Chapter 82 – What is a Curse?…Result of Too Much Heat 1

It has been boiling hot day after day.

Today, I’m enjoying the coolness while drifting on the river.

The water in the river is always cold and the amoebas are cold too.


I want to do something with my sleepiness since I can’t sleep.


If I cool the room with magic, wouldn’t it be easier to sleep….



Damn it, why didn’t I think of it before?

Is it because I’m not that familiar with magic yet?

There’s something about magic that still feels strange to me.

…..I’ll just need to get used to it. There’s no need to rush things.

I’ll use magic to cool this place down before going to bed starting today, I’ll absolutely do it.


As expected, since I’ve done nothing but play every day, I feel uneasy.

Because of that, let’s not get into the river and think about the curse.


I don’t know if there are people in this world.

When I was in Japan, a curse is something that happens to people.

Maybe there are people somewhere.

….although there’s a high possibility that they are not in the forest.

It is also possible that this world is only a forest.


Ah, my imagination is getting darker, next!

What is a curse?

In Japan, I think the major one is attaching something to a person’s body.

Or perhaps it is a place….isn’t a cursed place a place with ghosts?


This forest is a place.

…, is the curse here the work of a ghost?

Hahaha, of course not, of course not.

Don’t think of it.

Hahaha, think of something happy!


The most terrible thing about the curse in the forest is the shadow.

It will cling to your body, makes you go berserk, and will make your friends scared too.

If you see one, don’t hesitate to purify it the soonest time possible.

It is nothing but evil!


Other than that, there’s possession!

Shuri and the antlings were possessed.

Another evil curse.

Hnn? Is there such a thing as good and evil curse?

Maa, I don’t really care, hahaha.


As I recall, when you are possessed, you won’t notice it immediately, right?

Then, as time passes by, you’ll hear voices coming from inside of you and your body will be more and more invaded…

Areh, aren’t I referring to devils?

In the movie….maa, it’s probably similar to what’s happening.

In other words, possession isn’t good and as soon as you notice it, you have to break the spell and immediately get rid of the devil.


Whether it’s a curse or a devil, their existence is considered evil.

I wonder if purification is effective for both curse and devil.

No idea.

I have no idea since I’ve never seriously thought about it.


Areh? Am I thinking something necessary?

I guess so since I need to exterminate both curse and devil.

Why is my head a little fuzzy?

Maa, I should be okay.


For now, let’s exterminate the devil!

Hnnn, in case of devils, the first thing I imagine is sacrifice.

People use sacrifices to summon devils, gain power, and rule over the world.

That’s what they do in movies.

Is there any way to prevent that?

Kill the devil? Exorcism is also related to devils, right?

No, my head is too fuzzy to remember it.



Is this place cursed? Or is it the work of a devil?

….it doesn’t matter which, both are enemies.

I need to exterminate both!

No sacrifice! No possession! No curse!

They are all evil so I’ll get rid of all of them.


Are curse and devil the same thing?

Areh? They’re not?

I can’t think straight….for now, let’s consider them as the same thing.

Whether it is a curse or a summoned devil, I’ll stop them.

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Hahaha, what a fun time my head is having!

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