Chapter 675 – True Intent

Pirika covered her face using her hands.

At first, she was resisting but when I asked her how Fearina normally is, she finally understood.

Yeah, love is blind and it is often the reason for overlooking all other things.

Don’t think of it too much.

For now, let’s stop talking but it doesn’t mean this will be the end of it.

We will resume tomorrow.

Gulf’s wife also deserves an apology.


I left Pirika to Loo and Tier and participated in Village Five’s festival.

No one will ever recognize me if I’m wearing normal clothes.

Yeah, this is so easy.

Or so I thought because I have two super popular guards, Gulf and Daga.

Almost everyone in Village Five knows the two of them.

It can’t be helped.

After hanging out with the residents of Village Five for an hour, I visited Kuro and Yuki.

There, I met Ria, Ann, Hakuren, and Rasuti.


Why isn’t Flora with you?

I heard that she’s supposed to wait for me with you here.

She was kidnapped along the way?

By whom?



Reginleif became an instant celebrity on the night of the festival.

Aside from interfering with Pirika and Gulf’s battle, she fought with many challengers who wanted to test their skills.

Originally, that’s supposed to be the role of Pirika, Gulf, and Daga….

Maa, she’s the flower this night.

In addition, after defeating an opponent, Reginleif will talk about the other party’s weakness in detail so she gathers more and more people who want to learn.

This isn’t bad.

That is if we don’t care about the precious healing mage(Flora) that was abducted….

Unfortunately, I care so it’s bad.

I’ll have Loo or Tier replace her.

If Pirika has recovered, both are good.


When I left Kuro and Yuki with the group, we encountered Gutt’s family.

It seems like his wife Naashi and his daughter Nutt forcibly took him, who was obsessed with the new mineral ores taken from the boxes, away from the forge.

「Work is important but family is also important desu」

Naashi’s right.

Gutt probably participated in the festival because she understood what Naashi means.

Nutt has been the oneesan of the children of the village but today, she’s somewhat childish.

It looks like she wants to be spoiled by her parents too.

Perhaps Nutt is like this when she’s at home.

I don’t want to disturb them so I thought of leaving after a light greeting but Naashi stopped me.


She stopped me but it looks like she finds it hard to say whatever’s in her mind…..

I secured a table in a nearby stall.

I made it clear that I will only speak with her if Gutt’s with us.

I absolutely won’t speak with Naashi with just the two of us.

Gutt must be present.

Also, there should be another one, then, Ria….Ria recommended Ann so I called Ann to sit with us.

Ria asks Gulf and Daga to guard the area with her.



Does Ria know what we are going to talk about?

Hakuren and Rasuti, my apologies but, can you wait a minute?

「Okay, until I finish drinking this tea.」

「Oneesama, since Gulf and Daga are going to buy food, it would be better until you finish eating them.」

「You’re right. Then, let’s follow that arrangement.」



「It might be presumptuous of me but, I was watching the martial arts tournament earlier….」

It looks like what she wanted to speak with me was about Gulf and Pirika.

As a wife who protects her family, she also wouldn’t miss something like that.

I thought she wanted Loo and Tier to apologize for joining but I guess I was wrong.

「What happened earlier, Gulf’s wife is aware of it.」



What do you mean?

Is Gulf’s wife not disturb with Gulf marrying Pirika?


「I heard Gulf’s wife’s true intentions to some extent. Please allow me to talk about it.」

Let me hear it.

「To put it bluntly, it’s about a “role succession” problem desu.」


Role succession?

What is that?

I look at Ann who’s next to me.

「Village chief, currently, you entrusted Gulf-sama the role of your guard.」

Yeah, I assigned him as my guard.

He’s strong and he also has common sense of an ordinary person.

He’s also familiar with the geography of this kingdom.

「However, Gulf-sama’s son is working as a mason.」

That’s right.

He’s not only paving stones for the road of Big Tree Village but he’s also responsible for building the stage of the martial arts tournament.

He is necessary for Big Tree Village.

「Yes. In addition, he is already married and already started a family of his own desu.」

Yeah, that’s right.

He even has a child.

「Yes, that’s why the problem is, Gulf-sama has been entrusted by village chief to be his guard.」


I don’t understand.

How’s that a problem?

「While Gulf-sama is healthy, it is necessary for him to raise a successor that can guard village chief, however, he has no successor.」


Wait a minute.

Why does he need to raise a successor?

「A king’s child will become a king and a knight’s child will become a knight.」



Let me calm down a little.



Ah, my tea.


I drink the tea and think.


A king’s child will be king.

A knight’s child will be a knight.


Right, feudalism.

A society in which the lord will give roles and rewards to vassals and people of his territory that fulfill their roles.

In most feudalistic societies, social status is hereditary.

The title of the demon king and his four heavenly kings are not hereditary but that is the result of being in a multi-race kingdom.

Other than the role of the demon king and his four heavenly kings, almost everything else is hereditary.

You mean….

Gulf’s wife wants the one who’ll inherit Gulf’s role to be someone blood-related to him?

「That is right.」

I see…..


Now, I think I shouldn’t say something useless like the role as my guard can’t be inherited.

I’ve read the atmosphere.

I thought I already understood but Naashi kept on talking.

「It seems like Gulf’s wife has already done what she can and she can only turn to Pirika to increase that possibility. She thought that a child between Gulf and Pirika would surely be capable of inheriting his role.」

I understand.

That’s the reason why Gulf’s wife allowed Gulf and Pirika to be together.

I see.

Gulf’s wife, to think that you would value Gulf’s job as my guard as this important, I appreciate it.

Every time there’s a talk about it, I do my best to take Gulf out of it as help.

I should reflect on my actions.

Though I don’t like reflecting on it!

This is about getting married and having a child!

I want to shout.

I want to scream….

As someone who was born in a modern capitalistic society, I’m truly dissatisfied with how feudalism works.

Though even in my own country, going back 100 years ago or even 50 years ago, there’s no freedom of marriage yet.

Thinking about it, during the beastboys’ marriage, parents’ approval is necessary.

If this is how this world works, it will be strange for me to complain.

It is me who’s weird.

However, I want the child to live like a child.

I want him to have a choice of inheriting his parent’s job if he wants it himself.

 I don’t agree with the idea of bearing a child just because there is a necessity of role succession and raising that child to be the successor.

When I think of that, I feel like I’m talking about my wives….

I look at Ann.

Ann looked away.

Yeah, Ann is already training our son, Torain, to be a butler.

I finally understand why Ria refused to join when I asked her earlier.

Ria is the leader of the high elves so she wants our son to be the successor of her role.

Ah, and that’s probably the reason why Loo and Tier cooperated.

I sensed that Loo and Tier are indeed kind of aggressive today which is unusual.

Loo is hiding it but she wants Alfred to succeed me as the village chief.

Tier too. She wants Tiselle to be Alfred’s aid.

That’s why when Gulf’s wife asked them, they did not refuse.


I finally realized it.

I have to thank Naashi.

There is no way anyone would dare talk about this topic to me.

Alright, let’s have a family meeting tomorrow.

My bad for Gulf and Pirika but I’ll put them behind for now.

I have to let everyone know my attitude towards the children first.

Thus, I decided to enjoy the festival.

Let’s enjoy the festival for now.

Ah, Flora’s back.

Thank you for your hard work.

Loo and Tier are with Reginleif?


Let’s check them out before we go home later.

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Naashi: Is that alright?

Youko: You did well. Leave the follow-up to me.


Beastgirl: Ano, Gulf-sama’s daughter is just right beside me, can’t her child inherit the role?

Senna: I don’t think it’s a good idea for village chief’s child to inherit the guard’s role.


Gutt: It’s hard to restore the fire of the forge so we can’t stop….

Disciples: Leave that to us. Leave the forge to us and enjoy the festival.

Gutt: Kuh, don’t put your hand on those ores.


Gutt: Reply. Why are you not replying?

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