Chapter 676 – Calmed Down

The next day.

Though I planned to have a family meeting, I calmed down after a good night’s sleep.

 However, we still need to do it.

The agenda I want to discuss is the children’s future.

Considering that it is about the future, everyone, including those who haven’t borne my child yet, deserves to participate……

No, I’m not going to assert dominance to have everyone follow me obediently.

Am I still too selfish wanting others to agree with me by making them understand?

However, it is very likely to get out of control if there are too many people involved in this discussion.

That’s why we scale it down to meetings of delegates.

The participants are….Loo, Tier, Ria, Ann, Hakuren, Rasuti, Frau, and Senna.

I asked Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone to join but the three of them refrained saying Tier would participate.

It’s not that they’ll obey Tier’s decision one-sidedly but they want to avoid making angels the dominant race in the meeting.

Maa, given the character of the participants, that might indeed happen.

For the time being, let’s say that my idea is the “Liberal Faction” and those who are with the inheritance side are the “Inheritance Faction”.


Considering the reason how this meeting came to be, Loo and Tier are part of “Inheritance Faction”.

Ria and Ann are part of “Inheritance Faction” too.

Hakuren and Rasuti will surely support my opinion but I remember Dors saying that they have roles as dragons.

Since it is their race’s role, it is something that will be inherited.

Yep, there’s no doubt.

They might say I’m wrong but let’s mark Hakuren and Rasuti as members of the “Inheritance Faction”.


Frau doesn’t want Fracia to inherit anything.

However, don’t Beezel and the nanny Holy expect Fracia to be a successor?

Frau is Beezel’s only daughter after all.

Once Fracia grows older, Beezel might come forward and talk about succession.

Is there no other way?

If he has any other blood relatives, can’t he leave it to them?

…….but once Fracia grows up, she might marry someone and leave the village.

On the other hand, if we leave her under Beezel, she’ll live the life of studying to inherit Beezel’s territory.

Once Beezel comes forward in the future, will Frau go against him?

Frau should be “Inheritance Faction” too.


What about Senna?


Senna is Gutt’s little sister and the daughter of the mayor of Howling Village.

However, Senna is prepared to bury her bones in Big Tree Village.

This doesn’t come from me alone, Senna said it herself.

And I don’t doubt her.

Thus, she doesn’t care about Howling Village.

And with regard to how she educates Sette…..

In addition to studying, she’s also making her help with the beastkin’s job.

Isn’t that education for successors?


The meeting will take place with those participants.

Yeah, I can already see how they are going to admonish me.

I can see it clearly.


Maa, yesterday, I got a little hot but thinking about it, role succession is the same as skill succession so it is not a bad thing to let the children help the parent’s work.

Skill is an asset.

What’s so bad about parents teaching their skills to their children?

Is it evil to make your child inherit the skill you have developed?

Of course not.

However, if the child doesn’t have the talent to inherit the skill or if the child doesn’t have the intention of inheriting that skill, it becomes evil.

But, will you let that skill be buried forever?

In addition, how can one decide if the person does or doesn’t have talent?

Is motivation even counted?

Can it really not be done without talent?

I don’t think so.

It should depend on how the successor or the other people around the successor are happy or not.


Let’s think again, reset.

Summarize your thoughts.

What do I hate and what do I want to do?

As for me…..

When a child reaches a certain age of being able to think for himself, I think he should have the freedom to choose his profession.

Yeah, that’s right.

Just because your parent is a knight doesn’t mean you have to become a knight too.

The children must do what they want to do.


However, thinking about it from the side of an employer, I won’t hire someone just because he “wants to do it”.

He should have the physical strength and knowledge fitting the “wants to do it” properly.

And, can we live by doing what we want to do?

In my previous world, even if you want to be an idol, even if you strive to be an actor, you often hear stories of how they suffer along the way.

Moreover, not only that it takes time but you have to be lucky too. Most people give up because they can’t even make a living.

As a parent, there’s something inside me that will support my children.

However, there’s also something inside me that will not let them walk the road of suffering.

This is hard.

A child should be independent and walk the path he wants but the parent’s instructions shouldn’t be overlooked.


I can’t conclude anything.

However, I shouldn’t give up.


「Ano, village chief, it’s time to start the meeting.」

One of the oni maids told me that.



Yeah, let’s talk to my wives for the time being.

How should I convey my thoughts?

I think it would be best to look at each child first before saying something.


The next day.

I spoke with Gulf’s wife.

「Gulf is the best warrior in Howling Village but in this village, he’s in the lower level. Even so, I don’t want him to lose the skills he had cultivated since we were in Howling Village so I consulted Loo-sama.」

I see.

So you accepted that because of Loo and the other’s advice.

However, if that is the case, you should have your own child succeed him.

Don’t you think it is wrong to push that to Pirika?

「My son took the path of being a mason.」

That’s right.

「My daughter is working under village chief.」

Yeah, she’s a hard worker.

「As village chief said, I want to make my own child inherit Gulf’s skill….however.」

Say it.

What is it?

Is it a problem regarding the age where a beastkin can get pregnant?

No, I heard that she can still bear a child if she wants to.

「My daughter is doing well in this village but I abandoned her before.」


「We were able to meet again in this village but I thought I would never see her again. My guilt prevents me from bearing another child.」


I understand.

I understand why she feels that way.

No, I’m being too arrogant saying I understand.

Although her daughter is happily living here, she abandoned her daughter.

There’s no way I’ll be able to understand how a mother would feel after being forced to abandon her daughter.


However, I ask you to forget that guilt.

If you can’t forget, put all the blame on me. I’m the one who took your daughter away from you.

「Village chief….」

And I want you to consider Gulf’s feelings.

Because for Gulf, he only belongs to you.

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