Chapter 706 – Ramen in Your Heart

When I explained Clauden’s situation to the ramen queen, the ramen queen made a strange expression.

「There is no point even if he learns how to cook ramen since he won’t be able to cook when he returns to his country. He can’t get ingredients.」



Is that true?

As if to answer my question, the ramen queen asked Clauden a question.

「Are the ingredients over there available in your country?」

The ramen queen pointed out the ingredients that had been prepared to make the ramen Clauden wanted.


I think he can’t since his face is obviously in despair.

Reflect, me.

Securing a steady supply of the ingredients is the basics of the basics.

I was careless.

But, what will happen now?

「Please leave it to me.」

The ramen queen said so and smiled.


Three days later.

In a corner of the foot of the mountain of Village Five, the ramen queen and Clauden are sitting crossed legs face to face while meditating.


So, there’s a culture of zen meditation here.

While I was surprised with what they were doing, they opened their eyes at the same time as if waiting for the right timing.

And the ramen queen stands up and poses.

「Ramen is in our heart!」

Clauden stands up and poses in response.

「Ramen is love!」


The two remained motionless for a while. When I was wondering what was happening, Clauden kneeled.

「Kuh, I’m still immature.」

「Knowing your own immaturity is the first step. You are doing well.」


「Now, let’s eat ramen.」


I don’t understand what’s happening.

I don’t understand but I understood that the title of master was taken away by the ramen queen.

「Ah, are you going with us, great master?」

Or so I thought.

It seems like I was promoted to great master without my knowledge.

Is that good?

Also, I appreciate your invitation but I want to refrain from eating ramen with you.

We have been eating nothing but ramen for the last few days.

I want to eat something different.


Did I say something weird for you to look at me like that?


What the ramen queen teaches Clauden is to have ramen in his heart.

Yeah, it’s okay.

Though I don’t understand.

I had the ramen queen explain it to me five times but I didn’t get anything.

「The great master is already one with ramen so he is on a whole new level.」

「Right. As expected desu.」

What did you expect?

No, let’s not pursue it.

Because I feel like I’ll get involved in something weird.

And don’t worship me.

We’re not here to start a new religion.

Lower that signboard too.

Look, applicants have already gathered.

I mean, having a doctrine that ramen must be eaten at least once a day is pretty hard.

I tried to get rid of those who wanted to join but some managed to persuade the ramen queen with their enthusiasm and ended up receiving the same teaching as Clauden.


I’m unrelated, right?

If that is the case, won’t it be okay for the ramen queen to be the founder?

「You created ramen so you are god.」

No, I didn’t create it. I just remade the cuisine of my hometown…..

It’s no use.

They’re not listening.

M-maa, let’s leave that new religion behind.

What matters now is Clauden.

The ramen queen says, if Clauden manages to get ramen exist in his heart, he’ll return to his country.

「If ramen is in your heart, you can endure even if you won’t be able to eat it for a period of time.」

「Yeah, I can already endure not eating that big serving of ramen! After that is a matter of distance….I only need to endure being away from the ramen shop…..」

「If you have ramen in your heart, distance doesn’t mean anything.」

「I will devote myself to learn it.」

I don’t understand but I decided to believe in the ramen queen and Clauden.

So, Beezel.

I wonder if we can get a little more time.

If ramen can exist in his heart, he promised he’ll go home.

I think the best way to deal with this is to wait patiently.


You think he can do it in five days?

Let’s believe in the ramen queen’s words.


Five days later.

In the port in Shashaato City were me, the ramen queen, Clauden, and Beezel.

「Master, great master, I’m grateful for your support.」

「If you no longer can stand it, meditate. Remember, ramen is with you.」


Two days ago, Clauden succeeded in cutting off ramen for a whole day.

And yesterday.

He has absorbed ramen during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He looks pretty refreshed now.

「When I return to my country, I will tell my father to focus on trading with the demon king’s kingdom. May I use master’s name for that purpose?」

「If it is trading between countries, my name won’t do anything. Can great master do something about it?」

Even if you ask me that, I don’t know what to say.

When I turned to Beezel, he gave Clauden a wooden tag telling him to use it if he has no other choice.

「What’s written there is the name and location of the company that’s indebted to me. If you use the Chrome family name, they will listen to you. However, let’s decide a password in order for it not to be abused.」

「Let’s use “ramen”.」

「If possible, it would be better to use more words that are not unlikely be said by others normally.」

「Heap of vegetables.」

「I’m not that familiar with that but it’s related to ramen, right? Can you not use something related to ramen?」

「Not related to ramen…..」

Clauden thought for a while.

Beezel, is using ramen-related words as passwords a bad idea?

「It’s not really a bad idea but I need the password to be longer. If it is just a few words, it might be used unconsciously.」

I see.

Well then, let’s use Clauden’s idea… about this?

When I gave them my advice, they adopted it.

「The password is “a bowl of ramen with a heap of vegetables”. I took it in my heart. I will never forget it.」

Clauden said so and boarded the ship.

It would be better if Beezel brings him home using teleportation magic but it seems like it is not a good idea to show off the usefulness of the teleportation magic. The demon king also ordered him not to do something similar.

Are you being cautious enough?

In the worst-case scenario, there’s a possibility of Beezel being blamed for a kidnapping incident in another country.

Not sending him home is the right thing to do.


After confirming that the ship that Clauden is riding is leaving the port, I thought that it’s finally over.

I feel like the load on my shoulders is gone.

「Great master, you look relieved but I think Clauden will return in about half a year.」


What are you saying?

「His training period is short. The ramen in his heart will only last for half a year at best.」

Given the travel time…..

Clauden can only stay in his country for three months at best?

「And this is Clauden’s nuisance fee.」

The ramen queen handed me a bunch of parchment.

What is this?

「Information about the spies lurking in Village Five and Shashaato City that Clauden investigated. Please use it.」


When I tried to give the bundle of parchment to Beezel, he rejected it.

It seems like he has a premonition of troublesome things.

You didn’t expect this, right?

Me too.

「Village chief, hand those over to the civil servant girls of the village. Those girls can manage it.」

Is that so?

Ah, but I don’t remember talking to them about matters like this before.

「Please tell them to send me a report.」


Anyway, I’m kind of tired of everything that happened, so let’s go back to the village.

Ah, ramen queen.

You saved us a lot this time.

Got it.

I will contact you immediately if I decide to run a ramen food cart again as a reward.

「Thank you very much. If you have any trouble with ramen, please let me know.」

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I went back to the village and relaxed.

Harvest time has yet to come.

If it is, I wouldn’t have bothered to get involved with Clauden’s case.

I’ve been eating ramen for a while so I want to eat something different.

That’s right.

Let’s make some pizza.

Fairy queen, I know you want sweet pizza but don’t put fresh cream on the pizza dough before baking.

No, baked cream is not bad but….maybe it won’t turn to the taste you are expecting.

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