Chapter 64 –  Fenrir King Koa 2

-POV of Koa who was mistaken for a wolf-

I’m looking at the field.

The items collected by the anferfurmi Shuri are growing fine.


The edible things on the soil were gathered with the wish of his lordship.

I know many of them but I have never eaten any.

In the first place, why should I eat something from the soil?

I’m sure the others here are like me too.

However, the food that his lordship makes is all good.

He can even make meat taste better which is nothing but a miracle.

Are these things good too?

I’m kind of expecting a little.


By the way, the golems taking things outside are quite strong.

When we all went out to hunt, we found a monster heading towards our home.

We immediately chased it but it was instantly killed by a golem.

The golem can use magic but it didn’t even need to use magic that time.

Even with my eyes, I can only see blur since it moves so fast.

Its physical strength is enough to destroy monsters in one blow.

As expected of the golem his lordship made.

I don’t want it as an enemy.


I took a break at a pond near our home.

There is a magic that keeps the water on the pond clean.

All of the magic his lordship is using is tremendous in terms of power and scale.

Not only did it clean the water of the pond but it also made the water contain magical power.

Because of that, many things that I can only see on clear springs are swimming in its limited space.

They are not showing hostility even if I show my face to them.

They even look relaxed.


A golem with green magic stone causes healing wind inside the barrier.

That wind flows from our home to the surroundings.

I feel like dozing off because it’s too comfortable.


What is this? I feel like his lordship’s magical power is increasing like there’s no tomorrow.

What happened?

However, I never received any signal from those who accompanied his lordship.


His lordship’s magical power is dozens of times more powerful than before and is now running through the forest.

Riding on the wind, to the earth, to the trees, to the water, invisible magical power is pouring down on everything.


I felt the barrier that had always protected this place disappear.

It seems like the others felt it as well but no one seemed to panic.

I sighed deeply and checked the situation around.

The golems outside are still doing their work as usual.

It was as if nothing had happened.

The golems should be directly connected to his lordship so they are a good indicator if something happened to him.


Does this mean there’s no problem?

However, the barrier is….


The golems have been calm because nothing happened to his lordship which means we only need to wait for his return.

When his lordship showed up, he looked as usual. I went closer to check on him and couldn’t find anything unusual.

I was relieved.


The next day, I noticed that the barrier expanded.

Previously, when his lordship told us he wanted to expand the barrier, we all refused it.

We were worried that maintaining it would cause too much burden to his lordship’s body.


However, it looks like it was an unnecessary worry.

I tried running along the barrier but given its size….I won’t be able to return even if I run for a whole day.

There’s no way a barrier this vast can be maintained but his lordship is as usual.

He’s also doing the usual things like checking the water in the lake, checking the golems, and checking us.

Nothing has really changed.

As expected of his lordship.

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