Chapter 36 – Apologies to All Miyamoto-san in the Country 2

And so, we reached the deepest part of the mine.

By the way, Sonja and the hand riding rabbits disappeared into the darkness of the cave. They said they found a mysterious wild boar. It is a famous rare ingredient so they wouldn’t miss the chance of hunting one.

The deepest level was quite a large space.

It’s about the size of a municipal city gymnasium.

It looks like a base camp of mountain climbers. I could see tents of different sizes.

At the edge of the way, slave looking people in shabby clothes are swing their pickaxes. They seemed to be mining for ore.

We walked up to the largest tent and called out to them.

Then, an old man dressed like an alchemist and a blonde-haired, toothless…guy named Miyamoto came out.

「Ah? Is that you, old man? You’re alive?」

Miyamoto said that to me while smirking.

No no, there’s no way I’ll reply with a “long time no see” line.

「You….aren’t you supposed to be in the royal capital for your hero training?」

「Yah, right. However, they’re too….serious?」

Why is he talking like that….

「What do you mean serious?」

「The training is too serious. It’s so serious that we have been driven to the point of pissing blood. I got so strong that I decided to back out.」

「You can…back out?」

「The word effort, I hate it to the bones! Maa, when I’m become powerful enough to be a B Rank adventurer, I thought I had the power to do whatever I want.」

Miyamota made a full smile.

I mean, this guy is really….a scum among the scums.

「I went out to the city but there’s no way anyone will hire a runaway hero. Even the adventurer guild will not dare. However, I knew the existence of the underground guild and that solved my trouble.」

「Underground guild?」

「Ah, well, it’s a criminal’s guild. This alchemist here, Gramps Aldheim, is doing illegal research….he’s short in manpower so he hired me. In short, my current mission is to guard this ore mining expedition.」

I see.

At least now I’ve confirmed that this group of people are nothing but a bunch of criminals.

「Old man, you probably don’t know this yet but I’ll teach you something good.」

Then, Miyamoto signaled a slave who’s currently mining.

Then, kicked the slave as soon as it got closer to him.


Seeing the slave rolling around, Miyamoto laughed.

「Haha. Isn’t it fun? In this world, money and power are justice. There people are marked with slave crests so they will never disobey even if they don’t want to, no matter how many times you punch or kick them…’s a good way to kill time. If you break a hand or something, they’ll even do something funnier.」


「Now, I just have to earn a lot of money and buy a lot of slaves, men and women, under my command. Isn’t that so much fun?」

I think I should correct the “scum” part.

This guy is a savage. He’s not even human.

And then, Miyamoto shifted his gaze to Ouroboros and….exclaimed.

「Oi, old man….who is that super beautiful maid over there?」

「Ah, a lot of things happened but she ended up living with me.」

He looked at me and Ouroboros alternately over and over again and then, Miyamoto held his head….

「That beautiful lady over there? I don’t know what kind of things happened but that’s not good old man.」

「What do you mean?」

「Look at yourself old man, you look like an old man.」

No, I’m only 29 years old. A 29 year old is not an old man so I’m not old.

「This old man only has farming skills as a bonus. To put it simply, he’s garbage among the garbage. You should think about it carefully and choose a hero like me – an absolute strong person. How about we go inside the tent for a coffee?」

Then, Ouroboros asked me.

「Master….this is a piece of trash….do you mind if I kill it?」

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