Chapter 678 – Hired as a Maid

My name is Ayaness.

I’m an ordinary maid-desu.

Yeah, very normal desu.

I apologize but I’m someone with no distinct characteristic.

I’m ordered by the present head of the Goldberg house, my employer, to serve Godmillion-sama.

Godmillion-sama is the firstborn of the present head.

In short, I’m to take care of this boy desu.

No, since our age is similar, I might be his playmate.



Please, stop.

I’ll cry.


Today, like always, Godmillion-sama picked a quarrel with his schoolmates.

No, given what happened, should I say he bought it himself?

Godmillion-sama is arrogant.

If he changes his character a little, I think things like this will decrease. However, it seems like someone’s nature is difficult to change.

「Ayaness, don’t lay your hands on them, they are my prey.」


Even though there are three of them?

Maa, it’s disrespectful to worry desu.

So, as I was told, I won’t do anything.

I will not support you.

For the time being, I should be thankful that I now have some free time.

How should I use my free time?


Right desu.

Let’s use it to think nonsense.

For example, posing as a stylish maid while making a fool of the other party.


Good that I was able to do this. I’ll probably do this once or twice in my whole life.

How should I make a fool of them?

When I was thinking of what pose I should do, I heard Godmillion-sama crying.

「Ayaness, help me, help meee!」


I clap my hands and stop those who are assaulting Godmillion-sama.

「Excuse me, please wait a moment.」

After saying so, I grab the base of the neck of the fallen Godmillion-sama and make his stand.

「Y-you’re late. Why can’t you help me sooner….guheee!」

Godmillion-sama’s words were interrupted by a fist embedded in his abdomen.

That’s my fist.

「Wha-what are you doing…..」

「Godmillion-sama, you are the heir of the Goldberg family, right?」

「T-that’s right.」

「The heir must never go back to what he said no matter what. Do you understand?」

「E-even if you say that….」

「Do you understand?」


「Good. Then, please hang in there. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Please hit Godmillion-sama until you are satisfied.」

I bow to Godmillion-sama and step back.

Good luck, now, let’s think about the continuation of my…areh?

What happened desu?

The three of you.

Aren’t you going to continue?

It looks like they are comforting Godmillion-sama but, why are they even doing that?

No, it’s nice that they made up…..

Then, going back to my free time.


Godmillion-sama, please look at your opponent first before picking a fight.

It looks like your opponent is stronger.

And yet you’re planning to pick a fight with him at the same time as you are picking a fight with those three again….

I’m glad this is a school.

If it is outside the school….something terrible might have happened already.

Would you win if I joined?

Of course.

Oh, but, Godmillion-sama will pull my legs. Maa, that’s too much to say.

If Godmillion-sama can go back and don’t fight, I can win for sure…..


Why are you crying?

If you have time to cry, use it to be strong.

Also, you sound like a big mouse.

I have told you about it many times.

Hey, don’t move.

Your hair is a mess so stay still.

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I walk a little behind Godmillion-sama.

This is the best position for a maid desu.

If there is an ambush upfront, I can use Godmillion-sama as a shield and that would also buy me time to escape.

Ah, don’t get me wrong.

My loyalty is with my employer, the head of the Goldberg family.

I’m only serving Godmillion-sama because of the order of the head of the family.

And his order that time was to take care of him as a maid.

In short, I’m not a guard.

And even if I’m a guard, why would I use my own body as a shield for someone?

Do you think I’m stupid?

Why would I do that?

I’m hired as a maid, right?

I’m not a shield and won’t work as one.

It doesn’t matter even if I’m stronger than Godmillion-sama desu.

If Godmillion-sama gets hurt or dies, am I going to be scolded by my employer?

No way that’s true.

If he is wary of him being hurt or dying, he should have hired a guard.

Ah, Godmilllion-sama is a troublemaker so it is better not to leave the house without a guard.


An emergency desu.

In front of Goldmillion-sama is student Alfred-sama desu.

They haven’t been in contact until a while ago since they’re from different factions. However, after the royal capital’s festival, Alfred-sama’s faction began to expand, and that touched Godmillion-sama’s faction.

No, perhaps I should say that the other party accepted him.

Given Godmillion-sama’s usual attitude, he’s hostile to everyone.

Perhaps Alfred-sama has a generous heart.

However, it is not good for Godmillion-sama to get in front of him.

Even if Alfred-sama doesn’t care, it might not be the case with the people around him.

I secretly put my hand on Godmillion-sama’s and write something.

“Please think of him as the boss of the head of the family. If you say anything offensive to Alfred-sama, I’ll stab you.”

This is something a maid shouldn’t do but it can’t be helped.

The other party is too dangerous.

If Godmillion-sama made a mistake, I won’t be surprised to see the house of my employer collapse tomorrow.


Godmillion-sama, why are you crying desu?

You’re scared of Alfred-sama, aren’t you?

Straighten your posture!

Ah, it looks like Alfred-sama is here to invite you to eat desu.

Please accept it.

Okay, it’s fine desu yo.

You’re not too pompous or servile.

I know that you can do it.


Alfred-sama invites me too?

Thank you.

I want to accept the invitation immediately but I must ask for the permission of Godmillion-sama first.

「Godmillion-sama, may I participate too?」


Perhaps I heard it wrong.

I heard you wrong, right?

Can you repeat what you said?

Yeah, okay desu yo.

That’s why I’m confirming it now since I heard it wrong.


Desu yo ne.

I misheard Godmillion-sama saying I should not participate.

Good good.

We express our gratitude to Alfred-sama and leave.


「Oi, it’s almost time for the banquet. You’re going with me, right?」

Godmillion-sama, it looks like you didn’t notice the problem, right?

First of all, look at you.

You got dirty in that fight.

I will not let you visit other houses with that look.

Let’s go back at once and change clothes.

「No, it’s not that dirty, isn’t it?」


Can’t you understand what I’m saying?

I’m telling you that you can’t go to Alfred-sama’s place unless you’re fully armed.

Yes, you can’t protect yourself given your current equipment.

Of course, I have no intention of starting a fight.

The other party is the same.

However, it is not a reason to not be prepared for the worst.

Some people over there are stronger than me.

Do you think it is a good idea to go there with inferior equipment?

I know.

Godmillion-sama can’t be counted as a fighting force.

However, I’ll do my best to make you a tank.

That’s right.

I can bring twice if there are two of us.

If chance presents it, hand me over the weapon.

If I find some leeway, I’ll protect Godmillion-sama’s life too.

「Aren’t you supposed to protect me?」

「If you really want me to do that, please hire me yourself. My monthly salary is thirteen silver coins.」

「That monthly salary….Father never hired you as a maid. That thirteen silver coins is the standard salary of a captain of a combat unit. If it’s an ordinary maid, even a squanderer would pay 5 silver coins at most.」

「Are the Goldberg rich?」

「We’re a viscount family but we’re one step away from poverty.」

「But, why did the head of the family provided me with maid clothes when he hired me?」

「Well, that’s because you can’t be dressed as an assassin, right?」

「When he hired me, he said “ I would ask you to do your best as a maid”.」

「Didn’t you hear the word “normally” before that?」

「I don’t remember. Maa, let’s talk about that when we return to your mansion later. For now, change your clothes.」

「You mean my parent’s home? I’ll only be back during winter break. Wai, what are, don’t carry me. I can walk by myself.」


My name is Ayaness.

I’m an ordinary maid-desu.

Yeah, very normal desu.

The food at Alfred-sama’s place is delicious desu.

I think Godmillion-sama should officially join Alfred-sama’s faction but a maid would never suggest something like that.

However, I can write it on his back.


Alfred: Godmillion’s guard maid is stronger than you, right, Ur-anee?

Ursa: Maybe. When she arrived, Asa, Earth, and Metora turned to cautious mode.

Tiselle: (How should I pirate her?)

Alfred: Tiselle.

Tiselle: Sorry. I won’t lay my hands on her.

Alfred: Good

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