Chapter 683 –Outsider Joining the Company as a Junior Level

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This is the world of the inferno wolves.

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I joined the Inferno Wolf Company as a junior-level member.

I will not say how I joined the company but I’m currently in trouble.

I’m being courted by four females.

I know that this situation is something I can boast about.

I know but I will still refuse them.

「Newcomer, what are you complaining about? Those four are famous and have built their own reputations among others.」

One of my senpais asked me that.

I invited him to a rare restroom visit.

Maa, it’s not like we’re hiding.

The four who are courting me for marriage are “highly educated”, “masters of both literary and martial arts”, “beautiful as a model”, and “lady from a good family”.

「So, what are you complaining about?」

All of them are much better than me, aren’t they?

「So what if they’re superior?」

It’s not like I hate that but they are too perfect that I’m losing my nerve.

The only disadvantage I can think of is they’re not that home-oriented. I can’t think of them cooking, cleaning, or washing.

By the way, there is no need to worry if they can raise pups because they already helped others raise their pups.

「I see. Those four sure are excellent. However, all single she wolf of the Inferno Wolf Company are like that.」

By the way, if I can, is it alright to get a wife from outside…..

「You are only a junior level and you want to take a wife from outside?」

Is it bad?

「I mean, it’s bad because Inferno Wolf Company is a family business. If you’re going to do that, your position will be weak.」

I don’t really care about my position.

「I see. If you already made up your mind, I’ll support you.」


「So, if you don’t like those four, what kind of girl is your type?」

I don’t even know my type…..

Perhaps, normal desu.


Normal education, normal skill, normal family……

Doesn’t have to be beautiful.

Normal desu.

Do you understand?

「……I understand.」


「I understand.」

Senpai answered that while crying.

And when he tried to say more, he suddenly stopped moving.

When I looked at what’s happening, I saw someone tapping senpai’s side.

「Are you dissatisfied with your perfect wife(me)?」

She is senpai’s wife.

「Hahaha. What are you saying? How can I complain about my excellent wife?」

Senpai held her.

I don’t blame him for doing that.

Senpai’s wife is also beautiful enough to not lose to those four….areh?

She looks similar……

Ah, one of those four is your little sister?

I see.

No, she’s not a nuisance….sorry, she is.

Yes, if oneesan can, please tell her.

Thank you very much.

Y-yes, senpai taught me a lot…..

No, I’m not making things up so he can boast to his wife desu.

It’s true desu yo.



At your house?

Thank you very much for your invitation.

Then, I’ll disturb you someday.

Yes, nice meeting you too.

I bow my head to the back of the leaving wife of senpai.



It’s good that she’s an understanding wolf.

「Sorry. You’re a lifesaver.」

No, I understood senpai’s hardship in an instant.

「I see……well, it’s not like it’s just bad things.」


「Maa, yeah. So….that’s it. As thanks for your help, I’ll tell you your real situation….It is impossible to escape from those four.」

What are you saying all of a sudden?

「Calm down and think about it. Do you think those four will stay silent knowing you’re going to look for a wife outside?」


「You can’t, can you? Then, the question now is who to choose among those four.」

I-is that so?

「Yeah. For now, as your older brother-in-law, I’ll recommend you my little sister-in-law so you don’t need to worry anymore. You ar……」


What’s wrong?


Is that a needle on senpai’s neck?

Perhaps, anesthetic?

I look around.


I didn’t even feel anything.

However, I knew who it was.

Those four.

The only thing I hate about this place.


I sent senpai to the infirmary. While walking back to my workplace, I think.

It is certainly impossible for me to escape from those four.

Let’s make a big concession and choose one of them as a wife.


That won’t work.

「Why won’t it work desu?」

In front of me was the wife of the superior of my superior.

I think her name is Alice.

I met her when I joined the company.

「Is there something wrong?」

N-no, sorry.

「So, why do you think choosing one of those four won’t work? Is it because of personal preference? I don’t think you can’t find fault on any of them though.」

You’re right but choosing one of them means I’ll be resented by those three that won’t be chosen, right?

「…’re right. I can’t say they won’t hold a grudge.」

That’s not all.

In addition, we only met recently but aren’t those four good friends?

Won’t their friendship crumble?

Making a choice, it’s too much for me.

「So, you are thinking of choosing the path of taking the grudge of all of them?」


「It is good that you are decisive. As expected of the wolf personally brought by the chairman.」


The chairman of the inferno wolf company.

The chairman of the Big Tree Group which the Inferno Wolf Company belongs, Chairman Hiraku.

I was able to join Inferno Wolf Company because I was personally invited by the chairman…..

I didn’t even know the meaning of working at home and family management before.

Maa, I have no regrets in joining the company because the food in the company is delicious.

The grilled fish meal set is a treasure.



「Have you heard how difficult it is to look for a wife from outside?」

Yeah, from senpai.

「On top of that, if you don’t choose any of those four….you might be single for all your life.」

I’m also prepared for that.


Single, banzai.

If being single in the head office is difficult, please send me to a branch office.

I don’t mind even if it is only a temporary transfer.

「I understand your resolve. However, you were brought by the chairman. We can’t let you go to a branch suddenly. Even temporary is impossible. You’ll have to stay at the head office.」

Is that so….?

「Yes. However, if you continue to get involved with those four while working at the head office, it will have an impact on your productivity and you’ll be in trouble.」

I apologize for the inconvenience.

「So, how about making a condition for those four?」


「Yeah. Declare that you’ll only get married when they clear a certain condition and make that condition something very hard.」


「Yes. In that case, those four will no longer bother you. They will turn their eyes to your condition.」

I’m not sure if that will work….

「But be careful of your condition. Obviously, you can’t ask for something impossible. They will be displeased if it is impossible. You have to make sure that it is still possible to do.」

That’s right.

「That’s all the advice I can give you. Please do your best. Of course on your work too.」

Thank you very much.



I got some good advice.

Indeed, it’s not a bad move to make a condition and declare that I’ll marry the one who’ll clear it.

That is also an effective way for those four to stop bothering me.


However, what condition?

As Alice-san said, this is difficult.

I have to think of it….


The next day.

I have to marry the four.


How did this happen?

Where did I go wrong?

I know.

The condition I selected is bad.

“I can’t choose one from the four of you. Thus, I will marry whoever will be able to clear this condition.”

That’s right.

It’s all because of that condition.


Having them bring something is likely to be cleared easily.

The four of them are excellent employees of the Inferno Wolf Company.

They know the chairman as well.

With the chairman’s help, I’m sure they can prepare anything.

I gave up having them bring something.

There’s no point in asking for something they can easily give.

Then, what should I do?

An impossible condition…..


I suddenly thought of something.

“Bring me someone who married three or more wives.”


According to my common sense, everyone should only have one wife.

It is impossible to marry more than one.

Even the president of the Inferno Wolf Company only has one wife.

Alice-san is the only wife of my superior’s superior.

That’s common sense.

There’s no way anyone will marry several wives.

No, there should be.

That’s why I said three.

I thought it was a nice condition.

However, my common sense doesn’t work here.

“Director Masayuki has three wives.”


Then, the four of them brought the director to me.

I did not say they should bring different individuals after all.

In addition, I was hinted that this condition will make me marry multiple wives.

Director Masayuki is looking at me with gentle eyes.

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「Our company, because it’s big, most conditions will be cleared. I even have an aniki senpai who got married as soon as he was transferred.」

I would have been very happy to hear that yesterday, senpai.

「Idiot. Don’t call me senpai. Call me brother-in-law.」


「Also, I have to apologize to you.」


「I didn’t tell you about Alice-san.」


「The four you’re going to marry are all Alice-san’s granddaughter or great-granddaughter.」


「Now, you are part of Executive Kuroichi’s faction. I’m part of that faction too so you don’t have to worry. Alice-san is our grandmother-in-law but she is “Alice-san”. If you call her other than that, you’ll experience something extremely terrible.」


「Ah, Director Masayuki is from Executive Kuroni’s faction but it’s okay to invite him. That’s it, do your best.」



I’ll do my best.

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