Chapter 73 – New Companions!….Forest Field

While going through the labyrinth, we arrived at a large space.

I looked back at the labyrinth.

It’s only a halfhearted maze in a space with walls made of rocks.

The ceiling is high and there’s no wall at the top so, in a sense, there’s no need to walk through it and just clear it by jumping over.

What is this labyrinth for?

Are they made by prehistoric people?

Maa, it doesn’t matter now.


There is nothing in the space.

I was stunned since I was expected to find something there.

Too bad.


Shion clawed at a wall.

What are you doing? Everyone approached to check it out.

The wall blam….and there’s a hidden door!

Tension rushed back up.


…..another labyrinth, tension.

We move forward with the guidance of the spiderlings.

And we arrived in another large space and this time….there’s a dog.

Dog that is smaller than Chai when we first met!


Both Koa and Chai have grown ever since I found them.

The current Koa is higher than 2m and Chai is a little less than 2m.

I feel small.


This new dog…..I hope it stays small.

Its head should be as high as my chest but I’m not really sure since it’s still away.

However, it’s the smallest dog ever.

As for how it looks, probably the child of Koa and Chai…..hahaha.


It seems like there are several of them. 3 of them are so weak that they can’t even stand up.

In front of those three, the other four intimidated us to protect them.


What should I do? Calm down.

Koa and Chai step forward… They got bigger!

What is happening?

My legs almost gave out but….I endured it.

The dogs have all their tails drooped.

Yeah, I understand how you feel!


To calm down a little, I shifted my gaze and took a deep breath.

We’re friends okay…..we’re your friends.

Now, the dogs have completely surrendered.

I thought so.

I approached and checked their condition and found that they were not cursed.

“Purification” “Binding Curse Cancellation” “Heal” “Clean”

I used all those magic on them.


It seems like the little ones that were too weak are now able to raise their heads.

I still feel uneasy but that will be fine for now.

Both Koa and Chai are back to their original sizes. Good.

The place where we found the dogs is the end of the cave….what was that labyrinth for?

Maa, at least it seems it was able to protect the dogs.


—Scene Change—


I invited the dogs to my residence.

We arrived at our house without any incident aside from when they intimidated us when we first met. Perhaps Koa has talked sense to them.


Crossing the bridge, walking through the field….wide.

I’m not used to this wide place yet but I have no choice but to get used to it.

Arriving at my residence, I saw the open field behind my house….there’s something there.

I feel like the view is different from this morning.

What was it?


I asked the dogs to wait and check it.



A part of the field has become a forest.

I looked up and saw that all trees had some kind of fruits on them.

And they are even well organized.


Checking them out, there are six kinds of leafy vegetable trees and there are 5 trees of each kind.

There are also 9 kinds of vegetable trees with 5 trees of each kind and 17 kinds of fruit trees with 10 trees of each.


….the field is wide so there is still room but this alone is already expansive.

The farming corps is working hard….

Yeah, let’s face the reality.


And they did it all today?

Come to think of it, boss-san and Shuri, and their teams were kind of energetic this morning.

Hahaha….that’s great and thank you.

What else can I say?

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I’m sure that there will be good harvest in this place soon.

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