Chapter 25 – To the Elf Village

「A big carrot tower….」

That’s the only thing I can say to what Sonja did to the carrots.

At the edge of the field, she piled up all the carrots.

「Ufufufu, amazing no desu!」

Sonja is jumping and jumping while her smooth hair shakes.

And the hand-riding rabbits are jumping happily like her too.

「We did it desu!」

「The carrot tower of our dream desu♪」

「Should we dive into the tower desu?」

「Let’s do that desu♪」

The hand-riding rabbits jumped into the tower with ecstatic expressions as its surface rumbled like a mountain.

「However, there’s no way we can consume them all.」

Sonja stared at me when I said that.

「I absolutely hate it!」


「Carrot-san….I’m not selling them!」

That’s right.

However, I have to disapprove.

「Oi oi, it’s better than letting them rot, right?」

Sonja’s eyes became teary as she shook her head to the left and right.

「But if that happens desu…won’t my carrots be less desu yo」

However, Ouroboros says that these carrots can be sold at a ridiculous price.

Since the offering box is a rip-off system, I need a regular income that doesn’t depend on rabbits.

As expected, saying that it’s the same price as it weighs on gold is nonsense but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s very expensive.

「I’ll make a stew with lots of carrots with the money we’ll get from selling them. Just think of it as an investment for that. 」

White stew and carrots are a good combination.

I mean, it goes well with curry-like food.

「What is white stew? 」

Ah, she bit the bait.

Now, they are all staring at me.

「oh, white stew. It will taste incredible with carrots. 」

「Is it a dish that makes carrots better like curry? 」

「Yeah, it definitely goes well with carrots. 」

Ah, I feel like their pupils changed to heart shape.

Their tails are also flipping. These girls are really cute.

—-you can never tell that their world known alias is Gluttonous Slaughterer….

That aside.

「Seasonings like solid roux are expensive so we have no choice but to turn the carrots into cash. 」

After thinking for a while, Sonja nodded.

「You’re just going to sell the surplus, right? We must never sell what we can consume. 」

When I got her approval, I went back to the hut and talked to Ouroboros.

「Demon king…..I mean, can we use Cornelia’s connection to sell carrots to the demon world? You said it can fetch a high price in the demon world, right? 」

「As you wish, master. 」

Ouroboros bowed.

「This evening…I’ll leave for Cornelia-sama’s residence. 」

「Ah, please do. 」

Maria will do all the housework during that time.

Since Ouroboros came, she had been working as my farming assistant. Originally, housework was Maria’s job.

By the way, Sonja does nothing.

—If you ask her, she’ll say that she’s doing her job as the queen.

Well, in a sense, she’s kind of working hard. Especially when she’s in her berserker rabbit mode.

「However, master. 」

「Hnn? What is it? 」

「Cornelia-sama and you are allies so I think they will not even charge you except for the tariff of products in and out of the demon world.」

「What do you mean? 」

「There are multiple restrictions on trade with the human world. Also, everyone will be strictly inspected at the border checkpoint….. 」

「That’s normal 」

「Please be prepared that more than half will be pulled out. 」

「That’s a rip-off. Maa, it can’t be helped then…..I can only sell to human cities in the future.

Then, blam, the door was opened.

「Hey! I heard what you are talking about! 」

It was the character who speaks kansai dialect, the foxkin Arisa.

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