Chapter 679 – Summer Banquet

I feel the heat of summer this morning.

I’m currently riding the flying carpet while looking around the field of the village.

I can walk on my own but I rode the flying carpet since I want to ride a flying carpet.

By the way, the wine slime is riding the carpet with me, with alcohol on board. This made my morning stroll difficult since I’m drinking…..Donovan’s group is looking at me with gentle eyes.

That’s not it.

I’m only drinking because the wine slime gave me.



There is a lot of food that is good to eat with alcohol.


I’m glad that you’re thinking about me but do you really think I’ll really dare drink from morning to afternoon?

No, there are indeed times when I feel like that but…..

Donovan, don’t just start a banquet.


After the banquet-like lunch.

The demon king came to my mansion.

Surrounding him are the tiger, the anenekos, and the kittens.

They are close as usual.

When I showed up, the tiger tried to come to me but the anenekos stopped him.

It’s not because the anenekos are messing up with me but because Aegis is on my head.

If we’re like this, Aegis will not fly away even if he sees the anenekos.

Ah, the mother cat Jewel came to my lap.

This is rare.

Ah, thank you for keeping an eye on the anenekos.

And sorry for the trouble.


After talking with the demon king, I read the letter from Alfred who’s in the school at the royal capital.

It seems like he’s doing well.

He says when Frau’s group participated in the festival, they were stimulated in various ways.


There’s someone stronger than Ursa there?

They didn’t fight, right?


The world is big.

Those who are stronger than you can form a mountain.

You can’t be arrogant.

I wrote that in my reply.



Kuro and Yuki came to me.

Kuro is still maintaining his diet.

I thought he would rebound soon but it seems like he’s taking care of himself now.

What did you do today?

You brought Kuroichi and the others to the pool?

I see.

They should be very delighted.

After that, they came back and took a bath.

So that’s why.

I thought you looked too good to have come from the pool.


I smell like alcohol?

Well, I had a little this morning.

Okay, got it.

Let’s have a drink together after dinner.

Good good.

By the way, is Fracia troubling you?


As a result of Kuro’s successful diet, his belly is now compact so Fracia is now looking for a new belly.

Plump belly like the one Kuro was proud of before.

However, the kuros don’t find being favored by Fracia as something to be proud of.

Those kuro who are not proud of their bodies that much immediately run away as soon as they see Fracia.

Then, they’ll be on a diet behind the scenes.

A compact belly may be healthier than a plump one but I think they shouldn’t work too hard.

Go on a diet but do it leisurely.

Personally, I don’t care even if you become fat.

Maa, that’s probably the reason why Kuro became a fatso….


By the way.

Fracia is no longer coming here that much.

I feel bad for that but that made the kuros calm down.

The young kuros now are making walking in front of Fracia as a test of courage….

If anyone sees them doing that, stop them.

Even if Fracia is not petting their belly yet, she gives food to any kuros she finds.

Yeah, stop both parties.



It became a banquet.

There were a lot of people who weren’t able to participate in the lunch banquet.

The oni maids have already expected this so they cooked different kinds of dishes.

This is great from time to time.

But don’t do this every day.



The boxes added breadings to the deep-fried food?

It seems like they’re working hard.

What’s with that alcohol?

It’s a cocktail made by mixing different kinds of alcohol?

It looks great.

The boxes made this too?

They’re amazing, aren’t they?

Knowing what they can do, the dwarves are now asking for a box.

If the boxes are willing to cooperate, lend them to the dwarves.

If they don’t, I think they can study cocktails in the kitchen.


Although the banquet is ongoing, it is already at the stage where the children are done eating so I moved out of the courtyard.

Kuro and Yuki followed.

We can drink together at the banquet but it’s a little noisy over there.

I laid a cloth in a corner of the courtyard and sat there. We toast while watching the starry sky.

We’re drinking a cocktail with low alcohol content together.

Kuro and Yuki are drinking from their bowls.

I also brought edamame so we can eat it while drinking….


You don’t like edamame’s skin?

Got it.

I’ll peel them for you.

Don’t be upset.

The order of eating is Kuro, Yuki, and me.


The next day.

After eating breakfast, I saw the flying carpet flying at an altitude of around 50cm.

Loo is sitting on the carpet.

Ah, is letting Loo ride it now?

「Fufufu, guess so.」

Loo is smiling.




Loo had bat wings on her back.

Looking at them closely, Loo is not even sitting on the carpet.

It only looks like she’s sitting on it.

That means……

Is Loo flying by herself?

As proof, when Loo lowered her flying altitude and touched the carpet, the part where she touched dropped to the floor.

That’s some strong rejection.


Maybe you should get along a little more.

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