Chapter 674 – Closing

When the sun set, the award ceremony of Village Five’s martial arts tournament began.

Since it was a single-elimination tournament, I thought that there would only be one winner but there were eight.

The tournament ended in the quarterfinals.

It’s not that there’s no time.

It is an honor to be recognized by me so instead of continuing until there’s only one person standing, it has been decided that it will end when there are eight people remaining.

Though it doesn’t feel complete, the eight are happy so let’s just do it.

The eight were awarded by me.


These eight, I don’t recognize any of them.

What happened to the bronze knight?

How about the white silver knight and the red iron knight?

I didn’t see them lose.

After checking, I heard that the bronze knight gave up after the second battle saying he’s already satisfied with his attainment in this tournament.

Then, pulled his fans back to the café.


I’m glad that you are dedicated to your job but, is that okay?

The white silver knight and red iron knight also abstained.

The two of them were injured when they joined the battle against Reginleif during Pirika’s exhibition match.

Can’t they be healed with magic?

Their injury was cured by magic but they felt that they lost so they won’t make any excuses.

I see.

Maa, no one’s complaining so I guess there’s no problem.

What about Chelsea?

I think she’s the only one that can fight against Pirika in Village Five?

She didn’t participate?

She thought it’s unfair to join the main tournament via recommendation so she wanted to participate in the general selection.

However, too many participated in the general selection so there are a lot of people that never managed to join the draw lots and she’s one of them.


Ehto, what a shame.

Next time, join the tournament via recommendation.

Yeah, I feel like you are like the demon king in draw lots, just the opposite.


Even after the awarding ceremony and declaration of the end of the martial arts tournament, the enthusiasm in Village Five did not decrease.

It will be festive until tomorrow morning.

In preparation for this, stalls are already lined up, and there are tables and chairs in various places.

I wonder if the bronze knight gave up to take care of this.

I informed all the assistant managers of all my stores to do what they want.

Though a large deficit is a problem, not much is acceptable.

So, depending on the assistant managers of each store, each of them will do something.

I will not touch anything.

I only expect the report later and pay for expenses if necessary.

Maa, it’s dangerous to leave it all to them completely so I had Youko’s subordinate watch over them.

I return to Big Tree Village using the flying carpet to pick up Youko’s daughter, Hitoe.

When Hitoe saw Youko, she ran and jumped at her.

They have a good relationship.

Alfred and I shouldn’t lose.

While thinking so, I walked towards a room in Youko’s mansion.

There, Loo, Tier, and Pirika are sitting on chairs, waiting.


I won’t say all the details.

Gulf has clearly refused so there’s no point in courting him.

That’s what I told Pirika.

I have to say something to Loo and Tier too.

You may have helped a friend but that will lead to ruining Gulf’s family.

No, you’re right, it doesn’t necessarily end up with their family ruined.

However, there’s a possibility.

This is not something “I want you to understand”. This is my order.

I will protect Gulf’s family.


According to the report, Pirika is recovering, isn’t that right?

It doesn’t look like it.


You gave up completely once?

However, someone told you to not give up?

Who is it?



I feel like I heard that name somewhere…..ehto…..

The daughter of the baker in Shashaato City?

I don’t know her.

She’s the lover of the son of Governor Ifrus?

You’re talking about Governor Ifrus of Shashaato City, right?

Who’s his son?



I met him several times in Marla.

I see. I indeed heard Fearina’s name from Gilspark many many times during those times.

Heh, Gilspark and Fearina will get married?

Both parents had given permission but Fearina had delayed it a number of times because she’s prioritizing her bread research.

I see.

That’s a happy story.


There was a wedding invitation for me?

It is scheduled next year so you haven’t reported it to me yet?



How did the bride Fearina tell Pirika to not give up?

「This is what Fearina said to me.」

Pirika closed her eyes and imitated her voice.

「If you give up, that’s the end! If you don’t give up, one day, you’ll succeed! Do your best! Don’t lose!」



No, I was just surprised by how you remember it but, I’m sorry…..


Did she say those lines to herself when she started her “research”?

Given how Gilspark describes Fearina to me, I certainly think so.


Demon King: Comrade?

Chelsea: N-no!

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