Chapter 671 – Flying Carpet Making Journal

The second day since we started making a flying carpet.

It seems like the others have run out of compliments.

I feel like whatever’s happening now is nothing but deception.

However, that’s what’s written in the magic book so we have no choice.


Fourth day.

I don’t know what Loo was saying.

She should be praising it.

Do your best.


Seventh day.

Loo’s kind of strange.

Maa, she’s been praising the carpet but there’s still no sign of movement.

She might get sick if she continues.

I’ll have her rest.

I’ll have the high elf Ria praise it for now.

According to the magic book, it should be okay since there’s nothing written that it can only be praised by one person.

I’ll leave it to you.

And Loo.

You should try looking at beautiful things.

According to the book, if you are in that condition, you should watch beautiful things.

It’s currently night.

Let’s look at the starry sky.

And so we did.

How is it going?

The sky is full of stars.


She’s almost not reacting.

It can’t be helped.

Then, let’s make a bonfire!

The swaying flame of the bonfire can calm anyone’s mind.

How is it going?


Loo praises the bonfire in a small voice.

You don’t have to praise anymore.

Can’t the bonfire react?

Well, yeah….

I understand.

I sprinkle copper powder, iron powder, salt, etc. on the bonfire.

Look, the color has changed.

It responded to your praises.

It’s just the normal reaction of fire to specific materials but it looks like it has an effect.

It looks like life has returned to Loo’s eyes.



The children who are watching the bonfire with Loo are looking at me.

Do you want to try?

Go ahead but don’t get too close to the bonfire.

Also, it is prohibited for everyone to throw at once because it’s dangerous.

You’ve watched Gutt in the forge, right?

You shouldn’t be so surprised.

It’s not like I’m a fire mage or something.


Tenth day.

The revived Loo returns and praises it but the carpet is still not moving.

According to the magic book, it’s about time.


Fifteenth day.

Loo tried to cut the unmoving carpet.

Now, she’s trying to burn it with magic.

Aren’t you a researcher? Be more patient.

Of course, you should expect failure too.

You can find your success after repeated failure.

Just a little more. Hang in there.


Twentieth day.

The carpet moved.

And then flew.


It’s really flying.

Next is discipline but let’s leave it flying for now.


What’s wrong, carpet?

Why are you coming to me?

It was Loo who has been praising you, right?

Well, she did try to burn you earlier…..

You remember the time I saved you from her?

I’m glad you have that character but can’t you see how scary Loo’s eyes are?

Look, she’s chanting magic.

She can use magic without chanting but her chanting means you have a chance to stop her.


This is your only chance.

Hurry and apologize.

Yeah, don’t hide behind me.


Twenty-first day.

I rode on the flying carpet.

I’ve been flying with the help of Gran Maria and the others but this is the first time to experience flying using a magic carpet.

Maa, we are indoor and the altitude is around 30cm.

It seems like it can’t fly with a heavy load yet.

I look forward to your future growth.

Okay okay.

I got off the flying carpet since it was already Loo’s turn.

When Loo got on the flying carpet, the part where she is fell to the floor.



What have you done?

Look, Loo is chanting again.

Loo, it was also written in the magic book that it is counterproductive to threaten it.

Calm down.

Calm down, okay?


The flying carpet is flying with the children on board.

The altitude is the same as when I tried, 30cm.

Since it is only that high, they’re safe.

It carried the children who got tired of playing and fell asleep to their respective beds. It was welcomed by the oni maids.

Do your best with that job from now on.

Ah, you shouldn’t bring any children outside the mansion.

You can only let the children ride you inside the mansion.

I think it doesn’t matter since you are in the village but I won’t take any risk.

No, it’s not that I don’t trust you.

However, it will be dangerous if a monster or demon beast comes and you can only bring them 30cm above the ground.

Also, you’re not fast, right?


Don’t be depressed.

You were just born so that’s normal.

Even a bird can’t fly when it just hatched from an egg.

It takes quite a while until the chick can fly.

You were able to fly as soon as you were born which means you are talented.

You’ll continue to grow from now on.

Okay okay.

In the magic book, it was noted that after the carpet began to fly, it should be praised that much or it will become spoiled.

Maa, I’ll try to scold it if it has done something bad.


By the way, Aegis.

What happened?

Why are you pushing out your chest?

What are you bragging about….? Ah, I see.

You were able to fly the moment you hatched from your egg.

But aren’t you faster when you run compared to when you fly?

Don’t get mad, don’t get mad.

I’m also expecting your growth.

The temperature of the hot water in the bath has also gotten better.

You’ll only get better and better in the future.

Ah, the hair on Sougetsu’s thigh is returning.

Once it’s completely back, go apologize again.

I’ll go with you.



I saw Aegis on the flying carpet.


Aren’t you a bird?

The eagle was a little worried so it rode the carpet with Aegis.

I guess everything’s fine.

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