Chapter 669 – Preparations for the Cultural Bomb

The movie theater in Village Five is pretty popular.

Along with that are problems.

The number one problem is the number of seats.

The customers even requested to put more seats on the floor excluding the balconies.

Right, if we pack the floor up, we can increase the number of seats.

However, we have to consider race in arranging seats.

What if a minotaur sits in the front row?

The person behind him will definitely be troubled.

However, the tall races resisted being only able to sit on the edge.

Thus, the seats stay as they are.


The next problem is food and drinks.

Aside from accidental spilling, drinks have no other problem.

The main problem is food.

We had prepared dishes that could be eaten as silent as possible and as no smell as possible but during a performance, there were many requests that we should stop that food ban.

However, one time, when a voice actor was stimulated by the smell of food from the audience, his stomach rumbled loudly. Since then, we have banned strong-smelling food.

The sound of his stomach….it seems like, that too, was loudened by magic.

We have to prevent that from happening again but we also want everyone to enjoy watching movies.

To address the problem, we have everyone eat and drink in the waiting room by serving more kinds of foods and drinks.

Since they are only in the waiting room, there’s no need to worry about sound or smell.

However, since they will enter the movie theater after that, we avoided serving strong-smelling food like curry and garlic dishes.


Aside from those, we only need to take care of the health of the voice actors and actresses.

The inhabitants of this world won’t easily catch a cold but there were three of them who went for a drink after their tense performance. The next day, they all have hoarse voices.

One of the film’s fans approached one of them by dashing and that person’s leg was injured after the collision.

There are also many people who have sore throats from practicing too much.


We prepared substitutes but there’s a limit on how much we can use them.

Just changing one voice actor or actress with a substitute will make the fans of the film angry.

It is normal for stage actors or actresses to be replaced but when it comes to movies, the fans are unusually angry.

The movie is still the same but it seems like there is a strong sense of incongruity if the voice is changed.

Is this the current problem of the movie industry?

Should we focus on the original style?

For now, I hired some managers to take care of them.

Managers and not managers since they have to look over several people rather than one person. That’s the only thing I can do with our current situation.

Please make sure they’re okay.


About the movies, I asked Irre’s group if there’s something they could do.

Presently, it is impossible to start a movie without a person in charge of the video crystal, the voice actors and actresses, and the musicians.

Is there a way where we can overwrite the voice and sounds in the crystal?

「It is impossible to overwrite anything in a video crystal.」

It seems like the world is not that sweet.

Asking Irre the detail, it seems like if you try to overwrite the content of the crystal, it will only show a pitch-black image in the end.

As for the cause, interference of magic and magical power.

And so, it is impossible to overwrite anything.

I thought there was nothing we could do but he suggested an alternative solution.

Though a crystal’s content can’t be overwritten, we can record audio.

He suggested that we record the sounds according to the timing of the video.

I think that’s not a bad idea.

However, there’s also a problem with that.

To record and play audio, you need the equipment that Irre has.

He needs to use them when his broadcasting department is working so it is basically their exclusive equipment.

It would be okay to borrow it from them once or twice but we can’t take it from them.

I also won’t ask something that unreasonable.

Currently, we are using the camera from the box but that camera. That camera can be used to shoot images and audio but that’s the only camera we can use that’s compatible with the crystal with videos.

I need another camera.

And crystals for recording.

If only we have the technology to record on the crystal where the story is stored.

If we try doing it, the only thing that will happen is us ruining the content.



Or so I thought until a messiah appeared.

It was Versa, ancestor-san’s wife.

「I have complete sets of equipment including crystals at home.」

And so, we went to Versa’s house and secured six cameras and a lot of crystals.

It seems like around half of the crystals already contained something….Gucci, who appeared out of nowhere, checked the contents.

The crystals with story were quarantined.


Not even one left?

That’s kind of amazing.


Versa, I’m not really praising you.


We now have crystals with no content.

There were no crystals with video left.

Even so, there’s still a lot of unused crystals.

That alone made me happy but something made me happier.

Playback machines.

It seems like it is a dedicated magic tool for copying the content of a crystal.

And there are twenty of them.

Thank you.

 However, are you sure you’re going to give them all to us, Versa?

Aren’t these your important collection?

「You don’t have to worry about it. I have secured mine and I will claim my payment properly.」

Of course, I’ll pay for them.


Not money?

Wait wait wait.

I’m not going to cooperate with your hobby.

That’s not it?


Can I pay first?

I’m getting scared.

「I want to start shooting too. I only hope that you can lend me a place where I can film.」

I understand.

Only that huh.

「Limit the audience and there shouldn’t be any victims.」

P-promise that.

Also, don’t bring in anyone reluctant.


Anyway, I’m glad that I now have something that can record audio and video.

Since there are multiple cameras and playback machines, we can even build a second movie theater.

The audience seat problem will be solved with that.


Irre is also pleased with his new equipment.



Since Versa can shoot film, doesn’t that mean that Irre can do it too?

That means we can make our own movie, right?

Irre and his team seemed to be motivated.

I look forward to the future success of your team.


I’ll give you as much as you like but give me the details first.

It’s money from the village after all.

Also, I’ll consult the civil servant girls before deciding.


That night.

A report came from the civil servant girls.

「In Shashaato City, the Goroun Company is already moving to secure a place for a movie theater.」


I thought I already told you that it is impossible to build more movie theaters.

Did they get information that I got playback machines?

「No, I think they thought that village chief will be able to do something about it.」

I’m kind of worried about that excessive expectation.

「Also, Tiselle-sama from the royal capital sent a message about sending people there that knows how to build a movie theater. It looks like she already secured a site.」

That’s too early.



From Tiselle?

Not from the Dalfon Company?

Did she hear about the movie theater from the principal?

Didn’t she hear the information that it’s not possible to build more movie theaters?

It’s good that Versa cooperated or else, the money she used to secure the location will be wasted.

I’ll write her a letter.

Of course, it’s my compliment on how she secured land quickly.

Ah, she also sent a detailed construction budget and distribution of earnings.

Did Tiselle arrange this?

No, I think she asked Asa or Earth or even the Dalfon Company to do it for her.

She seems to be studying well……

She’s studying, right?

Father is worried desu.


Tiselle: Movie theater? My father made it….I see, go and secure a site, no, three sites. Do it fast.

Ridley: Eh? But, according to the information, no other movie theater can be built.

Tiselle: We’re talking about my father so he’ll surely do something about it. After securing land in the royal capital, secure land from other cities as well. We’ll be competing with the Goroun Company with this.

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