Chapter 697 – Relaxing Autumn


The season of training since the martial arts tournament will be held.

Everyone seems to be working hard.


Am I going to train?


Everyone training now uses their full power so it is dangerous for amateurs to participate.

I don’t want to get hurt.


Thus, I want to relax with those who are not doing anything.

Member introduction!

Member number 1, fairy queen of sweets!

Member number 2, the one who’s living under the protection of the strong eagle, Aegis!

Member number 3, the one with the unbending belief of “alcohol is life”, wine slime!

Member number 4, someone with wisdom and automatic opening and closing function, box 4051st!

Member number 5, the ruler of the low sky, flying carpet!

And member number 6, someone who was pulled because she happened to pass by, the oni maid’s number 2, Ramurias!

That’s it!



Don’t say that only you and the fairy queen are the only ones who can talk normally.

「Sweets sweets」


Now, don’t say you’re the only one who can talk normally.

We can communicate properly.

It’s okay.

By the way, what happened to Kuro and Yuki who are always free?

Watching the kids training?

If I invite them, they’ll join us but this is one of those times that Kuro and Yuki how capable of a leader they are.

Don’t disturb them.


The anenekos won’t leave the tiger sougetsu while the imouto neko are waiting for the demon king to come.

The father cat, Raigiel, and the mother cat, Jewel, are enjoying their good relationship.

We shouldn’t get in their way, okay?

No, you don’t have to worry about me.

You don’t have to force someone to come.

Yeah, it’s true.

We’re only going to relax.

Everything is okay.

Everything is really okay.


Is Ramurias only a worrywart? Or is she treating me like a child…..

Ah, either is good?

Let’s just relax.

What I’m thinking of is enjoying the autumn breeze.

However, my plan only consisted of setting up a table and a chair in a sunny place while enjoying a simple meal.

Ah, of course, I won’t forget about sweets and alcohol because of the fairy queen and wine slime.

If I do, they’ll definitely sulk.

When I was about to prepare, Ramurias blocked me.

….alright, I’ll leave it to you.


After a while, Ramurias brought tea and cookies.

And of course, she distributed them in front of me, the fairy queen, Aegis, wine slime, box 4051st, and flying carpet.


Why is there a teacup in front of the wine slime?

That’s its drinks?

Only the teacup in front of the wine slime has less content compared to the others… has the same tea as us, right?

To answer my question, Ramurias took out a small jar and poured whatever’s in it into the teacup in front of wine slime.

I see. The content of that small jar is alcohol.

So, it’s tea with brandy.

However, is the amount of black tea okay?

The wine slime is not complaining so I guess it’s fine with it.

As for the cookies, there’s no problem with the taste.

It goes well with the tea.

As expected of Ramurias’ choice.

Box 4051st and flying carpet can’t eat or drink so just enjoy the atmosphere.

Yes yes.

4051st wants tea and cookies inside it.

As you wish.

As for the flying carpet…’s trying to put the teacup and cookie plate over it.

Is it going to do its own version of table pull?

No no, the carpet is thick so that’s impossible to do.

The cookies aside, if you spill the tea, you’ll be dyed.

The fairy queen, after eating her share, targeted the flying carpet’s cookies.

I’ll give you mine.

Take your eyes off Ramurias’ small jar, wine slime.

It was unexpectedly good?

Even so….okay okay, I’ll ask the dwarves later.

Aegis is….staying put and drinking properly.

There’s no problem.

There’s no problem…….

How can you hold a cup of tea with your wings?

You’re so dexterous.

No, there’s no problem.


What’s up, Ramurias?

「That is….is village chief able to relax?」


Ah, yeah, of course.


Be honest with yourself.

Reflect, me.

I can’t relax.

Though it was fun.

What went wrong?

Did I gather too many participants?

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The next day, I decided to relax according to Ramurias’ arrangement.

A room in my mansion where there is a large window with a sofa installed by the window so I could enjoy sunshine.

It was really relaxing.


Ah, pillow.

I can’t just keep my head up like this.

I thought she brought a pillow where I can lie my head on.

But Ramurias laid my head on her lap.


This is a great place to relax.

By the way, why is it lively outside this room?

「Don’t allow the monopolization of village chief! Charge!」

「For Ramurias-sama’s sake, stand your ground! Show them the power of the oni maids!」

When I was about to worry, Ramurias used soundproofing magic in the room.


Let’s relax until the room’s door is broken through.

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