bet…..I lost… way (Character collapsed)

Gran Maria: Yes Yes yes yes!

Kuudel: Gran Maria won the gamble.

Village Chief: Here’s my bet, one fried shrimp. I’ll give it to Gran Maria.

Loo: Here’s my fried chicken, Gran Maria.

Tier: M-my burger is here, Gran Maria…..I won’t bet my main dish again….

Corone: Tier-sama, that’s the most popular thing to gamble, you know.

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