Chapter 72 – Rock is Rock….Adventure is Exciting

I made a huge pan.

Now I have a variety of sizes from small to large pans and I can even eat stewed dishes now.

After making a small pan, I was pretty much satisfied upon seeing my cookware at home.

Spoons , forks, and a slightly big ladle.

The handle part is wrapped with silver ore to prevent burns.

I also have a big grill and iron plate for barbecue.


We collected shining ores and shining blue ores that fluffy wants.

Upon processing them with my magical power and examining them….I didn’t find out anything.

They are just beautiful colored ores.

After processing them, they are no longer shining but it’s not like I mind.

They also became transparent so I processed them into bottles.

Their cap is made of silver ore.

I made several things in various sizes with that transparent ore.


Did you ask me to gather them so I can make some bottles?

Fluffy froze for some reason.


I gathered rocks and ores from other caves and holes.

I lined them up.

…..according to my description, if it is gray, it should be rock and if it looks pure, it should be an ore.

I don’t know what’s the difference between rock and ore.

In the first place, I have never bothered with rocks or ores when I was in Japan so I have really no idea about them.


Let’s just name the useful rocks.

As for the rock that turns to iron, let’s call it false iron.

The rock that made up my residence and stove will be universal rocks.

It’s good that I classified them to something familiar sounding.

So far, I only use these two rocks.

As for ores, I used four and they are color-coded.

Calling them with easy to understand names is the best!


From the rocks I gathered, there’s this one with bluish color.

There are also indescribably rocks that are mixed with red and black colors.

I don’t need them for now so let’s leave them be.

I’ll check them out once I have time.


—Scene Change—



The word alone sounds exciting.

We’re going to rechallenge the labyrinth-like cave we found.

Koa and Chai walked in front of me when we arrived at the cave.

On top of us is a spidering….no, 2 there are two of them.

They are hanging on the ceiling while spreading their webs.

I was surprised.


Both boss-san and the spiderling were not the kinds to put out their web.

Boss-san’s running speed is amazing. It’s on a level that is not inferior to Koa’s serious running speed.

Imagine her jumping from trees to trees at that speed….scary.

The prey she chased always had terrible expressions.

She’s scary after all.


Since the spider is now using web, I was surprised.

I was surprised that it can even use web.

I’m not sure if it is some sort of evolution or change.

However, the spiderlings are all growing.

Their big bodies are hanging by a web in the ceiling.

I’m uneasy since I think the web might break.


It seems like there’s no problem so we head to the depths of the cave.

The cave has a slightly different air. It’s stagnant.

From the entrance of the cave, we descend a little and continue to the labyrinth-like path ahead.


…..spiderling on the ceiling, please guide us.

It will be convenient for us to proceed while not thinking about how we would leave.

There were traps on the way. Spears appear, walls fall, and there was even a pitfall.

The spear was caught by the spiderling in the air and the wall was crushed by Koa. We walked over the pitfall with the use of wind magic.

I only knew now that Chai can use wind magic.


The first air walk was scary.

My hips want to give up but other than that, there’s no problem.

Our group advances without taking too much time.

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….I’m only walking behind everyone.

By the way, Shion and Sami are behind me and there’s a squirrel on my shoulder.

I didn’t do a single thing aside from walking.

This is different from the adventure I thought.

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