Chapter 684 – Hot Pot at Camp

On the riverside on the west of the village, Kuro dug a shallow hole on the ground.

And shoot magic flame into that hole after.

When the flame went out, I checked the hole.


The hole was vitrified.

It looks like a simple magic but it was quite hot.

Kuro then uses water magic to pour water into the hole.

A steam explosion occurred.

Even though it was already vitrified, I still had him pour lots of water.


It will only be fine once it cools down.

It looks like the flame was hot enough to make this hole into a pottery… mean the temperature earlier was that high?

Yeah, cool it down more.


I had overlooked something when Kuro traveled for his diet.

Kuro won’t be able to use the miso he brought for cooking. He can only lick it.

Though there shouldn’t be any next time, I thought that we have to make the kuros be able to cook alone in the wild.


It was a hole in the ground so it needs to be hardened. How about just looking for a rock that looks like a pot?

Like that one.

I found a large rock with a pothole.

The hole is about as big as a pot.

However, the hole is at the side of the rock so it needs to be rolled to adjust it….

Kuro made it roll.

Excuse me.

Then, use water magic to fill that up.

Kuro asked if he doesn’t have to sterilize it with fire magic.

You are smart.

However, we have to check if this hole doesn’t leak first.

Yeah, no water leak.

Next, sterilize it with fire magic.

I thought it would be alright to just cover it with fire and I thought that’s what Kuro would do too but there’s a problem.

How are we going to hold the hot stone then?

I can hold it using wood sticks or even bring it up using a shovel but it is impossible for Kuro to pick it.

He can’t bite something fiery hot.

Then, let’s just use the water earlier. Boil it then use the hot water to wash that stone.

Maa, if he can’t do that, does that mean that he will need to burn the stone?


I left the sterilization to Kuro and looked around.

There’s no one.

In a moment, the kuros who judged that I’m free came out one after another.

There are thirty of them.

They are guarding the perimeter.

Good good.

Are you alright?

You’re not hurt, are you?

One of the kuros was the newcomer I brought the other day.

He seems to be getting along well with everyone.

And it looks like he’s not been bullied.

Maa, I shouldn’t care too much since there’s no way the kuros of the village will bully….hnn?

The four kuros from before were the ones who said he’s okay.

You sure are getting along well.

It’s not a bad thing.

It’s not a bad thing……..

I whispered to the newcomer and asked him secretly if he’s in trouble.

Hey hey, don’t cry.

I was the one who brought him to the village.

I’m the root cause of this.

Okay okay.


It seems like the boiled water sterilization is over.

Kuro moves his head forward to me so I pat him.

Maa, by the way, I have brought some ingredients and seasonings for the food I usually make.

However, today’s concept is to make a cooking method that the kuros can do so I won’t make the usual.

In addition, I’ll have them make it themselves.

I’ll only give instructions.

Then, I cut the ingredients.

If it is only the kuros, they will chew them to cut them into pieces but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Throw away the boiled water from the rock pot…..

How would the kuros throw it?

When I was thinking, Kuro hits the rock again.

I see.

Just like the first time, just turn this rock to the side again.

Yeah, the water was poured away.

Though primitive, it achieved the desired result so everything’s fine.

Then, pour new water into the hole using magic…..I put the ingredient and have Kuro adjust the amount of water.

Okay, next step.

Heat the water with magic.

Take your time.

When the water starts to boil, throw the miso….

Or so I want to say but as expected, using miso as the only seasoning seems lacking.

Because of that, I prepared a special agar(hardened special miso) to make the soup.

It is a special product that can instantly turn boiled water into special miso soup.

Moreover, it is processed into a rod-like shape so it wouldn’t be difficult for the kuros to handle it.

Nothing was overlooked.

This one….don’t ask how much of it should be used to how much water. It depends on the taste of the one who’s cooking.

Let’s throw two this time.

Once this rod melted in hot water, it will be a full pledge soup.

Yeah, smells good.

After that, throw the rest of the ingredients and wait until they are cooked.

It’s not difficult, right?

However, I prepared a lot of special miso rods but Glatts requested them.

Unfortunately, he has to wait until the next production.

I’d like to entrust the production of this to the merchants of Village Five but for consistent taste, I can only entrust it to a big company.

If I hand it over to a small merchant, it will definitely collapse.

Good thing I had Flora study portable food that they can….

Ah, I shouldn’t think of those now.

I should focus on the kuros now.


….you don’t mind?


Okay okay.


The ingredients in the pot are mainly meat but the taste should be complete.

I can still add edible herbs that can be found around but the problem is if the kuros can forage them.

No, the kuros are smart. If I show them, they can remember and forage the same herb.

However, the problem is that they should only gather the edible parts.

Since they can only use their mouths, there is a possibility of being poisoned by the non edible part.

I can’t let them do something that risky.

Let’s give up on herb foraging.

Let’s just add more vegetables for miso.


It would be better to prepare portable meat that can just be boiled in hot water?

Maa, I’ll talk with Flora and Ann about it.



It’s done. You can eat it now.

I’ll have the first taste?

Alright, I’ll get a cup first.

I took my share in a wooden bowl and tried a mouthful.

Yeah, it’s delicious.

After confirming I ate, Kuro and the others started putting their mouths on the rock pot one after another.

So that’s why they want me to get my share first.

Maa, given the size of the rock pot, only a few can eat.

If there’s another opportunity, let’s make a lot.


After eating.

After playing a little in the river with the kuros, I returned to my mansion.

In the courtyard of my mansion, the spiderlings are skillfully manipulating their webs to make hot pot dishes.

It looks like they saw what we did.

Since Kuro is still with me, it is hard for me to praise them….


The balance of their meat and vegetables seems to be good and the color is also perfect.

It looks at the same level as the hot pot that Ann’s group makes.

Ah, a cup for me.



It was great.

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Ann’s group has prepared a luxurious hotpot with all their might.


Can I say something?

It’s summer, right?

No, nothing.


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