Chapter 673 – Watching

I’m standing at the terrace of the stadium at the foot of Village Five.

I’m wearing important person-looking clothes.

On my left and right are Youko and Reginleif who are fully dressed too.

I’m currently standing at the lowest level.

I don’t really mind but isn’t this too unbalanced?

While I’m thinking about that, Youko started talking to the audience.

「…..our wish has been granted! This year, village chief will also watch!」

Thunderous applause echoed from the audience.

While the audience cheered, the flying carpet came to me from behind.

The flying carpet spreads itself behind me. I leave my body to the flying carpet.

The flying carpet changed shape similar to a chair.

I sat on the chair-like flying carpet and crossed my legs with pride.

It doesn’t suit me but what I’m doing was what has been decided earlier.

Youko and Reginleif nodded satisfactorily. Youko then declares to the audience.

「Let the Village Five’s Martial Arts Tournament begin!」

The audience cheered more.


Contrary to Youko’s declaration, this is not the first time I watched the martial arts tournament of Village Five.

Village Five’s Martial Arts Tournament happens several times a year and I watched it before.

In fact, I’ve watched it several times already.

Maa, I didn’t watch it from the beginning to the end but I watched it.

However, none of the Village Five’s residents recognize me.

It seems like watching in the normal audience seat while wearing average clothes is kind of camouflage.

When I leave everything to Youko, it has become like this.

Since I wanted to test the flying carpet’s ability to be a chair, I cooperated.

Yeah, it’s amazing.

And comfortable.

Won’t the flying carpet collapse in time?

I hope it’s okay.

Ah, thank you for cooperating.

If you’re tired, just say it.

I can secretly put a chair behind you.


Reginleif had gone out to lead Malbit’s group back to the angel’s village by the end of the spring.

According to the plan, she was supposed to lead them only until the middle part but as most people expected, she had to lead them all the way to the angel’s village.

It seems like they need to do something in the angel’s village and it was only recently that she came back.

I told her that she should take a break but she volunteered to participate.

Unlike Youko, who has lines, she’s just standing beside me which I think is not interesting.

So thank you for your cooperation.


Tier was complaining to Loo in the seat near us.

「Why is Reginleif-sama the one standing there and not me?」

「Now that you mention it, I think it’s strange that Youko’s there and not me.」

「Loo-san was too devoted to your research that you’re not even involved in the planning of this event….」

「You too, Tier. I know that you’ve been too busy taking the mineral bars I’ve secured.」

「Loo-san, you’re taking some of my mineral bars too. We’ve been taking things from each other.」

You two, don’t just take from each other without permission.

Even if you two are close, you should not forget about courtesy.


I shouldn’t say that since I’m the reason you have to do it because I secured Gutt’s share?

…, isn’t that normal?


Village Five’s martial arts tournament moves on with excitement.

When I watch before, it isn’t like this.

I asked Youko.

「When they heard village chief is going to watch, many participants registered.」

It is said that a lot of people are going to take this chance to show off their ability.

I see.

Ah, that’s someone I know.

The manager of Bronze Café.

Bronze Knight.

He’s a handsome man so the women of the crowd started cheering their throat out.

I think that’s unnecessary because the opponent looks like a bodybuilder swordsman.

No, the bodybuilder swordsman has a lot of fans too.

He’s being cheered loudly.

I’m cheering for the bronze knight in my heart.

It’s not like I don’t like that bodybuilder swordsman but the bronze knight is the assistant manager of my café.

However, I’m sure I shouldn’t show that I’m supporting someone.


The match was won by the bronze knight.

There were two times where the bodybuilder swordsman almost won but Reginleif said that the bronze knight was guiding him to do those.

I see.


In addition to the bronze knight, the white silver knight and the red iron knight also participated.

Both of them won without trouble.

What are the criteria for matchups?

I think there’s too much difference in ability.


Following the Big Tree Village’s tradition, it seems like the matches are selected by draw lots.

It can’t be helped then.

Also, it’s a single-elimination format.

There will only be one person standing in the end.


There’s also an exhibition match.

Pirika appeared.

She’s wearing a wafuku(Japanese traditional clothes). She looks like a samurai.

Her sword also looks like a Japanese sword….it is a Japanese sword.

「It was covered with dust.」

Youko gave it to her.

Her enemies are….twenty people?


Those twenty people are wearing dougi-like clothes but they are golems.

TN: Dougi clothes are Japanese martial arts uniforms. Basically the uniform of the karate or judo club members of your favorite manga or anime.

Why are there golems there? Let’s ask Tier….

It looks like I can’t.

I only find Loo sitting there.

She shouldn’t have gone home on her own…..

Tier is the one controlling those twenty golems.

Those twenty golems have their own weapons….there’s a tinged of strange light in those weapons so they should be magic weapons. What are you doing?

Loo said she prepared them.

And she said that proudly.


But, aren’t you being too harsh on Pirika?


The exhibition match started.

As expected of Tier, she’s manipulating each golem making each of them similar to the level of a master. They surrounded Pirika and started attacking her with their magic weapons.

However, Pirika avoided the golem’s attacks at the distance of a single sheet of paper and defeated them one by one with each swing of her sword.

I finally know why her opponents are golems.

If they are not golems, blood will be spilled.

Some of them don’t have legs or arms. Some have their necks fly and there are even those who were cut in two.

Maa, it’s because they are golem that she didn’t hold back. If she’s fighting with someone, I’m sure she wouldn’t cut the opponent’s arms, legs, and neck.

It was judged that the other party had no way to fight. Well, she’s the only one standing on the stage.

Rather than an exhibition match, it’s more of Pirika’s performance.

Yeah, Pirika has become strong.

And I’m glad she looks cheerful.

Pirika had an affair with Gulf.

That caused me to worry.

And now, I heard that she’s recovering and is doing well….

It seems like they are right.


Is she over with Gulf?

She beat all the golems and was applauded on the stage.

The audience applauded loudly.



Why is Pirika refusing to leave the stage?

The referee seems to be a bit troubled too.

What happened?

「Master Gulf, how about a match with me?」

Pirika called Gulf to the stage.

Since I’m here, Gulf is also at the venue….ah, Gulf stood on the stage.

Then, Pirika said with a smile.

「The lose must listen to whatever the winner says.」



Pirika, haven’t you given up Gulf?

Do-don’t tell me.

Ah, hey, Pirika, don’t stir up the crowd to force Gulf.

Before anyone notices, golems are already surrounding the stage as if to make sure Gulf won’t leave.

Is Tier cooperating with Pirika?

When I looked back, even Loo was missing.

Loo is also on Pirika’s side.

Gulf, don’t accept it.


There is no shame in running away from a trap!


During their match, I sent Reginleif to intrude so Pirika and Gulf’s match was left unsettled.

I’ll call Loo, Tier, and Pirika later.

I have to preach them.


Youko: (I won’t say that I knew Pirika’s plan.)

Reginleif: I had fun fighting the two of them.

Red Iron Knight: Only part of narration.

White Silver Knight: The only one that did something in this chapter was the bronze knight!

Chelsea: Am I a joke to you? At least you were mentioned.

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