Chapter 670 – How to Make Flying Carpet and Pool Side

We have a magic book with the title “How to Make Flying Carpet”.

And so, Loo decided to make a flying carpet.

I found it interesting so I’ll cooperate with her.

We have to prepare a carpet with the right size.

We also have to make sure that the carpet is brand new.

It doesn’t have to be newly made however, it shouldn’t be used as a carpet yet.

I wonder why.

No one knows but let’s try to follow what’s written in the magic book for now.

Next, knit that magic stone that will be the core with threads or something similar.

Small magic stones can be used but they should reach a certain gross weight.

If we use a magic stone from a wild boar hunted down in the forest, one is enough.


The knitted part is kind of obvious but that doesn’t matter.

The next step is to sweet talk it.

Sweet talk it?

I read and read the magic book to check what it means.


Maa, it seems like we have to praise the carpet.

「I’ve never seen such a beautiful carpet!」

The more people praise, the better.

「Nice carpet!」

「I want a carpet like this too!」

「Good texture!」

「Feels great!」

「Good! Very good!」

「This is the best!」

Even if it doesn’t understand what everyone’s saying, praising it is of utmost importance.

After continuously doing it for 10 days, check the edge of the carpet.

Check if it is twitching.

If that’s what’s happening, just keep praising it.

The carpet will fly after.



Is this the right procedure?

Let me read ahead for the time being.

Don’t panic if the carpet flies.

It is undergoing the most important process.

Next is discipline.

Carpets born of praise, of course, are used to being praised so they don’t like to be ordered.

Although there are individual differences, the author has made nearly forty flying carpets so it is almost certain.

That’s the time where you’ll have to show what you’ve got to the flying carpet that doesn’t like to be ordered.

Do your best.

 I see. So that’s why the nurturing diary part occupies majority of the book. It is all about discipline.

If you fail to discipline it, there will be times where it will drop the things that you put on it while flying or even fly somewhere on its own.


Isn’t the flying carpet that was carrying the intelligence boxes made by the author himself?

Did he fail to discipline it and drop them?

Let’s ask the boxes later.

It looks like what we’re doing now is the correct procedure so continue praising it, Loo.

Also, if others can cooperate and praise it every time they pass by it, it would be great.

That’s all I can help you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I’ll read the magic book more and summarize the discipline part.

Yeah, I’ll leave the praising to you.

No, I’m not running aw….

Thinking about it calmly, I think it’s kind of weird to see adults praising a carpet hanging on a wall.

I don’t want to get involved with that.

Also, if I ever need to praise anyone, I’ll praise the children.


By the way, it seems like the intelligence box and intelligence sword are made in a similar method.

However, the methods changed depending on the purpose especially for this one since it flies while being complimented.

As for the intelligence box….they are told with stories.

However, it shouldn’t be related to combat and love stories are preferred.



The hot summer days continue but you can hear cheerful voices near the pool.

Even the orthros Oru was resting by the pool.

Oru’s upper body is dressed up and it’s also wearing a hat which is unusual.

By the way, what it’s wearing is not clothes but a swimsuit.

It was made by Zabuton.

Looks okay.

It suits you.

So, are you here alone because  you’re wearing a swimsuit?


Guronde’s with you?

Oru gazed at the changing shed near the poolside.

I see. Guronde is changing to her swimsuit.


I can’t wait for Guronde to come out if her husband Girar is not here.

There’s no way I’ll praise how beautiful a married woman is in her swimsuit if her husband’s not around.

Even a simple praise is dangerous.

No, I know that others won’t mind it.

However, I still think it’s dangerous.

However, I also know that it is rude not to say anything to someone in a swimsuit.

If we’re somewhere else, I can probably say something but only Oru is here.

In other words, the best way to deal with this situation is to leave this place immediately.

After greeting Oru, I headed to the place where the children were playing.


I wanted to take the children to the beach but I wasn’t able to do so because of various problems.

It would be nice if Beezel or ancestor-san are not busy.

Maa, it’s not like it is impossible to ask them but I have to stop myself.

Just a little while ago, I had ancestor-san go back and forth to Versa’s house to collect the camera and playback machine.

I have to refrain from asking them too much.


I greeted the lizardmen and oni maids watching over the children.

I greeted the children too.


What’s that?

One of the children was looking at a boat by the pool.

You want to play with a boat too?

He didn’t reply so I asked the lizardmen.

It looks like that boat for children is a masterpiece of the mountain elves.

A child can use it alone. It has a pedal that will make the outer propellers on its sides turn and move forward.

The rudder is a handle that can be turned by hand.

Well done.

I want to order a boat for adults.

However, it will be bigger if it is for adults.

Also, the mountain elves are very busy making dedicated carts for intelligence boxes together with 4051st.

If you make the cart a golem, it would be a little easier…..

Maa, let’s check them out later.


「Is village chief not going to enjoy the pool?」

Ah, I just came here to check how everyone’s doing.

Also, I’ll ask the children what they want to eat.

「We already have prepared that so there will be a group meal here.」

I see.

Got it.

Guronde and Oru, who are wearing swimsuits, came.

It’s okay now.

There are lizardmen and oni maids nearby.

And Guronde looks good in her swimsuit.

She’s gorgeous.

But I won’t say that.

I’ll just give her a bland greeting.

I’ll leave the rest to the lizardmen and oni maids nearby.

「That swimsuit suits you, Guronde-sama. You look wonderful.」

I agree with the oni maid’s praise.

That’s the limit of what I can do.


I’m too cautious?

I think that’s better than getting into trouble.


One of the lizardmen taps my shoulder.

What is it?

「Village chief, Hiichirou-sama, Guraru-sama, and Raimeiren-sama are here.」

They are just the usual group…..

Young Raimeiren.

And she’s in a swimsuit.


Let’s focus on Hiichirou.


Scholar A: Who discovered that the proper way of making a flying carpet is by praising? He’s a genius, right?

Scholar B: But you have to continuously praise it in a number of days. Rather than a genius, I think he’s a weirdo.


Villager A: Aren’t Guronde-sama and Raimeiren-sama of the same generation?

Villager B: Guronde-sama seems younger. Hakuren-sama even looks older.


Dors: Wearing a swimsuit while being in a young human form….are you…

Raimeiren: (Silently hits him)


Girar: Why didn’t you show that to me earlier!

Guronde: (Silently hits him)

Oru: (No longer gives a damn and jumps on the pool)

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