Chapter 5.7 – Dolly

There was a rare visitor on the management floor.

She is Sheryl, the former world tree shrine maiden of the elven village in the Great Keidroya Forest.

Originally, aside from the managers, no one else can go to the management floor. However, if you are accompanied by one of the managers, you can use the teleportation gate too.

At first, Sheryl was reluctant to come to the management floor but Kousuke happened to be busy so she could only go to him herself.

Of course, the manager who brought her there is Collete.

At first, Collete went to the management floor per Sheryl’s request to meet Kousuke but he couldn’t leave so he asked Collete to bring Sheryl instead.

Presently, Sheryl is observing the management floor curiously.

「My apologies if I have to call you here instead…..this place isn’t unusual, is it?」

The management floor looks very normal.

However, that’s according to Kousuke. For him, everything looks normal except for the monitor and the crystal in the management room.

「Kind of. I have never been out of the elf forest even for a few minutes…」

The embarrassed Sheryl said so.

Thinking about it, since the 73rd floor is an elf only floor, everything there including the furnitures are designed by elves.

Someone from the elf village would naturally be curious seeing how unusual the management floor is.

「Ah, no. My apologies….so, what was your business for today’s visit?」

「Yes. Actually, there was a change in the branch we brought from the elf village…..」

「Oneechan is doing grood.」

When Sheryl started talking about it, Esena barged in from nowhere.

By the way, recently, Esena has become able to speak quite fluently compared to before.

While patting Esena’s head who’s clinging on him, Kousuke tilted his head.


「Ano….she’s talking about the world tree branch. The one separated from the world tree of the village….」


With Sheryl’s explanation, Kousuke finally remembered.

Previously, when they brought the branch of the world tree from the elf village of the Great Keidroya Forest, they planted it on the 73rd floor.

So, something happened to the branch.

「It should be healthy. What happened?」

「Yeah. It seems that it rooted itself firmly and it even has branches now. I would like Kousuke-sama to look at it personally again….」

「Me too, come and see mie…」

Esena, who was happily being patted by Kousuke, raised her hand and insisted Kousuke to do so.

「I see. Yeah, I haven’t been there for a while….got it. I’ll go there once I’m free.」

Kousuke said that to Esena.

「Alright, I’ll make time soon and go to the elves’ floor.」

「Great. We will be waiting for you.」

He moved his gaze from Esena to Sheryl. Sheryl smiled as if she was relieved and bowed her head.

It seems like that is Sheryl’s only concern. She left immediately after that.

Collete brought her back.

Kousuke, who was too busy to leave, saw them off and returned to work again.


—Scene Change—


Two days after Sheryl’s visit to the management floor, Kousuke, who was finally able to make time, headed to the 73rd floor.

He brought Mitsuki with him.

Collete has come to the 73rd floor ahead as she has other things to do.

After joining with Collete, they went to see the state of the world tree first.

The world tree has already become quite big and you can even see it as soon as you exit the teleportation gate.

However, seeing it close completely gives off a different feeling compared to seeing it from a distance.

The lights(spirits) drifting around were also well and kicking. Their number seemed to have increased too.

Collete said that they should have noticed the approaching Kousuke through Esena(since she knows Kousuke’s exact location). It looks like they became more active because of that.

Among the elves, Collete and Sheryl are the only ones who can see these spirits properly so far.

The other elves can only feel their existence but they can’t see them.

「Haa. I didn’t come here for a little while and it has grown to this point?」

Kousuke said that while touching the trunk of the world tree.

The feeling it gives him when he’s touching the world tree is the same as if he’s touching Esena.

Well, it should be normal since they are one existence.

And there, he found out there’s something different compared to when he saw it before.

「……you can control divine power now?」

Kousuke was able to feel the flow of the power inside and it was clearly divine power. He’s sure that it is completely different from magic power or holy power.

「Eh…..!? Is that true?」

Collete, who heard Kousuke’s murmur, looks surprised.

「It’s true. I’m amazing. I’m amazing, righttt?」

「Ah, of course, you’re amazing.」

A very happy Esena confirms it so Kousuke pats her head as usual.

Esena, whose head is being patted, squints her eyes happily like a cat.

Esena is truly happy to be head patted but unfortunately(?), only Kousuke would dare do that to her.

The others are already happy seeing them like that.

By the way, the world tree of the 73rd floor can now control divine power but not all world trees can do that. However, Esena, the fairy of the world tree, can use divine power properly.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, like what happened to Nana and the others, that she’s living in a place like the tower.

The elves did not notice anything unusual when the world tree began controlling divine power but Kousuke, who saw it the first time, noticed it immediately since he can see divine power using his eyes.


—Scene Change—


After seeing the state of the world tree, Kousuke and his party went to see the state of the branch of the world tree that was in the former elf village.

The branch, which was planted in a place slightly away from the world tree, was still managed by the elves. Perhaps because it is the original world tree they are looking after.

It is now already at a level where you can’t call it a branch.

It is around the size of a tree you’ll find in the streets of Japan.

However, it seems like it is no longer a world tree and has completely become a different tree. What kind of tree it will be can only be known in the future.

As Sheryl requested, Kousuke touched the trunk like he did with the world tree.

Then, pour a little divine power. Just enough to make sure that the tree won’t be damaged.

Then, just like the world tree, light appeared at the trunk of the tree and it became humanoid.

It is translucent but it can’t be denied that it was the fairy of the world tree he met in the elf village before.

Sheryl, who saw what happened on the side, was in tears as soon as the figure appeared.

「Have I kept you waiting?」

That’s what Kousuke said to the fairy.

The fairy shook her head as if she couldn’t speak but she still conveyed her intention.


That moment, Esena came to Kousuke and asked him.

「Oniichan, please give oneeshian nwame.」


Esena nodded.

Then, he looked at Sheryl.

Sheryl, who was stared at by him, shook her head in regret.

「I’m sorry. In the first place, the world tree can only be called world tree so there’s no personal name.」

「Is that so….okay.」

Kousuke crossed his arms and thought for a while.

「Now then, how about Dolly?」

The moment Kousuke named the fairy, the fairy in front of them nodded and a change occurred to her. She was translucent but she began to return to her previous form.

Everyone, except Esena, was surprised by the change. The fairy named Dolly, who recovered her previous form, bowed to Kousuke.

「T-thank you very much. Thanks to you, I was able to regain my former self.」

「Do you still remember your life when you were still a world tree?」

「Yes. I remember. However, as expected, my power has completely become different.」

「I see. That’s good.」

He already expected her to not remember much.

Esena, who was watching Dolly speak, takes her hand happily.

The other three can’t help but smile seeing how happy Esena is.


「So, Sheryl, can I leave her to you?」

「Yes, of course desu.」

Sheryl agreed without an ounce of hesitation.

「I’m sorry but you have to take care of me again.」

「Please don’t say that. I’m happy to be able to serve you again.」

「……..thank you.」

Seeing Sheryl and Dolly, Kousuke was convinced that it is best to leave the rest to her.

In the first place, Kousuke is a complete newbie in terms of plants and trees.

He would prefer not doing anything unfamiliar.

With that conclusion, Kousuke ended his visit to the elf village.

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