Chapter 677 – Cleaning Up the Mess

When I was relaxing in one of the rooms of my mansion, Gulf came.

Are you done talking with your wife?

「I apologize for causing trouble.」

It’s not so much of a nuisance.

I’m the originator since I’m the one who demanded the migration.

「We had been discussing about it before and never reached an agreement.」

They are already like that and then, I took Gulf my guard and everything happened so she should be upset.

「She’s not that upset….please give her some time and I’ll bring her with me to apologize to you again.」

I don’t need an apology.

Rather than that, I prefer if you can be more active especially now that summer harvest is almost here.

「As you wish.」

And one more thing.

「What is it?」

Even if it is your child, I will decide whether he can be my guard or not given his ability.

「Of course desu. No, that’s how it should be desu.」


「I…, we are doing everything we can so that we can be recognized by you desu.」

Ehto, should I thank you for that?

「You probably don’t care about it but, please recall Youko-sama’s greeting during the start of the Village Five’s martial arts tournament desu.」

Youko’s greeting that time?

Ah, I see.


「Do your best.」



A little after Gulf left the room, Senna came.

「Village chief, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this time.」

Senna apologizes. Since she’s the representative of the beastkins of the village, she’s the first person Gulf’s wife consulted.

Originally, this should have been an internal affair of the beastkin.

However, Representative Senna is too inexperienced with the delicate problems of older families.

Thus, she brought outside intervention.

Loo and Tier.

And the story got bigger.

If she had consulted her older brother’s wife(Naashi) instead of Loo and Tier, things might have been more relaxed.

However, given their social status in the village, the representative can’t just forward the problem to her sister-in-law.

She can’t even consult her.



「Ano? Is there something wrong?」

Ah, sorry.

I was thinking a little.

By the way…..ah, you don’t have to apologize, Senna.

The problem only became bigger because of the work of the person you consulted.

It should be that person who should apologize.


Senna looks worried.

You don’t have to worry that much.


After Senna left the room, I waited a little bit.

Youko was the next person who came.

It’s still noon but she came back to Big Tree Village…..

After all, everything that happened is all according to Youko’s plan, isn’t it?

「It would be too much to say that I’m the mastermind.」

Youko brought a chair in front of me and sat down.

Her expression looks okay.

「I think I’ve been the guide at most….how did you find out?」

When Senna consulted me.

For Senna, Loo and Tier are people she can’t easily speak with.

In addition, Loo and Tier are both busy with their respective research.

She wouldn’t forward a problem that can be solved by you.

She probably talked about it to Ramurias first since I assigned her as the caretaker of the beastkins before.

After the beastboys left for the capital, Ramurias is now solely working at my mansion.

She’s assisting me from time to time, and she’s assisting you too.

Perhaps when Senna consulted Ramurias, Ramurias was probably assisting you.

In other words, you overheard the problem when she went to consult Ramurias.

Or at least that’s what I think.

「I see, but don’t be so angry…..Oh, you’re not angry at all.」

Maa, thanks to that, I was able to think of a lot of things.

「That’s great.」

However, do you really need to involve Pirika?

It’s not like you.

「That sword saint and Gulf are kind of awkward with each other. I thought of making them both rampage so that they’ll release whatever’s inside them. That will freshen them up.」

Is that it?

Isn’t that kind of rude?

「Even if she wins, the sword saint would never ask him to take her as his wife.」


But I feel like that’s what she’s aiming for….

「If she really wants to marry him, do you think she’ll say “the loser must listen to the winner” one-sidedly? If she wins, do you think she has the guts to order him to marry her?」

Now that you mention it…..I see.

「I don’t think the sword saint wants to destroy Gulf’s family. However, being told by a friend of her marriage story, the love she had given up was rekindled but that’s it.」

Ah, so that’s how she feels.

However, why did she put Gulf in a situation where he can’t refuse?

I was forced to send Reginleif….

「I arranged a place. Weapons too. However, I will not be so stupid as to support one side and force the other to marry.」

Then, I want to ask something.

It started with a fuss until it became bigger and bigger.

Do you really have to make it big?

Youko could have taken care of it in her own power but she chose to involve Loo and Tier.

Since Naashi knew, every woman of Big Tree Village should have known about it too.

「That’s, well, with a little fuss, I thought of cooling Gulf’s wife’s head.」

…..was it hot enough for you to take action?

「The problem in her house is out. She wouldn’t be able to hide it inside anymore.」


「Maa, I’ve caused trouble to village chief. I won’t say anything about that but let me take care of the sword saint.」

Are you sure?

「I have not aged in vain. Leave her to me.」

Okay, please.


After Youko leaves the room, I think a little.

As for the reason, Youko not only involved Loo and Tier but every woman of Big Tree Village.

It shouldn’t be just to calm Gulf’s wife.

What is her other purpose?

She made a simple problem into a big trouble for that reason.

Ah, it shouldn’t be.

Let’s think of the future, maybe that’s her purpose.

「Succession. Succession of roles, succession of skills. There are those who don’t mind it but there are those who are desperate for finding one.」

In other words, she’s criticizing me for not making enough children.

No, I’m working hard enough.

It shouldn’t be Loo or Tier who asked Youko.

It shouldn’t be Ann or Ria…..

It shouldn’t be Gran Maria too.

I followed Ruincia’s advice to do what I want.

As a result, the number of restless nights decreased.

Yet, more and more angels got pregnant.

Should I really be worried about that?

I wonder.

I’m sorry but I’ll do things at my own pace.

In this world, it is natural for a man of good fortune to marry a number of women but deep inside me, I think the shelves of my heart have already become a bookstore.

I don’t want it to become a library so no.

And even if I say no, there should be those aggressive types that will actively attack.


Village People: There’s an easy-to-approach person near village chief? Who are you talking about?

Oni Maids: (It’s Ramurias-sama)

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