Chapter 67 – New Friends….Tackling Rocks

I introduced the squirrels.

Fluffy flies around the squirrel. Is it happy?

I fail to notice what it’s thinking.

Fluffy looks like a hairball with small eyes so it’s difficult to tell its expression.


Kurou and the others seem fine.

They are staring at the squirrels normally.

Chai’s group seems to have accepted them too.

They looked shocked for an instant but when they looked at me and then the squirrels, they nodded with each other.


The antlings and chibi ants escaped into their holes the moment they saw the squirrels.

….Eh? Escaped?

When I saw Shuri, it indeed looked scared.


I approached Shuri and patted its head.

It looked at me and looked at the representative of the squirrels and nodded.

Let’s believe they are okay.

Do squirrels eat ants?

The antlings and chibi ants came out of their hole. They are still a little scared but at least better than earlier.


Karen came home.

It usually goes out in the morning and comes back in the evening these last few days.

I don’t know what she’s up to.


The perch made for Karen in the garden…..has she grown bigger again?

A bigger perch is needed.

When I tried to introduce Karen to the squirrel, the squirrels fled to the wooden deck.

And they did not stop there and even climbed up the pillar and hid under the roof.


…..let me talk to Karen first. She’s okay with them.

When I called the squirrels, they only peep through the gaps of the roof.

It’s okay. You can go down from there.

They went down fearfully when I asked them to come down….and they didn’t even come close.



Ant < Squirrel < Bird….I looked at Karen.

It’s not a matter of size but power?

I don’t really get it but I think there shouldn’t be a problem now.


Since we have new friends, let’s eat together.

The antlings love fish.

At first, they were carnivorous but after tasting the fish sauce I made, they always eat fish. By the way, Shuri’s not like them.

Did Fluffy fish? I’ll grill fish today and it will be the main course.

I decided to do so since they are scared.


I seasoned the fish with fish sauce and sweet fruit.

I had the antlings and chibi ants eat it with the squirrels.

The ants seem to be okay now.

The antlings and chibi ants won against fear….they have superiority in number after all.

Though they still can’t look at the other party directly, they are trying to do their best.

They are still scared of the squirrels but they can’t resist grilled fish.


Though I’m still wondering why they were so scared that they decided to hide in their hole.

After eating, the squirrels found Karen nearby and froze.

Eating is important.


—Scene Change—


The yellow-green rocks that I brought back.

For the time being, let’s label it as iron ore.

I can’t imagine how to take out iron.

How do you get iron out of a rock?

Iron should be melted at high temperatures….but I stopped imagining it.

I can only imagine it being burned.

Imagining temperature being high enough to turn iron red….impossible.

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I cut a small rock.

I imagined other parts being separated from the rock and casted “Discharge”.

Several kinds of yellow-green things appeared right next to the rock, did I succeed?

When I brought the magnet close, they didn’t stick.


When the magnet approaches the rock, it sticks.


No way, the rock is the iron ore?

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